Calling On Independents And Democrats !

 As the health care debate in the Senate is drawing to a close , it would seem that many Democrat Senators are willing to pass a bill, any bill, just so they can say they passed a bill.

 There has been a lot of back and forth about what should or shouldn’t be in the health care bill.  Public option in, public option out. Medicare buy-in in, Medicare buy-in out. And the real debate has little to do with Republican Senators, the debate is being waged between the most liberal of the Democrats and their more moderate counterparts. This health care bill has created a divide among the Democrat party.

 The problem is that the more moderate of the party have to answer to voters who are against this bill in any form. Polling is showing around 51% against any form of government intervention into health care.

 But still in many cases some Democrat legislators are ignoring the people, I know, shocking right? But it’s true. So I am calling to all Independent voters and Democrat voters who realize just how dangerous this so-called reform is to our nation , to contact these Democrat legislators.

  Here in Delaware , it would be Sen. Carper and Sen. Kauffman. As a registered member of the GOP , I don’t get a lot of attention when calling or writing to these Senators. Oh they are polite when they ask for your name and address (so they can check your party affiliation or if you are even a registered voter)and then two weeks later you get a form letter that basically tells you that you are not smart enough to understand the complexities of the issues.

  So, I am asking for Democrats and Independents to contact these Senators and ask them to vote no on health care reform. As Democrats and Independents they still wish to garner your votes and so may actually pay some attention to your opinions. Tell them that if they vote in favor of this over reaching legislation that they can no longer count on your vote.

 I think we have to be honest here and accept the fact that politicians tend to listen more closely to those voters that they feel they owe loyalty to . So if I can also ask that while you Democrats and Independents are jotting off letters to Senators Carper and Kauffman about voting no on health care, could you also drop a lin to Rep. Mike Castle about cap-and-trade, he doesn’t much listen to the Republican voters either.

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