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What We Really Need Part II

January 31, 2010

  I happen to believe that my highest tax rate should come from the part of government that is closest to my front door. Which means that if I live in an incorporated town limits, then my highest tax rate should be coming from that town. If I live outside of town limits then my highest rate should be from the county in which I live.

   The reason I feel this way, is that I believe that for those things that we do need government for ,we are best served at the local level. For streets and sidewalks, for street lights and for police protection, people living in town limits should only need to go as far as their town council to receive satisfaction.

  For county roads and any areas outside of town limits , those citizens should look to their county council. And of course for state highways and state issues, all state citizens should contact their state leaders.

  The problem is that the lines have been blurred between the different government entities.

  For example, say a small town in Sussex County needs to improve their sewer system. Now instead of raising the town sewer bills or the town taxes, which of course might cost some town councilman his job during the next election, the town turns to the county council. This has probably happened in the past, so the county council has most likely added this type of funding into their budget. This means that people on the other side of the county will be paying for the sewer in a small town on the other side of the county. It also means that their is a good chance that county tax rates or the county deficit will increase.

  So now the county council is running in deficit. Of course they don’t wish to raise county taxes because it may cause them to lose their jobs in the next election. So at some point the county council will turn to the state government to solve some fiscal short fall for the county. Once again the state has budgeted this into the state budget. This again means that people in New Castle County may actually be paying for the sewer system of some small town in Sussex County.

 Let us continue this line of thought, of course the state is continually turning to the Federal government for federal aid, this means that the people of Hawaii are actually paying for the sewer system of some small town in Sussex County Delaware when they pay their federal taxes.

  The real effect of this practice of one government entity turning to another for fiscal aid is that as we move farther away from the problem, we are actually paying a higher tax rate. This also means that as we move farther away from the problem , those whom we are turning to are less accountable to those who have the problem.

  What we really need are leaders who have the guts to come to those who they represent and explain why local taxes need to be raised. If the need exist, then most likely the people will understand . It is the frivolous spending that causes the people to become upset.

  Instead of town councilmen who brag about the money they get from the county, instead of county councilmen bragging about state dollars they bring back to the county, and so it goes that instead of state legislators running to the federal government, and instead of our federal leaders bragging about how many federal dollars they brought back to the state for beach replenishment. What we really need are leaders who will work hard to keep local dollars, local.

 What we must remember is that before those federal dollars were federal dollars, before those state dollars were state dollars, before the county dollars were county dollars and yes even before those town dollars were town dollars, all of those dollars were yours and mine. All of those government entities had to first stick their long, taxing fingers into your pocket and mine .

 So I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would like my money spent by someone a little closer to home then by some senator from Nebraska. I would like the people spending my money to be directly accountable to me and my neighbors, rather than the citizens of New York.


Get Out Your Piggy Banks

January 29, 2010

  That’s right, it’s time to break open those piggy banks and help the state of Delaware to solve all of its fiscal problems.

   The state Senate has passed HB310 which will allow table games to be played at existing casinos in Delaware. HB310 was introduced on Jan. 15th,2010 and fastracked through both houses in thirteen days. The bill passed the House of Representative by a vote of 27-5, and then passed the Senate by a vote of 15-4.

  I am glad to say that my own state Senator Joe Booth was in opposition to the bill. In a quote made to the Cape Gazett Sen. Booth stated, “I have a problem with balancing the state budget on the gaming industry, like slots. I am very concerned that with the amount of cash that changes hands in those particular games, and with Delaware being a small state, we’ll have to watch out for corruption. I just don’t think it’s in our states best interest to become an Atlantic City or Las Vegas.”

  Of course Gov. Markell and House Majority Leader Pete Schwartzkopf are selling this latest expansion of gambling as the end all, to our economic woes.  Now they can continue to push for even more locations in which to install this form of taxation they call gaming.

  First let me say once more that I do not believe that the projected revenue that supporters of gambling expansion use to sell their bill of goods , will ever be seen. If they were, then we wouldn’t need to expand gambling in form or locations. In these economic times some people may attempt to make that illusive “BIG SCORE”, and also may gamble away their family’s future. But I believe that most right thinking people in hard economic times will hold back and save their money and not go out to the state run casinos and throw their money away , just so the state government can continue to throw their money away on  growing the size and scope of government.

 I would ask both Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf, have you ever considered cutting spending to solve the revenue issue, instead of always trying to expand gambling?

  So I guess Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf’s message to the citizens of Delaware is, ” Help the state of Delaware and break open those piggy banks, spend your kid’s inheritance ,spend your mortgage, spend your car payment,just so long as you spend it at a government run casino, so that we in Dover can continue to spend.”

  And let me close with this,if you feel the urge to help the state to balance the budget by going out to the casinos and gambling, why don’t you just drive to Dover and go up to the steps of Leg. Hall and throw a hand full of cash on the ground. You have about as much chance of winning something back that way as you do winning at the casinos.

More Of The Same

January 28, 2010

 Last night’s “State of the Union Address” by Pres. Obama was just more of the same.

 The president called for more bank bail outs if needed, more of a push for government health care, and more so called “GREEN” economy.

  But mostly what the president was calling for, was more and more government. I lost track of the times that the president explained what the government was going to do to solve the problems of the nation. How government would put people back to work, how the government would create innovation.

  Pres. Obama even tried to sell the American people on the fact that his administration and the current Democrat run congress hadn’t raised taxes. Well in my opinion , since they allowed the Bush tax cuts to sunset they did raise taxes.

  Of course we got more of the usual, “when I took office”, you know the blame it all on the former administration. Will this president ever grow up and understand that he now owns this nation’s faltering economy and un-employment ?

  President Obama could have just come out and told the American people that in his view everything was right on track according to his agenda. More people were being forced to turn to government hand outs due to the fact that the president’s agenda was ruining the economy. Of course that wouldn’t have taken seventy minutes and he wouldn’t have been able to stand up there with his chin stuck out and accepted all of the Democrat applauds.

  No real mention about the war on terror, no mention about detainees being tried in criminal courts in the U.S.. No mention of the Fort Hood shootings and no mention of the underwear bomber.

 But he did take the opputunity of the State of the Union to call the Supreme Court out on its recent decision concerning campaign financing. This was a dangerous attack on a separate branch of government and ment as intimidation. It was also not the time nor the place to do so. It showed his total lack of respect for the court and its role in governing.

  So according to Pres. Obama, the state of the union is basically , status quo and full steam ahead with his socialization of the United States of America.

What We Really Need Part I

January 27, 2010

   It never fails , every time we start talking about who should or shouldn’t run for any given office, invariably we get someone who throws out the accusation that a person is not qualified for the office.

  Let’s take Christine O’Donnell for example. Those of us who support her for her run for U.S. Senate believe that her stated stance on issues important to us make her a great candidate. We believe that she has demonstrated courage in standing up for and sticking to her principles on hot button topics such as abortion. We also feel that her positions on national security and the economy are in line with our own.

  I personally feel that the only “QUALIFICATION” for elected office is to meet any requirements in either the U.S. Constitution or state constitutions. No one is born an expert on anything. We learn from our life experiences and from studying.

  I have found that what most people mean when they talk of political experience is, has the person kissed the right rings of any given political party’s leadership? Has the would be candidate paid their so called dues to the party?

 We often hear the party elite talk of their long hours making phone calls for other candidates, or how they stuffed envelopes . These are important things, and the people who have done them are an important part of any political party. But does making phone calls or stuffing envelopes qualify a person to hold an office?

  We also hear a lot of talk about how someone like Ms. O’Donnell should not run for the Senate because she needs experience first. We are told that she should run for some “LOWER” office first and work her way up . Well I happen to believe that there are no “LOWER” offices, only low people.  Really what do we gain from having a  motivated candidate such as Ms. O’Donnell work her way up through the ranks of the party and government. Well what we most often get from this practice are political leaders who learn how to work the system and how to get re-elected. We get jaded candidates who have forgotten why they originally ran for office to begin with.

 I would prefer to have a person run for and win an office whose only motivation is the betterment of the nation. I would prefer a person who was a janitor or teacher or any hard working person yesterday, and my senator today. I am tired of the party elite, I am tired of career politicians.

  So what we really need are fresh faces, with fresh ideas. We need to move away from the tired old men trying to cap off their political careers with one more feather in their cap. And if need be, we need to move away from the parties that are no longer responsive to our views.

Beau Says No !!!

January 26, 2010

    Delawares current Attorneys General , Beau Biden, has announced that he will not be seeking the U.S. Senate seat formerly held by his father Joe Biden, who was elected as Vice President in “08”.

  Mr. Biden has said that he will seek re-election as A.G. of Delaware instead of running for the Senate.

  So, what do you suppose caused a person who was labled by so many as the apparent heir to the throne , to decide to not run?

  Whatever it was , this would seem to open the door even wider for a conservative / Republican candidate to win that seat in the Senate.

  Many in the GOP have been saying that GOP voters and independent conservative voters should support Mike Castle for the Senate. They made this claim on the basis that Mike Castle was the only Republican in Delaware who could defeat Beau Biden.

  Well I wonder what they will say now to justify their support of Mr. Castle? Will they continue to support him , even though his support among the more conservative voters is none existent ? Will they continue to support Mr. Castle even though he has voted contrary to GOP and conservative principles on some very important legislation?

 Oh I’m sure the party line voters will still hold Mr. Castle up as the only chance we have in Delaware to elect a Republican.

 But is he really ? I think not , I feel that this is the perfect time to elect someone who will move the state and the nation further to the right. What do we as conservatives gain by holding our ground? In battle the objective is to move forward and to gain ground, and this is, a battle for the future of the country.

 For those of you who will try and make a case for supporting Mr. Castle, ask yourselves just why someone such as Beau Biden would concede the election to Mike Castle. Yes I am sure that one reason is that Mr. Biden and the Democrats realize what a hard fight it would have been. And that Mr. Castle may even have won the race . But still at a time when every seat is so important to moving policy, wouldn’t you expect that the Democrats would send in their A-Team in every race?

  That is unless they see a Mike Castle victory as a victory for the Democrats. Is it possible that the Democrats decided not to waste their resources on a race in which their opponent is as likely to vote with them as a Democrat ?

 Look at it this way, Mr. Castle is pretty long in the tooth, most people feel that if he were to win the Senate seat, it will be for one term only . So maybe the Democrats have said to themselves, lets just hold back our money and our best gun and wait six years. Mike Castle will retire then, and then they see Beau Biden taking the cake walk into office. Oh and by the way, they can count on Mike Castle voting with them on big issues like cap and trade and who knows what else. This is a win win for the Democrats.

  I believe that Beau Biden announcing that he will not run for the Senate is just another reason to support alternate candidates for the U.S. Senate seat of Delaware. We must take this opportunity to move the party and the nation further to the right. And we must ignore those who will tell us that we must support Mr. Castle out of loyalty to the GOP.  I look at issues and candidates based on my life experience and through the prism of a fathers eyes and as a citizen who wants what is best for the future of the country and also for my child. In my view , that does not include Mike Castle as a U.S. Senator.

You Wanna Bet ?

January 23, 2010

 Well the Delaware State House of Representatives have jumped the shark. They have passed a bill to move forward with table games . This is another move to expand gambling in the state.

  We have recently seen a push to expand gambling by adding sports betting, a failed attempt I might add. We have been told by Rep. Schwartzkopf that we need to add at least two more casinos in the state. And now they want us to go along with the final move, but what I believe was the goal all along, table games.

  I could go into the fact that it is wrong for the state to be involved in any endeavor which it then has to turn around and warn people, that it may be harmful.

 I could speak about the fact that gambling in the state, be it lottery, slots, sports betting and now table games has been a complete failure in my view due to the fact that it is never enough. No matter how much revenue is brought in, the legislature manages to over spend and then tells us we need only expand gambling again to solve the short fall.

  I could talk of how unlimited expansion of gambling will lead to crime and a blight on the state. Do the people of Delaware really want to live in Atlantic City or Las Vegas ? I know I don’t.

  I could list all of those things, but let me talk about what motivates so many people, money ! We are told that we must do this or we will lose the possible revenue to surrounding states. So what? Let them have it and all of the trouble that goes with it. Lets face it, this argument is ment to make us believe that we would be losing something that we already have. That is not the case.

  Currently we are being told that table games “COULD” bring in “POSSIBLY” as much as forty million dollars. There we go again  basing our decisions on projections. Think about how they based the current budget on sports betting projections, even before they had settled the law suit that eventually went against the state and cut the actual revenue by more than half and has put us immediately into a deficit.

  So they are now telling us that the state can earn forty million, again I ask , so what ? Is it worth the cost ? We will need to expand the size of government to be able to run and police the activities.

  But lets get down to the real issue here. Those who propose the continual expansion of gambling tell us that it will bring more people to the state and in turn be good for businesses already operating in the state. Really?

  Lets think logically about this. For the most part I don’t see Delaware bringing in the “whales” or big spenders , but even if we do, for the most part we are attempting to attract the families who will gamble and then go to the outlets and the beaches to spend more of their money. This at least is the stated goal of those in favor of expansion.

  But will this be the case ? I think not. I think that people who come to gamble for the most part will spend their money gambling  and then leave. Even if they may have come with the intention of doing other things within the state, the lure of gambling will cause them to spend even that money at the casinos. Now those in favor of expansion will say that this is a good thing , but is it ?

  I believe that expanding gambling in Delaware will actually be bad for the private sector. Money that might well have been spent at local stores and restaurants will now be spent at the gaming tables. This will increase the revenue from gambling for the state possibly, but will lower revenue from the stores and restaurants, making expansion a push at best.

 So who really benefits from the expansion of gambling ? Well the people who wish to grow the size of government of course. To expand gambling we must expand the number of state employees in a state where the state is already the largest employer. And of course those new state employees will have some sense of loyalty to those who gave them the job, so I guess some legislators may benefit at the ballot box.

 In my opinion however, the entire state will lose if we continue to expand gambling. We will lose what has made our state such a popular vacation destination for all of these years, we will lose our small town appeal. We will become just another Atlantic City or Las Vegas. So I will ask again, how many of you would want to live in Atlantic City or Las Vegas ? And would you want to live next to a casino right here in Delaware ? I know I wouldn’t.

Are They Paying Attention ?

January 20, 2010

    Well, well, in a state such as Massachusetts, where no one would have expected a Republican to win out over a Democrat for a U.S. Senate seat. A seat formerly held by that liberal lion Ted Kennedy no less. And one that saw Pres. Obama and former Pres. Clinton come to the state to try and drum up support. But that is exactly what has happened.

  Fifty year old Massachusett’s state Senator Scott Brown has defeated the Democrat Martha Coakley in a race that Coakley was leading by double digits early in the race. It would seem that the race turned bad for Ms. Coakley on Christmas eve , when her fellow Democrats in D.C. decided to push through a health care reform bill that a majority of Americans are against.

  This race was important to the Democrats and Pres. Obama because it constitutes that most important 60th vote in the Senate, that they need to over ride any attempt by Republicans to block legislation.

 More importantly though, this victory for Scott Brown continues to demonstrate that the American people are fed up with the leftist agenda of the Democrat party. We saw two governor races go to Republicans in the last election, one in the Democrat strong hold of New Jersey no less. With this trend I would imagine John Kerry won’t be sleeping very well for some time.

  In the coming days , actually it has already started, we will hear a lot about how the Democrats should take this as a warning.  Some may ask are they paying attention to what is happening in the nation. Are the Democrats aware of the ground swell of support for candidates that support a more traditional and conservative agenda and policies ?

 Well I would ask whether the GOP leadership is paying attention to the same things. Are they seeing that people will no longer support candidates who have a proven record of supporting policies that increase the size and scope of government. Will the GOP party wonks come out and defend the RINOs as they have in the past? Will we still hear from the left side of the GOP how we should moderate and move further to the middle? Will we be told that only these so called moderates can win elections?

  It would be a shame if the GOP leadership allowed this moment in time to slip away because they choose to cling to their old worn out ideas of how to win elections . We are seeing around the nation that it is the new faces, the more conservative faces, that are setting the Democrats back on their heals. The GOP needs to take advantage of this and strike while the iron is hot. Republicans voters need to voice their discontent with weak middle of the road candidates .

Shaun Fink Annouces

January 19, 2010

   Shaun Fink, who is fairly well known here in Sussex county for his weekly one hour appearances on the Bill Colley Show on WGMG, but also for his work with the Sussex County GOP, made a rather big announcement Monday on WGMD.

  Mr. Fink, who worked on both of the recent special election campaigns for Joe Booth and Ruth Briggs King, both successful runs to fill vacant seats we might note, has made it known that there are big things in his future as well.

  It has long been a topic of conversation whether Mr. Fink would run for office himself. Also the question persisted of which office he would seek. Many felt he would be a challenger for the 41st Representative District, now held by the popular John Atkins . Mr. Atkins it is worth noting is the recently converted Democrat who won back the seat of the 41st, an office he had held as a Republican. Since Mr. Atkins is fairly conservative in his own right, and Mr. Fink also is of  a right leaning philosophy, a race between the two would have been quite interesting.

 There were also rumors that Mr. Fink could possibly run for the U.S. Representative seat now held by Mike Castle,  who has decided he can do more damage as a U.S. Senator. This was a long shot for Mr. Fink at best.

 I have talked with Mr. Fink many times about GOP policy and our views of conservatism. Mr. Fink is well versed and intelligent . He is comfortable addressing audiences and has an easy , quiet way of getting his point across. And while he and I may not agree 100% on all issues , I do believe that Shaun Fink is a good man and would have made a principled candidate and representative of the people.

 Sadly, the announcement that Mr. Fink made was not that he would be seeking elected office. I must admit that I as a conservative am dissapointed . At a time when we as conservatives seem to be making ground against the liberal tide, to lose the possibility of a conservative candidate such as I feel Shaun would have been, is a loss to the conservative cause.

 But Shaun assures us in his announcement that he is not lost to the conservative cause but will now be a champion of conservatism.

 Shaun Fink announced Monday that he has been selected to be the executive vice president of the Caesar Rodney Institute. He stated that this position will require him to travel the state to speak to groups and to put forth the ideals of smaller government, lower taxes, and individual initiative and responsibility.

 C R I is a non partisan group that has taken on the state of Delaware on issues such as health care in the prison system. The group sees itself as a watch dog organisation for open government, but also as a source of information for the people. It will be Mr. Fink’s job to speak on behalf of the C R I group and to get the message out to the people.

  Again let me say what a loss I feel that this is for the people of the state, to have a person who could have been another conservative voice within the government , to decide to be just another voice outside the government. That being said I wish Shaun Fink all the best in this new endeavor and am sure the he will do good things for the C R I group and also for the state of Delaware.

 Good luck Shaun !

Peter Wants To Rob Paul

January 14, 2010

This morning on local talk radio station WGMD, Delaware State Representative Pete Schwartzkopf was in studio with Dan Gaffney.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf came by to discuss expanding the number of casinos in Delaware from the current number of three, to five.  Rep. Schwartzkopf was also there to discuss the recent release of the Delaware Gambling Commission’s report on increasing the number of casinos in Delaware. The report is only a recommendation for the state legislature.

  To begin with, a majority of  the Gambling Commission recommended against increasing the number of casinos in Delaware from three to five. Rep. Schwartzkopf was a member of the commission and was in favor of expansion.

   Rep. Schwartzkopf  attempted to make the case that Delaware could increase the amount of revenue that is generated by gambling in the state, merely by increasing the number of locations at which people could gamble.First off , are there people standing outside of the current casinos waiting for hours to get in, so they can lose their money to the state ? I don’t think so.

  I argue that this is not the case. I argue that there are only so many gambling dollars out there and that no matter how many locations you create , you will not significantly increase the amount of revenue. The commission also seems to believe this , since they stated in their report that the three current locations would see a revenue drop if new locations were approved. Maybe as much as 15%.

 Let us look at the gambling dollars out there to be had, and let us think of them as a pie. It doesn’t matter if we cut the pie into three pieces or five pieces, we still have the same amount of pie, just smaller pieces. This brings up another of Rep. Schwartzkopf’s  reasons for expansion, he feels that the current owners of the three casinos in Delaware are somehow acting improperly, that  acting to protect their profits is somehow wrong of them.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf also made his case based on creating new jobs in Delaware. He stated that expansion would create five thousand new jobs. Mr. Schwartzkopf did not say how many of these jobs would be construction  jobs and how many would be permanent jobs. He did mention the reports findings that expansion would cause job losses at the current casinos, maybe as many as twenty-two hundred, that means that expansion would really only create a net gain of two thousand eight hundred new jobs. Not bad unless you are one of the twenty-two hundred people who currently have a job, but won’t if expansion is approved.

  Rep. Schwartzkopf made the statement that his main concern was the creation of jobs. Well this is exactly what you would expect to hear from a Democrat . Let us face facts here, the labor lobby is in favor of expansion, labor historically has supported Democrats. So when Mr. Schwartzkopf complains of the lobbyist for the current casino owners, I find it disingenuous.

  Also, if Mr. Schwartzkopf is only interested in creating jobs, I challenge him to propose legislation that would remove the state of Delaware from the business of collecting a share of the profits from gambling. Not likely since the state is only interested in expanding gambling in an attempt to increase revenue so that those in the state Capital who think as Mr. Schwartzkopf does, can keep on increasing the size and scope of government.

  Let us not forget that Rep. Schwartzkopf was out front on bringing sports betting to Delaware, and let us not forget what a fiasco that has been. Now he seems to want to once again take the lead on an issue that is doomed to fail in its proposed goal.

 Expanding the number of casinos in Delaware will not increase the amount of dollars spent on gambling, it will not draw more tourist to the state  . Often we hear from those on the side of expansion that we must do this to counter act the fact that surrounding states are going to expand their gambling operations. This is akin to the arms race of the cold war. They build a casino, we build two, we add more slots they add more slots. And of course the ace up the sleeve is table gambling, how long before we are told that we must institute table gambling or lose all chances of competing with surrounding states. And just like the arms race during the cold war, the end result is guaranteed mutual destruction.

  In my view , gambling has been a losing game for Delaware. Over the years since we started with the lottery and since we instituted slots and now with betting on the NFL, we have constantly been told by Dover that all we need do, to solve all of our budget woes, is to once again add or expand gambling in some form. Now we are told if we just open more casinos, we can once again solve our budget troubles. Don’t you believe it. Even if we expand the number of casinos, the surrounding states will go froward with their plans of expansion also, again slicing the pie into more pieces, but not creating more pie.

  Expansion may have some marginal short term effects on employment, but for the most part it is nothing more than a case of moving the profits of one location to that of another, while doing little to increase the revenue of the state.

Coming Events !

January 12, 2010

 I realize that I have had to make this same statement several times, but my paying job at this time of year truly does take up most of my time. Add in this global warming weather and it has been a little crazy at work. It is not for the faint of heart.

  I have been attempting to come here and respond to any comments made by readers, and let me thank visitors, Jud Bennett and smackdabon, for their input and comments.

 I hope in the near future to be posting an article that I have been running around in my mind for some time about voter reform and the benefits of it. I also will be bringing you more examples of Rep. Castle’s complete disconnect from the conservative voters and the GOP.

 I know that there are a lot of issue out there , and I wish I had the time to address them all, but for someone such as myself who advocates hard work and individual responsibility, well supporting my family and living up to my obligations at work must come first.
 I hope that those of you who have become regular visitors will continue to check the site , and I promise to get something new up very soon.

 Thank you and God bless the United States.