Healthcare/ Consolidation

 There would seem to be some similarities between healthcare reform and the proposed school consolidation here in Delaware.

  Like those who support healthcare reform, those who support school consolidation , tell us about how much money it will save the tax payers. But when you look behind the numbers and think about how government works, you will see that there will be no savings to the tax payers. There will be only a shifting of where the tax dollars get spent. Remember that the reason the study was done in the first place was to see if the state could “SAVE” money by consolidating the 19 districts into four,  because the state is running a deficit “BALANCED” budget.

 So this means that if there is any savings by consolidating , the tax payers will not see it. The money “SAVED” by consolidation will be used to pay for the third rail entitlement programs like the needle program, because we couldn’t do away with such an important program as that. So just like healthcare moves money around by cutting Medicare to make it seem as if there is a savings, so it is with school consolidation.

  As with healthcare reform, we are also being told, that with school consolidation, that bigger is better. With healthcare the government is telling us that the best way to make healthcare better for everyone, while also making it cost less, is for us to allow government to “CONSOLIDATE” all of our individual healthcare plans into one big government-run healthcare plan. In doing so we would lose all of our freedom of choice. The choice of who we buy health insurance from and how much coverage to carry and most importantly how much we would pay for it.

  Well, once again with school consolidation we see the same problems. If we allow the state to take our individual districts and consolidate them into one big state-run entity, we will again be giving up our freedom of choice. The choice of who is on our school boards, the choice of how many tax dollars are collected and where and how that money is spent.

  As with healthcare reform, school consolidation would lead to the increase of the size and scope of government. The same as we would lose individual control over the decisions that affect us personally with healthcare reform, so we would lose local control over the decisions that affect our communities, our tax dollars, but most importantly we would lose local control over the decisions that directly affect our children and their futures.

  I believe that if you oppose the current healthcare reform proposals, then you should oppose school consolidation and for the same reasons. Protect your freedom of choice, protect your right to vote for your school boards, and protect you local voice. Say no to school consolidation.


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