The Way Forward

Okay, so I have finished reading Sarah Palin’s book , ” Going Rogue ; An American Life”.

  Yes, I’m sure many who bought the book on the first day of its release finished it much faster than I was able to. My reading time is mostly at work while waiting for my truck to load, so I get to read in thirty to forty minute burst.

 Anyway, I have to say that I have read many biographies and autobiographies about some of the world’s most influential andf inspiring people. From Einstein to Lincoln, from Roberto Clemente to Ronald Reagan. This said I found Sarah Palin’s book to be one of the most inspirational books that I have read in a long time.

 In it she takes us through her formative years of growing up in a place where to survive , one must rely mostly on one’s self. She tells us of her love for her family and her love for her home state of Alaska .And  she is never shy about declaring her faith in God.

 She takes us through the genesis of her life as a public servant, from being a town councilwoman, to being mayor, to being the governor of the largest geographical state in the Union. She describes the battles she was forced to fight, but more importantly the battles she was motivated to fight. She tell us of the corruption within the government and the oil companies, and within her very own political party that she took on, not to advance her own political carreer, but because it was the right thing to do for the people she had taken an oath to serve.

 And the message , that our elected officials are there to serve us was a thread throughout the book. Sarah Palin makes it clear that in her opinion , government is to serve the people and not the other way around.

  Of course she takes us through her run for Vice President. Sarah Palin shows us in telling this story, that she is honorable. While she describes many of what she saw as mistakes and missed oppurtunities by the Mc Caign campaign and its “HEADQUARTERS”, she has nothing but respect for the man who chose her as his running mate and never really utters a negative word .

 I recommend that all conservatives read this book. If you read only the final chapter, chapter six, “The Way Forward”, in this chapter and then continued in the Epilogue, Gov. Palin lays out her vision of the way forward for the United States. She spells out her vision of conservative principles and values that we must return to , if we hope to bring this nation back from the brink of complete destruction. In this final chapter she quotes Reagan and others, but she clearly believes in the coar principles of conservatism . Throughout the book she makes it clear that a free market economy must be just that , free, if we hope to be prosperous and free.

 I would encourage every American to read this book and to read it with an open mind. Forget what you have been told by the radical left media and other Palin haters, some within the very party that she says most closly represents her own values. Read this book for a glimpse of things to come.


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