Examples Of Conservatism Part II

 The saga continues . Back on Dec.10,2008 H.R. 7321 was passed. This bill was titled “Auto Industry Financing and Reconstructing Act”. It was more commonly known as the auto bailouts.                        Castle

  This Act was intended to give the President and his designee the authority to hand out fourteen billion dollars to the big three auto makers to bail them out of their self-created financial problems.

  And yes , in case you haven’t guessed by now, the honorable Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) voted for it. Now if that wasn’t a fine example of Mr. Castle’s conservative principles, well I just don’t know.

  And while I’m at it let me point one other thing out about Mr. Castle’s voting record. Often when I bring up this topic someone will point out how often Mr. Castle votes with Republicans. Well if you take the time to go through the voting record line by line(and I have been ) you will notice that often on these big-ticket items Mr. Castle will vote the party line on amendments right up until it really counts and then he jumps ship and votes with the Democrats to pass the bill. This is exactly what he did on this bailout bill. He voted with the GOP , until it came time to vote to pass the bill.

 So it would seem that Mr. Castle is playing a numbers game to keep up his percentage, but in reality he isn’t voting with the GOP when it counts.


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