Painted Into A Corner

  President Obama is scheduled to give a prime time address to the nation tonight explaining his Afghanistan strategy. Well it only took him since August to decide what it would be.

  I fear that this president has been too concerned with the political fall-out from any decision that he makes on this issue. Many believe that he has been trying to time the announcement of the new strategy to lesson the impact it will have on his health care agenda. I will say that by waiting until the day after debate resumed on the Senate floor over health care, that his address will knock health care out of the news cycle for a while.

  President Obama has actually painted himself into a political corner. I can guarantee that no matter what he announces tonight , some will think it not enough, some will think it too much and of course there is always that group of uninformed that aren’t even aware of what we are fighting for.

  President Obama has stated that the Afghanistan War was a war we must fight. So now if he comes out and announces a time line to pull out without a clear victory, he will demonstrate what many on the right already new. That he is a weak leader who is only concerned with his legacy and not with protecting this nations freedom.

 He has also in the past promised to end the wars as soon as possible along with closing Gitmo.

  So now if  he announces that he intends to give the generals all that they have asked for, in an effort to win the war, no matter what it takes or how long, he will alienate his leftist base that wants us out of Afghanistan at all cost.

  So at a time when he needs as many political allies as he can find, he is about to give a speech that is guaranteed to divide the country even more over this president’s ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the nation. A president , I might add that ran as a person who would heal the divisions and to move the nation forward.

 This is a selfish president that took over three months to make a decision to give generals in the field the things that they said they needed for victory. He cared not of the effect that this would have on those already in the field. Or the fact that this would embolden our enemies, because indecision equals fear and weakness in their eyes.

  So we will see tonight whether Pres. Obama will put his legacy first, or if he will finally do what is needed to defeat the enemies of this nation, enemies I might add that want only to destroy us.


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