What Can We Do ?

In recent days we have received the disturbing news that eleven year old Sarah Foxwell of Salisbury, Md, was discovered dead near the Delaware state line. She was reported missing from her home on Wednesday the twenty-third of December.

 The police are currently holding Thomas Leggs Jr.in custody, the person who was reported by Sarah’s sister to be the last person seen with Sarah. Mr. Leggs was the former boyfriend of Sarah’s aunt, who was Sarah’s current guardian.

  Thomas Leggs has been convicted multiple times as a sex offender and is considered a high risk offender on the sex offender registry.

  Now I could go into my feelings that this sort of crime is a result of our culture de-valuing the lives of children. I could ask the question of, why are there women out there who allow these monsters into their lives and those of  children.

  But what we really need to ask is , how can we keep these monsters, who have demonstrated that they are monsters , from hurting and killing in the future ?

  I was motivated to write this post after hearing local radio personality Jeff Gartman on Saturday morning on WGMD 92.7 . Mr. Gartman is a fill in host and also can be heard on Sunday mornings.

  Mr. Gartman who like so many of us in the community was asking, how can this happen and how do we stop it from happening? He believes that people such as Thomas Leggs should never see the light of day after being convicted of any sort of crime against children. I would say that I am in agreement with him, that is if we cannot attain the death penalty for them.

 Mr. Gartman stated that he would be interested in organising a movement to seek legislation that would keep these monsters in jail at the very least for life , so that they can no longer prey upon society.

 Now I do not believe that government is our last defence against these animals,  we must always be aware that they exist.

 But once they have shown themselves as the monsters they are , then we as a society must do all that we can, to keep them away from society.

 Mr. Gartman asked for people with organisational skills to contact him to begin lobbying our state and national leaders to find a way to reduce the risk of these monsters from ever hurting or killing again.

 Those who wish to contact Mr. Gartman directly can e-mail him at Jeff@wgmd.com or leave contact information on this post and I will forward it to him.

 If you do nothing else, contact your  government leaders and convey your concerns that this can no longer be allowed to happen.

 Thank you, and may God bless Sarah Foxwell and her family, and may God bless all of those out there who have been victims of monsters such as Thomas Leggs.


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    FYI Frank:


    WHEN: 5:30 p.m. on Saturday, January 23, 2010

    WHERE: Sam Yoder’s Community Center

    89 Hunting Quarter Road

    Houston, DE 19954

    This is an opportunity for conservative citizens of Delaware to unite, hear our leaders, share concerns and get into the fight to get our State back! Join us for a meal and learn what the issues are and how you can help TAKE BACK OUR STATE!

    All candidates speaking at the Take Back Our State dinner stand on their own merit. A candidate’s appearance should not in any way be construed as endorsement or support of any of the other candidates that appear.

    SPEAKERS: Senator Colin Bonini, candidate for Delaware State Treasurer, Christine O’Donnell, candidate for United States Senate, Fred Cullis, Candidate for United States Congress, Nicole Theis, President, DE Family Policy Council, and Doug Lileks, 9-12 Delaware Patriots.


    $20.00 for Adults, $5.00 for Children (9 yrs. and under)

    Tickets can be purchased at:

    Georgetown Animal Hospital

    20784 Dupont Boulevard

    Georgetown, DE 19947

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    1201 Bridgeville Highway (old bowling alley bldg.)

    Seaford, DE 19973

    (302) 253-3900

    Tickets also available by calling: Lyle Humpton 337-7815; Jack Clark 242-3155

    Make Checks Payable to: Charles Elliott


  2. Chris Slavens Says:

    I support making the death penalty mandatory for first-time child molesters.

  3. Sandi Minard Says:

    We can put pressure on our law makers to change laws. Our laws give us a false sense of security. Right now we have a registered “child” sex offender who owners and works in a CANDY store in Rehoboth Beach on the main Avenue two blocks from the beach. I have sent letters (certified) to every Senator and Representative in the state, plus letters to AG Beau Biden and at the time Gov. Minner. I got very few replies……most comments were “there is nothing we can do.” I feel positive that some of these letters and petitions did help get Mr. Balk owner of Synder’s Candy forced to register. For years he lived here without having to register due to loopholes in the law, but suddenly those laws changed and now he is registered. This is however where the false sense of security comes to play. People think we are protected, but just because he is registered doesn’t keep him from running a business that attracts children. The very kind of children he has molested in the past. I gladly join force with anyone willing to help change our laws. We can’t allow sex offender to have access to our children.



    Proposed Legislation for Sexual Offenders

    · Recently, there has been a lot in the news about child sex offenders and their victims.
    o Dr. Earl Bradley at BayBees in Lewes may have molested up to 100 children in a 10 year period.
    o Dover sex offender charged with molesting a 7 year old.
    o Sarah Foxwell’s body was found Christmas Day not far from the Delaware border.
    · These stories are very tragic, and as a State Representative, I want to ensure that all children in Delaware are safe from sex offenders.
    · Ultimately, I would like Delaware to be the toughest state in the nation on high-risk, repeat sex offenders.
    · I am currently drafting several pieces of legislation that will affect high-risk, repeat sex offenders and will make Delaware a safer place for all of us.

    · Proposed Legislation
    · All high-risk, repeat sex offenders should receive truth in sentencing when serving time for a sexual offense.
    o If a sexual offender is giving 20 years for molesting a child, that person should serve 20 years of jail time, not 8 or 9.
    o Any sexual offender who is convicted of a second sexual offense will be served a mandatory life sentence.
    o We need zero-tolerance sentencing for child molesters and other sex offenders.
    · For all high-risk, repeat sex offenders, their driver’s license (or state ID) will be stamped with the words “sex offender.”
    o This tool will allow law enforcement officers to better protect the public from repeat offenders.
    o For example, a police officer in a routine traffic stop will remember a license stamped with “sex offender” and that memory may come in handy if a child is hurt or kidnapped from the area.
    o Also, in places with large crowds like the state fair or a busy park, law enforcement officers do not have access to a computer. A stamped driver’s license will alert the officer to the presence of a high-risk, repeat sex offender.
    · For all high-risk, repeat sex offenders, a special license plate to be designed by the Department of Motor Vehicle that must be registered and displayed on the offender’s vehicle.
    o For too long child sex predators have been stalking our children, it’s now time we know where they are.
    o An easy identifiable license plate will not only be a red flag for parents, but we can teach young children to avoid these vehicles and drivers at all cost.

    o Wisconsin, Ohio, and Alabama have considered legislation requiring sexual offenders to have special license plates on their car denoting their sexual offender status.
    · All high-risk, repeat sex offenders must register all Internet domain and chat room names with the authorities.
    o Law enforcement officers can then monitor those domain and chat room names to ensure that the sex offender is not committing another crime through the Internet.
    o Failure to register domain and chat room names would result in [fine? imprisonment?]
    · Before leaving prison, all male, high-risk, repeat sex offenders that are older than 21 and have targeted a child younger than 12 would be chemically castrated.
    o Castration may prevent these sex offenders from harming more children.
    o For the liberal groups that will claim that this is cruel and unusual punishment; I say so is the rape and victimization of our young children. It is my job to see that children have a safe environment.
    o Ten states have enacted or are considering enacting similar legislation. Louisiana enacted this legislation in June of 2008 and Europe is also debating this concept.
    · It will be an additional penalty for a sexual offender to provide a cell phone to his or hers victim without the victim’s parental consent.
    o Sexual offenders that target pre-teen and teenage girls often hook their victim by giving the girl a cell phone.
    o There is no reason why a child should have a cell phone given to them by a non-family member that the child’s parents know nothing about.

    · Sexual offenders, especially those involved in child molestation, often have a high recidivism rate, and are never rehabilitated. Their sex crimes often escalate to include murder.
    · Sex offenders often target children under 2 years of age because they can’t talk very well, making it less likely for the offender to be caught.
    · Lawmakers must stand up for kids who are victims of sexual offences because we have the power to protect them.

    Representative John C. Atkins
    41st District – Delaware House of Representatives

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Bennett, thank you for both of your post. Sandi, I remember when the story of the candy store owner was big news around here on WGMD. I would suggest you contacting Jeff Gartman by e-mail and or calling him on air on Sunday moring and bringing this case back to the attention of the community now that there is a focus on this topic. I agree that the registering of these monsters is not enough, it does allow us to know where some are, but the most likely to repeat offend will move and not register. We need laws to discourage them from living in our state and penalties that will keep them in jail if they do offend. Rep. Atkin’s proposals are a good start. I also think you will see a different political attitude on this subject now that we have seen such heinous crimes, such as the Dr. Bradley and the Sarah Foxwell cases, law makers who throw up their hands and say, “there is nothing we can do”, risk finding a new job.


    Interestingly, I own a house in Lewes on Savannah Road, where we stay on weekends The one on Savannah Road is 5 houses from Dr. Bradley’s residence. On his front porch he has a knight in a full coat of armour. A friend of mine who is a Lewes police officer went there on a domestic dispute involving his teenage son. I was told the house was a wreck with candy paper and dog feces everywhere. Unbelievable! It’s hard to believe that a Doctor could live that way, let alone be a child molester. He treated my grandson and grand daughter once when they were visiting from Connecticut. Fortunately, my daughter never let my grand children out of her sight. He’s a real sick bastard Frank. He needs more than castration! My father always said you need to have a doctor, a lawyer, an accountant, and a priest you can trust!

    My God, this is a betrayel of the public and personal trust that goes beyond heinous. I’ve also heard Beebe Hospital originally hired him during the midst of an investigation for sexual misconduct in Pennsylvania according to the timeline presented by the Cape Gazette which creates some other concerns that should be addressed in the future?

    Regardless, like you– I agree with John Atkins proposals and I hope the legislature refines and passes these ideas into law.

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