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What Can We Do ?

December 27, 2009

In recent days we have received the disturbing news that eleven year old Sarah Foxwell of Salisbury, Md, was discovered dead near the Delaware state line. She was reported missing from her home on Wednesday the twenty-third of December.

 The police are currently holding Thomas Leggs custody, the person who was reported by Sarah’s sister to be the last person seen with Sarah. Mr. Leggs was the former boyfriend of Sarah’s aunt, who was Sarah’s current guardian.

  Thomas Leggs has been convicted multiple times as a sex offender and is considered a high risk offender on the sex offender registry.

  Now I could go into my feelings that this sort of crime is a result of our culture de-valuing the lives of children. I could ask the question of, why are there women out there who allow these monsters into their lives and those of  children.

  But what we really need to ask is , how can we keep these monsters, who have demonstrated that they are monsters , from hurting and killing in the future ?

  I was motivated to write this post after hearing local radio personality Jeff Gartman on Saturday morning on WGMD 92.7 . Mr. Gartman is a fill in host and also can be heard on Sunday mornings.

  Mr. Gartman who like so many of us in the community was asking, how can this happen and how do we stop it from happening? He believes that people such as Thomas Leggs should never see the light of day after being convicted of any sort of crime against children. I would say that I am in agreement with him, that is if we cannot attain the death penalty for them.

 Mr. Gartman stated that he would be interested in organising a movement to seek legislation that would keep these monsters in jail at the very least for life , so that they can no longer prey upon society.

 Now I do not believe that government is our last defence against these animals,  we must always be aware that they exist.

 But once they have shown themselves as the monsters they are , then we as a society must do all that we can, to keep them away from society.

 Mr. Gartman asked for people with organisational skills to contact him to begin lobbying our state and national leaders to find a way to reduce the risk of these monsters from ever hurting or killing again.

 Those who wish to contact Mr. Gartman directly can e-mail him at or leave contact information on this post and I will forward it to him.

 If you do nothing else, contact your  government leaders and convey your concerns that this can no longer be allowed to happen.

 Thank you, and may God bless Sarah Foxwell and her family, and may God bless all of those out there who have been victims of monsters such as Thomas Leggs.


Merry Christmas

December 25, 2009

 Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas. I hope that those who have family in the military have at least had a chance to communicate with their loved ones. We thank you for your sacrifice.

 I have been extremely busy at work, working hard to pay for my own insurance , so that you won’t have to, so I haven’t had a chance to post. Please stick with me , I’ll be back soon, once I get through next week.

  So let me say again Merry Christmas and just in case Happy New Year !!

Thieves In The Night

December 22, 2009

Am I the only one whom it bothers that every vote on the Democrat’s heath care bill, seems to be taken late into the night or early in the morning hours ?

  Shouldn’t the people’s business be conducted in the light of  day? What are they afraid of ?

 It would seem that just like the thief that comes to rob your home in the middle of the night, the Democrats have decided to operate in the same fashion when they come to rob you of your Liberty.

 But instead of a gun, they threaten you with higher taxes and imprisonment if you resist.

 They rob not only you of your Liberty , but that of all future generations.

 These people are cowards , crooks and thieves. They need to be run out of office and replaced with people who understand what this nation was founded upon.

 Truth and justice ! I know in today’s times that sounds corny , but maybe we could use a little more corny and a little less sophistication .

An Early Merry Christmas

December 21, 2009

  Due to the nature of my paying job and the effects of global warming and the fact that Christmas falls on a friday this year , I am extremely busy this week. I want to thank my loyal readers who have come to the site daily. Please forgive me this week if I am un-able to post every day. Keep checking in, if I have a chance I will post.

 I know that there is a lot happening with  health care , it looks as if the Senate Democrats and Pres. Obama intend to totally ignore the will of the people and pass their idea of reform. God help us, no really! Pray to God for help.

 And finally, let me wish all of you and your families a blessed and a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

 And may God bless America.

Party / Nation ?

December 20, 2009

  In our personal lives we all have priorities, things that we choose to put before all else. I would venture to guess, that for most Americans the top two would be God and family. I’ll leave it up to the individuals to decide between those two as to which is more important in their own lives.

  After God and family, we all make choices about how we can best utilize our time. For those of us who actually still have jobs, work takes up a large part of our lives. But really I guess-work can be related directly to family, since most of us work to help support our families. We also find time for entertainment and recreation. Again these will most likely involve our families. I will be philosophical for a moment and say that, God is with us always, and so all of these activities include God also.

  In our personal lives we choose paths that we feel will lead us in the direction that is best for our families and which are in keeping with our understanding of God’s will. We are imperfect beings and so we often take a wrong turn, but even then, with our faith and our family we can over come anything.

  As in our personal lives, we must make choices of which path to take which will lead us where we choose to go, so in our political dealings , we must also  make choices .

  The first choice we must make if we hope to be a contributing factor in the political arena, is of what ideology we prescribe to. And when I say, “to be a contributing factor”, I don’t necessarily mean as an elected official, you can be a contributing factor to the political process by being an informed voter.

 After you decide on your ideology, be it conservative, liberal, progressive or whatever you choose, then it comes time to choose a party affiliation. Most voters choose a party whose platform most closely represents the views of the individual. A person who is for smaller government and lower taxes , will likely identify with the GOP. Also there is a tradition of those who identify themselves as  social conservatives, to  lean towards the GOP, though in recent times there has been a trend among the GOP leadership to quiet those social conservative voices.

 People who tend to believe that government should have a larger role in the lives of the individual and who also believe that government can and should be the vehicle to solve the problems of our lives, will most likely identify with the Democrat party. As for the social issues, there is a tradition within the Democrat party that tends to say to the people , “if it feels good, then do it”.

 Now of course there are a myriad of smaller political parties that attempt to fill the gaps between the two major parties. But really there are only two ideologies.  I will use the common labels that most people today recognise, conservatism and liberalism.

  Once you have chosen your guiding ideology and the party that most closely represents those views, it is up to us as voters to hold our party of choice accountable. We do this by staying informed about what the party leadership and the elected official are doing . Be it candidate endorsements or voting records. If as individual voters we feel that our party of choice is no longer a mirror of our views, then we have another choice to make. Do we leave the party for one of the smaller, less influential parties, or do we attempt to influence our party to return to an ideological path that we can support.

 I will now talk specifically as a member of the GOP, since that is what I am, and because I am at this time still trying to influence the GOP to maintain an ideological path that I can support.

  For anyone who has read some of my post about the direction I believe the GOP should be taking, you know that I describe myself as a straight line conservative. To me this means that we can solve all problems by applying conservative principles. But to boil it down, allowing the individual to solve their own problems as long as their solutions do not impact the freedoms or rights of others. If you have read any of my post , you have also most likely read the criticism I receive from those who would identify themselves as long time members of the GOP,or the party establishment. They feel that I and those like myself are a danger to the GOP, that we don’t have the best interest of the party in mind.

  I cannot begin to count the number of times I have been told by members of the GOP that we must support a candidate because they are a member of the GOP. To some people it would seem that the candidate’s views and actual record have nothing to do with whether they deserve our support or not. These party loyalist will tell you that this candidate or that candidate is the only hope of electing a Republican, no matter whether the candidate holds true to the values that have been traditionally those of the GOP.

 Well excuse me if I am interested in more than just electing a Republican. I and others like myself want to elect people based on principles and values that have made this a great nation. We want people who once they are in office hold true to those principles and values and if not then we should work to remove them. Now of course I know that we are unlikely to find the perfect candidate that completely mirrors our views, we will have to weigh our choices and decide which candidates best align with the issues that we feel are most important at any given time . Some times we may have to compromise on social issues and at others on fiscal. But when a candidate or an elected official proves that they will not hold to any of your values and principles , then it is time to work to remove that person, and the party be damned.

 I will now return to my original theme, choices and priorities. When deciding on an ideology we chose based on what best represents our common sense judgement and life experience. When choosing a political party, we choose a party that most closely represents our ideology.

 When choosing to support a candidate we have a larger question to ask ourselves. Will we choose the candidate that we feel will represent our ideology because it is the ideology that we feel is  best for the nation?  Or will we choose to support a candidate based strictly on the party that chooses to support them ?

 Will we allow party leadership to make the decision of which candidate we will support ? Or will we work to influence the party to put forth candidates that represent an ideological path that we can support ?

 The real question you must always ask yourself when choosing your ideology, your party, and which candidate to support is, party or nation ? Are you making your choice based on what is good for the party only, or are you only interested in what is good for the nation ?

 My answer is and always will be, the nation first !!

Global Warming Can Kill !!

December 20, 2009

 With Pres. Obama visiting Copenhagen for the international climate summit, in an attempt to come to some sort of agreement on how the world’s nations can reduce CO2 outputs to reduce “MAN MADE” global warming, we must remember that global warming can kill.

So I am taking this time to remind all of my fellow citizens that at this turning point in man’s history , when we are being told that we may see the polar ice caps completely melted away within six years, we are told that many countries may disappear due to sea levels rising. As former Vice President Al Gore tells us about the polar bears dieing and that we must reduce our use of our most reliable sources of energy in order to stop this tragedy from happening.

 So please , to all of you, please as you go through your day take a moment to remember that global warming can kill. So take a moment every so often and contemplate this as you are shoveling all of that global warming off of your front walks and driveways. Because as we all know if you do too much, too fast, well you could have a heart attack and die. See, global warming can kill.

Fiscal Conservative ?

December 18, 2009

  We hear a lot of people, especially within the GOP establishment talking about their fiscal conservative credentials. They act as if they invented the idea, they make it seem that if you have other concerns about other issues , such as social issues like abortion and traditional marriage, that you have lost your mind.

 Some go as far as telling people such as myself that we are the death knell for the GOP, because we are not all consumed by fiscal issues alone. Their one track minds can’t seem to comprehend that the social issues that they hold in such disdain actually have a very large fiscal cost. (See my articles titled “All Issues Are Relatives”).

 Being fiscally conservative is very important to the nation and the citizens. But to ignore the other issues that are eroding  our social fabric and that are equally important is foolish and dangerous. That is if your concern and, or your priority is the good of the nation and the citizens.

  Far too many times, I get the feeling that many of these so-called fiscal conservatives, are really only interested in lower taxes and smaller government in order to die with as much money in their pocket as possible. And that is fine, they worked for it , and it’s theirs.

 But what good is the money in our pocket if the nation has become nothing more than some cheap whore house , where you can do anything you want? What do we gain by keeping our money if babies are murdered in the womb ? What do we benefit as a nation, from lower taxes if our children are inundated with images of sexual perversion?

 I am concerned with fiscal conservatism also, but my concern is about the freedom that being fiscally conservative gives us. If we allow the government to tax us into the poor house we lose our freedom to choose. To choose where and how we live. To choose what we drive and how we choose to insure our own health.

  I am equally concerned about the direction that we as a nation are heading in, when we talk about social issues. If we allow the left to continue to dominate the conversation on social issues, then our children will be living in a crime ridden world where babies are sucked out of the womb through tubes or have scissors shoved into the base of their skulls.

  Look , I don’t make any attempt to hide the fact that I have very strong feelings against abortion, and I am a believer in traditional marriage. I believe that illegal immigration is the singal most danger to our American culture. All of this being said I have never once said that we should exclude fiscal conservatives from the party. I have never said that fiscal conservatives should just shut up and let us social conservatives run the GOP. Unfortunately many so-called fiscal conservatives do believe that social issues should be hidden away and not talked about. There in lies the trouble we are having within the GOP, people who identify themselves as moderate or fiscally conservative are intolerant of those who feel strongly about moral or social issues.

  So to all of you who identify yourselves as fiscal conservatives and who feel that we should not be talking about abortion, traditional marriage and illegal immigration, ask  yourself, is life , Liberty , and the pursuit of happiness only about money for you ?

Calling On Independents And Democrats !

December 17, 2009

 As the health care debate in the Senate is drawing to a close , it would seem that many Democrat Senators are willing to pass a bill, any bill, just so they can say they passed a bill.

 There has been a lot of back and forth about what should or shouldn’t be in the health care bill.  Public option in, public option out. Medicare buy-in in, Medicare buy-in out. And the real debate has little to do with Republican Senators, the debate is being waged between the most liberal of the Democrats and their more moderate counterparts. This health care bill has created a divide among the Democrat party.

 The problem is that the more moderate of the party have to answer to voters who are against this bill in any form. Polling is showing around 51% against any form of government intervention into health care.

 But still in many cases some Democrat legislators are ignoring the people, I know, shocking right? But it’s true. So I am calling to all Independent voters and Democrat voters who realize just how dangerous this so-called reform is to our nation , to contact these Democrat legislators.

  Here in Delaware , it would be Sen. Carper and Sen. Kauffman. As a registered member of the GOP , I don’t get a lot of attention when calling or writing to these Senators. Oh they are polite when they ask for your name and address (so they can check your party affiliation or if you are even a registered voter)and then two weeks later you get a form letter that basically tells you that you are not smart enough to understand the complexities of the issues.

  So, I am asking for Democrats and Independents to contact these Senators and ask them to vote no on health care reform. As Democrats and Independents they still wish to garner your votes and so may actually pay some attention to your opinions. Tell them that if they vote in favor of this over reaching legislation that they can no longer count on your vote.

 I think we have to be honest here and accept the fact that politicians tend to listen more closely to those voters that they feel they owe loyalty to . So if I can also ask that while you Democrats and Independents are jotting off letters to Senators Carper and Kauffman about voting no on health care, could you also drop a lin to Rep. Mike Castle about cap-and-trade, he doesn’t much listen to the Republican voters either.

GOP: Status Quo Or Giant Leap Forward ?

December 15, 2009

   As members of the GOP we are seeing across the nation a back lash against the policies and agenda of the Democrats in general and against Pres. Obama specifically.

  From the bailouts, to cap-and-trade and of course against their plan to socialize health care. The American people are concerned and in some cases frightened of the direction the nation is being dragged  by an out of control congress and a president who wishes only to completely over-haul our economy and our very way of life.

  We are seeing trends in many areas that lead us to believe that there will be a good chance for the GOP to make great gains in the 2010 and 2012 elections. We may not win back complete control in 2010, but we should see enough of a change to be able to put the breaks on some of this out of control spending and expansion of government.

 If we look to polling we see a growing number of people , especially independent voters , identifying themselves as conservatives. We see a majority of citizens who oppose the Democrat plan for health care, we see a majority of citizens against cap-and-trade. We are also seeing Pres. Obama’s personal approval rating slipping lower and lower. He has now slipped below fifty percent , lower than any first term president at this point in their first year.

So, with all of these positive indicators of a move to the right, what will the GOP do to take advantage of it ?

 Will the GOP play it conservative (no pun intended), and go with the same kind of middle of the road candidates that we have been losing so many elections with lately. Will we put up another Mitt Romney, another John McCain, another Mike Castle ? Will we again try to walk the tight rope of moderation. Will the GOP again attempt to be all things to all people , and in the end be nothing to anyone ?

  Will the GOP candidates come out with watered down versions of Democrat ideas on things like health care and cap-and-trade ? Will the GOP again be just Dem-Lite ?

  Will the GOP continue down this road of growing government? Just at a slightly slower pace than Democrats .  I fear this may be the case if we the voters do not get involved and make our voices heard.

 I believe we as a party are at an intersection in time. We must as a party make the choice between standing still and continuing on as status quo, putting forth the same old, tired moderate candidates that excite no one. Or we can move farther to the left and completely abandon what have always been the GOP traditional values and principles in a hope to attract more voters by pandering to the weak, entitlement minded voters.

  But I believe there is a third and correct way forward. That is to move back to the right, from whence we came. I feel that at a time when the American people have been given clear examples of what liberalism is and what it can lead to, this is the perfect time to give them a clear example of conservatism.

  Instead of candidates that merely tweak Democrat ideas, what the GOP needs is candidates with truly original, but conservative at the core ideas.

 We have a unique opportunity. We have a president and a Democrat controled congress that are determined to push through the most radical leftist agenda that this nation has ever seen. It will and already has led to historical spending and debt , and has forced us to borrow huge amounts of credit from our ideological enemies the Chinese. And the President and the Democrat controled congress are doing this even though a majority of Americans oppose it.

  This gives the GOP the opportunity to make huge gains in the up-coming elections. But only if we take advantage of the weaknesses of our opponents.

  We should be demonstrating at every chance that we are given the difference between liberalism and conservatism. We should be telling the voters just how much they stand to lose if we do not roll back the spending and taxing that this administration is attempting to place squarely upon the backs of the working class of this nation.

 But we cannot do this if we as a party put forth candidates that are indistinguishable from the Democrats. We must have candidates that do not have a voting history in congress that in many cases mirror that of the most liberal Democrat. We cannot put forth former Governors who put socialized health care in place in their states, that has led to higher cost and lower quality health care.

 We need new voices , conservative voices, loud, brave and determined voices.

  We are in a fight for the very future of this great nation, to determine in which direction it will go forth. Will it move further to the left and see its people taxed to the point of slavery to the government ? Will it attempt to hold firm to a moderate middle ground that causes the nation to constantly lurch from the left to the right and in the end get no where. Or will we work to move the nation back once more to the right, back towards its traditional values and principle. Those same values and principles that this great nation known as,” The United States of America” was founded upon .

  The war is being waged, it is no time to hide behind the breastworks, it is time to go over the top and to take the fight to the enemy, and to never surrender the field.

Sucking The Life Out Of The Golden Calf

December 14, 2009

   If anyone needs an example of how government can ruin anything, just by being involved in it, take a look at the state of Delaware and what it has done to the gambling industry.

  The state of Delaware has been relying on revenue from gambling now for many years. First it was the lottery, we were told that it would solve many of the problems faced by our education system and that much of the money would also go to help seniors.

  Well as you can assume it wasn’t enough, so we had to up the bet, and so we instituted slots betting. Again we were told that the revenue from this and the lottery would be the magic bullet that would solve the state’s budget short falls.

 So that brings us to last years push to put into place sports betting. Gov. Markell and those who supported sports betting told us that if we just did this one more thing that we would reap the benefits .  They even based our budget, a balanced budget I might add, on the projected revenues of sports betting. Of course those projections were based on multi-sorts , sports betting and as we all knew and now know the state was not allowed under the law to do multi-sports betting. So all we have are bets on the NFL, this has caused the projections to be much higher than the actual revenues. In fact Dover Downs and Harrington Raceway are both saying that sports betting is barely breaking even.

  This brings me to the main point of this post. The two racinos, Harrington and Dover are reporting falling profits that they attribute to the fact that sports betting has been less than successful, but also to the fact that the state is taking a larger share of those profits.

 Harrington Raceway & Casino has cut its dividend for the first time since it started offering slots betting back in 1996. Dover Downs is reporting a fifty percent drop in profits from last year. Both locations are blaming these losses on the state taking a greater share of the profits.

  So this demonstrates how, when government is involved and continues to raise taxes, and be clear that is exactly what is happening, that they will eventually suck the life out of whatever it is that they are taxing. Be it an industry or an individual. The only thing that can stop this from happening is to cut spending.

 A government cannot tax its way out of debt, it matters not whether it be a local government, a state government, or the federal government. The more the government takes from the individual or an industry the less there is to take. Every time you increase a tax you discourage people and industries from growing, after all why grow if the government will just step in and take more of your profits.

 Here in Delaware, as in many states and also the nation as a whole, we don’t have a revenue problem, but a spending problem. If we would lower taxes and cut spending we would see tax revenues increase from the increase in the amount of spending that the citizens would do. Also industry and business would have more money to invest in new projects which would spur employment.

  Currently we do not have a governor or a legislature that believes in the free market or in lower taxes as a way to increase revenue. What we do have is governor and a legislature that believes that by constantly increasing the amount of options for the people to gamble away their money, and to continue to increase the amount the state takes from these activities, that they can continue to spend out our tax dollars on their pet projects  and their discretionary funds.

 Now that we are seeing that sports betting is not the end all that it was sold to be, what next ? Well of course from the governor we will now hear that we must go the next step and implement table gambling, which I believe was the intention all along. This too will fail, due to the fact that there are only so many gambling dollars and the state will continue to increase the amount that it takes which will cause the gambling industry to be less and less profitable for the private side of it. At some point the private companies that run the gambling for the state will decide it is no longer in their interest to be involved.

 So as always it is up to us the people, the citizens , the voters to arrest this behavior. We must as a state , say enough. We must find and vote for leaders who will find ways to make real and long-lasting cuts in spending and taxes. Until the people as voters do this, then the government will continue down this path of ruin of taxing and spending.