Based On Lies ?

  As we have seen demonstrated in recent weeks, much of the so-called consensus on man-made global warming or if you prefer , climate change, is based on junk science, manipulated numbers and out-and-out lies.

  With the release of the “climate gate ” e-mails that showed that many of the leading “SCIENTIST” in the field of climate study were engaged in misleading the world on the subject of man-made global warming. The e-mails showed these so-called scientist discussing how best to manipulate recent global temperatures to make it seem as if the planet is warming. The e-mails also displayed the fact that they were disappointed that the actual numbers didn’t back-up their theories and then again discuss how to hide the facts. I believe this last , shows their un-scientific bias and that they are driving an agenda , instead of seeking scientific truth.

 Now if we know that the scientist who have been leading the push for major changes to our climate policies were engaged in mis-leading the people and our law makers and that the information they gave us was not accurate and in some cases may have been intentionally falsified to achieve the desired results. Then does it not make sense that we should re-evaluate any legislation that has been passed based on this questionable information?

 I am not just talking about on a national level, but also right here on a state level  in Delaware.

 During the debate over whether or not Blue Water Wind should be allowed to put wind mills in the coastal waters off of the Delaware shores and whether or not Delmarva Power should be “FORCED” to buy power from these wind mills, much of the debate centered around global warming. And the benefits of non-fossil fuel energy for reversing the perceived climate effects that fossil fuels were having on global temperatures.

  We heard from people from the University of Delaware testifying before the legislature in support of these measures. We heard law makers quoting facts and figures, many possibly from the very scientist who have now been proven to be lying. The public support for this project and its unconstitutional mandates on a private company was also based on the false information being peddled around the nation and the world.

  My point is that the Delaware legislature should revisit this issue. Any mandates on DP&L should be made null and void. Any permits for building wind mills off the coast should be pulled .

 The state of Delaware should investigate anyone involved in promoting this project, from Blue Water Wind , and including anyone from the University of Delaware who gave testimony or supplied information that the legislature may have based its decision on.

 If we now know that information coming from around the world is questionable and that information and decisions made here in the state of Delaware were based on, and incorporated that information into information and decisions here, then does it not make sense that we re-think those decisions ?

 The cost of going forward with the Blue Water Wind Project to our energy needs here in the state are too high to make such a decision based on what could be out-and-out fraudulent information.

 I call on the state legislature to call for an investigation into this matter and to do it quickly.


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