Thieves In The Night

Am I the only one whom it bothers that every vote on the Democrat’s heath care bill, seems to be taken late into the night or early in the morning hours ?

  Shouldn’t the people’s business be conducted in the light of  day? What are they afraid of ?

 It would seem that just like the thief that comes to rob your home in the middle of the night, the Democrats have decided to operate in the same fashion when they come to rob you of your Liberty.

 But instead of a gun, they threaten you with higher taxes and imprisonment if you resist.

 They rob not only you of your Liberty , but that of all future generations.

 These people are cowards , crooks and thieves. They need to be run out of office and replaced with people who understand what this nation was founded upon.

 Truth and justice ! I know in today’s times that sounds corny , but maybe we could use a little more corny and a little less sophistication .


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