Just A Voter

  I am just a voter. I have only one vote to cast for those I choose to support.

  I am not privy to  any of the Machiavellian workings of the GOP . I don’t receive the internal memos . Mr. Steele has never called me up to ask my opinion, though I have sent it to him from time to time.

  I haven’t put in long hours of phone calls and letter stuffing as so many have. And let me say that I respect all that have worked for candidates that they support.

  I haven’t donated thousands of dollars to the party or to candidates.

  I am just a voter .

   I don’t get paid lots of money to voice my opinion like O’Riely and Limbaugh. I am willing to give it freely, though many wish I wouldn’t.

  I haven’t gone to college to study political science or sociology. I have lived for nearly fifty years though, and have tried to seek out knowledge from as many sources as possible.

  I don’t move among the political movers and shakers on the cocktail circuit.

  I am just a voter.

  I have never been asked, nor have I sought to run for an elected office. And since the art of politics is compromise, and since compromise is not my best suit, it’s just as well .

  I am sure that to be an elected official , is a great and heavy responsiblity. I am not sure that it is one that I could myself fulfill.

 But I am just a voter, and as a voter  it is my responsibility to be informed. As a voter I should be aware of current events. I should know the basic meaning of the Constitution.

 As a voter it is my duty to know what each candidate really stands for. I should know how incumbents have voted on key issues in the past.

  As a voter I should be willing to hold my elected officials accountable for their positions and votes as they exercise their duties.

  As a voter I should never turn a blind eye towards an elected official simply because they happen to be of the same party affiliation as myself.

  Voting is the greatest priviledge that we enjoy in this nation, we should never take it for granted. Voting is our voice, it is our statement, many times it is our one chance to make a difference within our government. 

  I am just a voter. I have only one vote to cast for those I choose to support. I will cast it intelligently.


4 Responses to “Just A Voter”

  1. Chris Slavens Says:

    You are only a voter, but the qualities you describe will become essential in future elections as all of the other “mere voters” desire candidates that are of the people, and for the people. In describing yourself, you speak of a poor politician, but perhaps an ideal leader.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Chris, I have long believed that the only way we will improve the qualitiy of our leaders, is through more informed voters. If the voters are uninterested in what is actually going on within their government , then how can we expect them to make informed decisions? I believe we will be seeing more people seeking out more information in the up coming elections due to the fact that Pres. Obama has been so radical in his approach to implementing his agenda.

  3. Chris Slavens Says:

    True, but a politician only needs to emphasize a few issues to make an impression in a campaign. The average voter tends to lose track after three concepts. Look at Obama: “Change.” A simple campaign slogan that spoke to the desires of millions, without addressing any specific issues. In Delaware, a campaign based on challenging the corrupt establishment and cleaning up Dover could be effective, without having to pay very much attention to the broad spectrum of issues. This would be to earn the votes of average, working class voters, of course; each issue must still be thoroughly addressed for those that actually seek out information, rather than digesting what they are fed.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Agreed, but I believe you can do both at the same time. I don’t believe you have to dumb down the issues to be able to keep the people engaged, but you do not need to overload on the minutia either. When my daughter was born , my wife and I made sure that we never talked down to her , we expected her to be intelligent and that is the way we spoke to her and always encouraged her to ask questions. If our candidates would take this approach with the voters , the voters would be , I believe more engaged.
    Many of our candidates seem to have an elitist attitude and tend to patronize those they are speaking to. I think that this is why a Sarah Palin has such broad appeal. When she speaks to the people she sounds like their neighbor and not some snobbish know it all.

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