More Lies

 Even with the “Climate Gate ” e-mails that have exposed the out-and-out lies  of the left’s agenda when it comes to global climate change, Pres. Obama still intends to attend the Copenhagen climate summit. Where it is reported by Whitehouse sources that the President will personally commit the United States to reducing its carbon emissions by seventeen percent in the next decade and by eighty percent by mid-century.

  The President does this even though every estimate of any attempt to reduce carbon output shows that it will substantially raise the cost of energy. The CBO has released a number of $173.00 increase  a year for a family of four, though common sense tells us the number would be higher. That $173.00 is only on energy. If you raise the cost of energy , you raise the cost of manufacturing and transportation, so everything that a family buys will cost more . From food to cloths to recreation. This sort of commitment is actually another Obama attack on the free market system. And we are not surprised to hear the President say that there will be a health care savings by reducing CO2 that is a trade-off for the higher cost of everything else.

 Now let us think about what the president is proposing. He says we can reduce our CO2 emissions 17% in ten years, or by 2020. We will then reduce our emissions another 63% in thirty years or 2050, that’s 21% every ten years. So if the President waves his magic carbon free wand and can actually meet these goals and the nation continues on the path of reduction , then we would be completely carbon neutral by 2070.

  Does that sound realistic to anyone, that a nation our size can become carbon neutral in sixty years? Of course the Presidents estimate requires that there be zero progress and zero expansion, zero growth and zero population increase. Again does this sound realistic ?

  This President is concerned only with his own image and cares not for the welfare of the people of this nation or the world. He is interested only in making himself seem compassionate. But all of his policies and agendas do nothing but burden the American people with higher cost of every aspect of their lives, be it health care, or energy , or every product that they purchase.

 Oh did I mention that the President was stopping in Copenhagen to make this commitment at the climate summit on his way to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize ? Well won’t that just make him the bright boy when he shows up to accept the NPP from his leftist buddies.

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