Fiscal Conservative ?

  We hear a lot of people, especially within the GOP establishment talking about their fiscal conservative credentials. They act as if they invented the idea, they make it seem that if you have other concerns about other issues , such as social issues like abortion and traditional marriage, that you have lost your mind.

 Some go as far as telling people such as myself that we are the death knell for the GOP, because we are not all consumed by fiscal issues alone. Their one track minds can’t seem to comprehend that the social issues that they hold in such disdain actually have a very large fiscal cost. (See my articles titled “All Issues Are Relatives”).

 Being fiscally conservative is very important to the nation and the citizens. But to ignore the other issues that are eroding  our social fabric and that are equally important is foolish and dangerous. That is if your concern and, or your priority is the good of the nation and the citizens.

  Far too many times, I get the feeling that many of these so-called fiscal conservatives, are really only interested in lower taxes and smaller government in order to die with as much money in their pocket as possible. And that is fine, they worked for it , and it’s theirs.

 But what good is the money in our pocket if the nation has become nothing more than some cheap whore house , where you can do anything you want? What do we gain by keeping our money if babies are murdered in the womb ? What do we benefit as a nation, from lower taxes if our children are inundated with images of sexual perversion?

 I am concerned with fiscal conservatism also, but my concern is about the freedom that being fiscally conservative gives us. If we allow the government to tax us into the poor house we lose our freedom to choose. To choose where and how we live. To choose what we drive and how we choose to insure our own health.

  I am equally concerned about the direction that we as a nation are heading in, when we talk about social issues. If we allow the left to continue to dominate the conversation on social issues, then our children will be living in a crime ridden world where babies are sucked out of the womb through tubes or have scissors shoved into the base of their skulls.

  Look , I don’t make any attempt to hide the fact that I have very strong feelings against abortion, and I am a believer in traditional marriage. I believe that illegal immigration is the singal most danger to our American culture. All of this being said I have never once said that we should exclude fiscal conservatives from the party. I have never said that fiscal conservatives should just shut up and let us social conservatives run the GOP. Unfortunately many so-called fiscal conservatives do believe that social issues should be hidden away and not talked about. There in lies the trouble we are having within the GOP, people who identify themselves as moderate or fiscally conservative are intolerant of those who feel strongly about moral or social issues.

  So to all of you who identify yourselves as fiscal conservatives and who feel that we should not be talking about abortion, traditional marriage and illegal immigration, ask  yourself, is life , Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness only about money for you ?


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