The Frog Is Starting To Twitch

   We have all heard the story of the frog in the pot. You know the one where the frog is put in the pot of water and then the fire is lit beneath it. As the water is slowly heated the frog thinks to himself , well this isn’t so bad, in fact it’s kind of nice. As the water get hotter the frog begins to twitch and then jump, and before he realizes that he is cooked , well , he is cooked.

  The process of the Democrats passing health care reform has been like the pot of water, and of course we are the frogs.

  We have watched as the House worked at its version, first the public option was in , then out and then back in. The same with federal funding for abortion. Then before you knew it the House bill had been passed.

  Now as the Senate “DEBATES” their version, we are witness to the same song and dance. Add in all of the distractions of things like Copenhagen, Fort Hood, the terror trials being moved to NYC and it is easy to understand why many Americans don’t realize that the water has begun to simmer.

  So today  Senate Leader Harry Reid announced that the Senate Democrats had been working behind closed doors, and that he could not disclose what they had been working on, or the compromise that Senate Democrats had come to, which gave him such hope that they were on their way to a vote to pass their bill.

  Okay first let me say that for Sen. Reid to tell the American citizens that he couldn’t disclose what they had been doing is appalling. When our elected officials are about doing the peoples work, they have a duty to inform the citizens what they are doing.

  But of course in this world that we live in, with its twenty-four hour news cycle, the information got leaked.

  It would seem that the big compromise (read, America being screwed), is that the Senate has dropped their push for the public option. Or have they ?

  Instead of the public option, they have decided to allow all uninsured Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 to buy into Medicare.  Wow, Im glad we don’t have to worry about that pesky public option anymore :). Of course people in that age group would never drop coverage to be able to join Medicare. And employers wouldn’t stop supplying coverage knowing that the Medicare option was available.

  The plan would allow the uninsured to buy into Medicare for around $7,600 a year, that is until 2014 when the federal subsidies kick in. That would be around six hundred dollars a month, much higher than the $96.40 that is paid by the 65 and older crowd. Sounds like one group subsidizing another to me.

 I believe that this is an attempt to mislead those who have opposed a public option, by replacing it with something familiar. Something that most Americans plan on joining at some point in their lives anyway.

  This latest shell game is no different then its earlier versions. It will still cost tax payers more in taxes. People wake up ! Those subsidies that will lower the cost in 2014 , well where the hell do you think they will come from ? Nothing is lower, except for those who don’t work and produce.

 Another wrinkle in this latest version is that it would force insurance companies to spend 90% of their income from premiums on providing benefits. This my friends is what is known in polite company, as price caps. This is intended to make it impossible for private companies to compete with the public, oh sorry, with Medicare. It will also place a burden on the medial field. As private companies attempt to make their profit under this new restriction they will pay out on procedures that in the past they would have refused. This will mean that more people will be seeking treatment for possibly un-necessary reasons. As you factor in the fact that you will have more people seeking treatment because now they have insurance, and the fact that Medicare limits the amount that they will pay doctors, you will have fewer doctors in the future.

 The pot is boiling, the frog is twitching and just in case the Democrats thought there wasn’t enough seasoning in the water, they have decided to throw  the Constitution in the pot and cook it too, and for good measure they diced up a few of our freedoms as well.


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