Dirty Harry’s Dirty Tricks !

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  Well, it took out-and-out bribery of fellow Senators, one hundred million dollars of pork for Louisiana alone , but Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was able to cobble together the bare minimum of sixty votes to move the health care debate to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

  Sen. Reid has rushed to put together a singal bill , with parts from the many different bills , from the various senate committees. It would seem to a conservative such as myself that he chose the parts of the bill that would most likely anger conservatives on the Republican side, but also the more moderate of the Democrats in the Senate.

 He has chosen to leave in the public option which no Republican will vote for and many of the so-called moderate Democrats are also against. He has left in the provision for this health care plan to pay for abortions, again alienating many of the middle grounders he will need to pass the final bill.

 Then we come to the cost of this so-called reform bill. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) , has put out its report on the Senate version of health care reform , and has said that it meets none of the targets that Democrats and the President have stated as their goals for reform.

 The CBO says that this bill in its current form will actually raise the cost of health care, it will raise the cost of insurance premiums, it will force millions out of the private insurance coverage they currently have and are happy with. The CBO also states that this reform bill will add billions if not trillions to the national deficit.

I also noticed that when Sen. Reid and his posse came out to announce that they had been able to strong-arm and blackmail and bribe enough Senators into voting yes, that he, Sen. Reid, was no longer using the phrase affordable health care for all Americans. He referred to it as quality health care for all Americans. I guess even Sen. Reid couldn’t keep a straight face and tell that lie.


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