Why Must We Fight ?

  I have to admit that I often take a step back and ask myself, why must we continually fight against our own government and our leaders?

  It seems that even when the party we support is in control, that we are constantly at odds.

 Every morning we get up with little on our minds except to go to work , earn a living to support ourselves and our families. And I suppose if we refused to turn on the morning news or to read the papers and never listened to talk radio , well then we might be able to get through the day without knowing to what degree the government is attempting to control every aspect of our lives. I know that those people exist, I just don’t happen to be one of them.

 But let’s say that I was , and all week I went about my job with no concern for what my government was doing in regards to national or even local issues. Would I be immune to the effects that those decisions had on the country , the state and even the county that I live in ? No, because every decision made by government is intended to affect us in one way or another.

 If I stand back and allow those in power to have a free hand at running the world in which I live then I am no more than a slave to them.

 If I take no notice of the things they do, and make no attempt at changing the things that I know to be wrong, then I am as guilty as they who enact the policies.

 Oh, I could live my entire life without ever once voting, I could just accept the tax increases that take more and more of the money I worked for, so that the government can give it to people who may never have worked a day in their lives.

  I could completely ignore the fact that those in power are attempting to change the very fabric of the nation that I grew up in , to change it into something that even my grandparents would not recognize.

 I could go on struggling to get by under the ever-growing weight of government regulation and taxation, which makes it harder and harder to just make ends meet. I could give up one luxury after another so that I could continue to pay for my own essentials. And of course I could always give up completely and just go to government for my every need and eek out my existence on whatever the government decided were my needs.

 But none of that is what America is about. America is about freedom, pure and simple. The freedom to choose where to live, to choose where to work, what to drive, what to eat, how to heat your home, what kind of lightbulbs to use. The freedom to pray when and where you choose.

 The American dream isn’t just about being able to buy a home. The American dream is for freedom. The freedom to be successful, to work hard for the things you want and to not expect hand outs from the government, because when you take those hand outs you give up a piece of your freedom.Freedom is about choosing your own path in life and then walking it with confidence, knowing that there is a higher power guiding you, if you ask.

 What is success ? To me success is what you make of it. It is up to you and you alone to decide whether you are a success. Have you achieved your goals in life ? And if not, have you done all that you could to achieve them ? If you look to others for validation of your success, then it is un-likely that you will ever truly  succeed .

 So with all that there is in my life to do, from family to work, why should I, or how can I have time to fight my government? It is easy to say that I shouldn’t have to and that in the next election things will change. But will they ? If we merely stand by as the current government goes about  dismantling our ability to achieve our goals and in the process our freedoms ?

 I say no ! I say that we must get up and turn on the morning news, we must read the papers, we must listen to talk radio, we must do all of these things. But more importantly, we must talk to each other, we must never fear to discuss our views among our fellow citizens. For the most part we all share the same dreams of success, though we may choose different paths to those ends.

 That is why we must fight, we must fight so that we leave behind a world that is better for our children, a world were they can experience the freedoms that our parents passed on to us.

 To be a strong person in this fight we must arm ourselves with knowledge, so that we can make educated decisions about those we choose to vote for and to be able to argue against the things we believe to be wrong.

 Knowledge is our  shield, and our voices , our sword. We must continually broaden our shields and raise our swords high .


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