President Obama, Still Digging

 In an up-coming speech on Tuesday. First let me step aside for a moment and ask , does it seem like this president is always on T.V. giving another speech, or is it just me?

 Okay so in another opportunity for Pres. Obama to get some face time on T.V., he will , according to the usual “UN-NAMED SOURCE “, be laying out his next plan to jump-start employment.

  These sources say that the President plans to inform the nation that in an effort to get people back to work, he will ask congress to throw more money into the money pit. More federal funding for state and local governments, more federal funding for roads and bridges and other public works. So in other words more government.

  The President plans to institute this federal funding , even after yesterday’s startling good news that un-employment had taken a sharp decline of 0.2% and was down to “ONLY” 10%, this coupled with the fact that “ONLY” eleven thousand people lost their jobs last month. I hear that if the un-employment rate had actually dropped one more tenth of a percent, the balloons would have dropped from the ceiling of the press room and all of the media would have been given gift certificates to the local ice cream parlor that Pres. Obama likes so bad. Now there is an economic stimulus package.

 So it would seem that Pres. Obama is still under the impression that he can dig himself and the nation out of this economic hole that he has gotten us into , by spending. I suppose that if I take this economic model of the President’s, and I go out and spend all my saving, then borrow all that I can on credit cards and from neighbors, that my mortgage will pay itself, my car payments will disappear, oh and while I’m at it I will also pay for other peoples health care and heating bills.

 This president is either bent on destroying this nation, don’t laugh, or he is the most incompetent leader the world has ever known.

  It would seem that the administration is attempting to not use the “S” word, you know, “STIMULUS”. But be clear on this, that is all that this is , is a second stimulus package. The first one hasn’t worked so like all good little leftist, Pres. Obama’s answer to the fact that government spending didn’t solve the problem, is to have more government spending.

 Of course the well-known “UN-NAMED SOURCE”, said that the President has no intention of backing off his push to ruin health care, or to spend more money to fail at education, they say the President has every intention of investing more of our money in a clean energy economy so that we can pay more for energy with what little money we have left after the President has taxed us to pay for his other ideas.

 But the best statement from “Mr.or Ms. UN-NAMED SOURCE”, is that the President intends to deal with the mounting Federal Debt. Okay right here I need you all to imagine me screaming at the top of my lungs until I completely lose my voice, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Deal with the mounting Federal debt? Are you kidding me? He is the mounting Federal debt.

  Letter to the President, ” Dear Mr. President, I would like you to please deal with the mounting Federal debt. My suggestion is , STOP SPENDING SO DAMN MUCH OF MY MONEY ON TRYING TO DEAL WITH THE MOUNTING FEDERAL DEBT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  It would seem that this president has never heard the phrase, ” you can’t dig your way out of a hole”, because he is still digging.


3 Responses to “President Obama, Still Digging”

  1. Chris Slavens Says:

    I have a difficult time understanding why so many people seem to think that federal funding for state and local projects is a good thing, when the projects could be accomplished more efficiently if the tax dollars never went to the federal level in the first place, and remained in the state. Of course, I understand perfectly why our representatives support this system, as it allows them to win re-election based on what they have “brought home” to their constituents.

    We would make better use of our dollars by literally burning them for warmth this winter, than in giving them to the federal government to fund its so-called solutions to our financial woes.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Chris, in too many cases people don’t understand , because they have no idea how the system works, also as a nation we have had the sense of entitlement bred into us. So many of us think it is our right for government to take care of us. As for our representatives supporting this system, well it’s time thye realize that if they want to get elected, then it is more important how much of our money they “KEEP” home, instead of how much they bring home.

  3. Chris Slavens Says:

    Perhaps we can use our blogs to raise awareness about this issue. Rather than focus on local issues, Delaware projects that Castle and Carper win funding for, it will be more effective to highlight out-of-state projects that they have voted in favor of, such as so-called “bridges to nowhere” and state parks across the country. The people of Delaware probably don’t mind receiving federal funds for our own pet projects, but many are bound to feel differently about their federal taxes going to other states, and the role our representatives play in this.

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