GOP: Status Quo Or Giant Leap Forward ?

   As members of the GOP we are seeing across the nation a back lash against the policies and agenda of the Democrats in general and against Pres. Obama specifically.

  From the bailouts, to cap-and-trade and of course against their plan to socialize health care. The American people are concerned and in some cases frightened of the direction the nation is being dragged  by an out of control congress and a president who wishes only to completely over-haul our economy and our very way of life.

  We are seeing trends in many areas that lead us to believe that there will be a good chance for the GOP to make great gains in the 2010 and 2012 elections. We may not win back complete control in 2010, but we should see enough of a change to be able to put the breaks on some of this out of control spending and expansion of government.

 If we look to polling we see a growing number of people , especially independent voters , identifying themselves as conservatives. We see a majority of citizens who oppose the Democrat plan for health care, we see a majority of citizens against cap-and-trade. We are also seeing Pres. Obama’s personal approval rating slipping lower and lower. He has now slipped below fifty percent , lower than any first term president at this point in their first year.

So, with all of these positive indicators of a move to the right, what will the GOP do to take advantage of it ?

 Will the GOP play it conservative (no pun intended), and go with the same kind of middle of the road candidates that we have been losing so many elections with lately. Will we put up another Mitt Romney, another John McCain, another Mike Castle ? Will we again try to walk the tight rope of moderation. Will the GOP again attempt to be all things to all people , and in the end be nothing to anyone ?

  Will the GOP candidates come out with watered down versions of Democrat ideas on things like health care and cap-and-trade ? Will the GOP again be just Dem-Lite ?

  Will the GOP continue down this road of growing government? Just at a slightly slower pace than Democrats .  I fear this may be the case if we the voters do not get involved and make our voices heard.

 I believe we as a party are at an intersection in time. We must as a party make the choice between standing still and continuing on as status quo, putting forth the same old, tired moderate candidates that excite no one. Or we can move farther to the left and completely abandon what have always been the GOP traditional values and principles in a hope to attract more voters by pandering to the weak, entitlement minded voters.

  But I believe there is a third and correct way forward. That is to move back to the right, from whence we came. I feel that at a time when the American people have been given clear examples of what liberalism is and what it can lead to, this is the perfect time to give them a clear example of conservatism.

  Instead of candidates that merely tweak Democrat ideas, what the GOP needs is candidates with truly original, but conservative at the core ideas.

 We have a unique opportunity. We have a president and a Democrat controled congress that are determined to push through the most radical leftist agenda that this nation has ever seen. It will and already has led to historical spending and debt , and has forced us to borrow huge amounts of credit from our ideological enemies the Chinese. And the President and the Democrat controled congress are doing this even though a majority of Americans oppose it.

  This gives the GOP the opportunity to make huge gains in the up-coming elections. But only if we take advantage of the weaknesses of our opponents.

  We should be demonstrating at every chance that we are given the difference between liberalism and conservatism. We should be telling the voters just how much they stand to lose if we do not roll back the spending and taxing that this administration is attempting to place squarely upon the backs of the working class of this nation.

 But we cannot do this if we as a party put forth candidates that are indistinguishable from the Democrats. We must have candidates that do not have a voting history in congress that in many cases mirror that of the most liberal Democrat. We cannot put forth former Governors who put socialized health care in place in their states, that has led to higher cost and lower quality health care.

 We need new voices , conservative voices, loud, brave and determined voices.

  We are in a fight for the very future of this great nation, to determine in which direction it will go forth. Will it move further to the left and see its people taxed to the point of slavery to the government ? Will it attempt to hold firm to a moderate middle ground that causes the nation to constantly lurch from the left to the right and in the end get no where. Or will we work to move the nation back once more to the right, back towards its traditional values and principle. Those same values and principles that this great nation known as,” The United States of America” was founded upon .

  The war is being waged, it is no time to hide behind the breastworks, it is time to go over the top and to take the fight to the enemy, and to never surrender the field.


2 Responses to “GOP: Status Quo Or Giant Leap Forward ?”

  1. Mark Hunter Says:

    With our advances in technology, people are becoming more aware of politics.

    However, they are not becoming involved or more educated. Lacking in attention span, Americans are going to ride the wave of the 24 hour news cycle. Everyone went left when our executive branch was right. Now, conservatives expect the wave to go right because the public is not satisfied with the Democrat executive branch.

    But the real situation is there isn’t an easy fix for this situation. From the right or the left.

    And the public is positive the tanking economy is directly due to the folly of the executive branch. However, I believe that that the legislature has a hand in our country as well.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Clearly Mark, you are correct about the legislative branch, after all they hold the purse strings. As for people becoming more involved, I would say we have seen some positive movements such as the 9/12’s and the TEA parties. So there is hope, the trouble is that for the most part people only get involved at the hour of cricis, when it may already be too late. I believe the education system has played a lage role in dumbing down our political activism. Text books are full of revisionist history, and teachers are sometimes moving their own labor union agendas. This is why school boards are so important and why here in Delaware it is important to fight against consolidation.

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