Global Warming Can Kill !!

 With Pres. Obama visiting Copenhagen for the international climate summit, in an attempt to come to some sort of agreement on how the world’s nations can reduce CO2 outputs to reduce “MAN MADE” global warming, we must remember that global warming can kill.

So I am taking this time to remind all of my fellow citizens that at this turning point in man’s history , when we are being told that we may see the polar ice caps completely melted away within six years, we are told that many countries may disappear due to sea levels rising. As former Vice President Al Gore tells us about the polar bears dieing and that we must reduce our use of our most reliable sources of energy in order to stop this tragedy from happening.

 So please , to all of you, please as you go through your day take a moment to remember that global warming can kill. So take a moment every so often and contemplate this as you are shoveling all of that global warming off of your front walks and driveways. Because as we all know if you do too much, too fast, well you could have a heart attack and die. See, global warming can kill.


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