Speaker Pelosi To Raise Debt Limit


   Speaker Pelosi has announced her intention to raise the national debt limit, well since we are dangerously close to passing it, I guess it would be a good idea to raise it. You know so it at least looks like we are not piling debt upon debt.

  Let’s be real this is not the first time this has been done, if only it were.  This is like when you max out your credit cards and the company is nice enough to raise your limit so that you can continue to spend more money you don’t have. And can’t pay back. And exactly why do we have limits if they can be raised ?

  What bothers me about Speaker Pelosi’s plan to raise the debt limit is the fact that she has stated her intention to plop the request smack in the middle of an upcoming vote for a military funding   bill. She also has admitted that she is doing this to make it difficult for Republicans to vote against it. I try very hard to keep it clean when writing these blog post , but this woman is pushing me to the limit.

 How dare she play political games with the lives of our military . We have people in harm’s way and she is playing smoke and mirrors with their funding.

 The Republican leadership has said that they will oppose this move to raise the debt limit. Even if it means voting down the funding. Of course the lap dog liberal media will point out the Republicans voting no, but will fail to point out that Speaker Pelosi is a conniving , good for nothing , low down piece of liberal crap.            

 I support the Republicans voting no to kill this attempt at a very ugly shell game. It would seem that Ms. Pelosi has no problem being the face of evil for the Democrat party.

  The Republicans need to get out in front on this by telling the American people exactly why they are voting no and also telling the nation what a bunch of cowardly finks the Democrats and their party leadership really are .

  To sink this low, to pass a bill to allow the Democrats to spend even more of our children’s money , only demonstrated to what depths the Democrats and their supporters will go , to forward their fascist agendas.

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