Experience ?

 Experience, what is it really ? Well it can be defined as something that you have lived through. It can be defined as , observation of or participation in events resulting in or tending towards knowledge.

  We tend to put  a lot of  emphasis on a persons experience when talking of their ability to do a job, and rightly so.

  If we are looking for people to fill a technical job experience is very important. If we are seeking to fill a skill position, again experience is often preferable.

  But in all of these cases at some time these experienced people had to gain that experience. We are not born with experience.

  I drove my first truck when I was ten on the farm. My father came home for lunch in it , and had parked it beside the house. While he was eating he told me to take it down to the barns and turn it around. It took me about fifteen minutes of twisting and turning , but I did it and without hitting anything.

  I had no experience driving trucks before that and here I was being allowed to drive a ten wheeler. My father evidently saw something in me that told him it was time to give me a shot. He trusted me to take my time and to be careful. He felt that I wouldn’t be careless and reckless. That being said , if I had knocked down the side of a barn I wouldn’t have been driving anything for quite a while.

  Now when we discuss choosing candidates for elected offices we often discuss their experience and qualifications.

  Let me say that when running for office I believe the most important qualifications are to be motivated to improve the quality of life for those you represent, to have a desire to do the job, and that you are honest with yourself and those you represent , even when it may cost you your position.

  As for experience, I happen to think that in some cases , especially politics, experience can be a negative.

  I think that we have come to a point , that we must abandon the practice of re-electing people to office simply because they have years of experience in the job.

  What do we get from this practice ? Well we get leaders that have experience working the political system to ensure that they get re-elected and little else. We get leaders that have spent decades working so closely with lobbyist that they feel more beholden to the lobbyist than they do to the voters. We get arrogant leaders who feel that they can vote for any piece of legislation that they want , even when it is contrary to the wants and desires of the voters. These leaders begin to take for granted that their re-election is a given,  they no longer feel that they are answerable to the citizens.

  Is this what we need at a time when this country is being tested to the point of breaking, by an out of control congress and a President that wishes to change the very fabric of this nation? Do we need more of the same old experience, do we need to send back time and time again the people who have gotten us to this point in the first place ?

 I say no ! I say what we need , are people with fresh ideas and who have none of the ties to the political machines. People who don’t owe decades of favors to lobbyist and special interest groups. People who are motivated to work to improve the lives of those they represent.

 This is why I believe it is time to send Mr. Castle home for a long rest so that he can write his memoirs . Mr. Castle has those years of experience that I have described above. He is also one of those people who has gotten us into the mess we are in today.

  I believe Christine O’Donnell is our best bet to elect someone who is motivated to improve the lives of the citizens of Delaware and the nation.

  I believe that by electing Christine O’Donnell to be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware we can break the cycle of sending back to Washington someone who’s main interest is to be re-elected. Someone who will speak the truth to the people, even when it is hard to hear.

  There are many within the GOP who will say , “Christine O’Donnell ? Oh yes , she is a great candidate, but she needs EXPERIENCE . She should run for dog catcher,or for the town council of some small western Sussex town .”

   What they are really saying is that she hasn’t paid her party dues yet. She hasn’t worked the system enough. She hasn’t licked enough party leadership boots.

  Christine O’Donnell is about to face a very tough primary. That is unless enough pressure can be brought to bear upon Mr. Castle and or the GOP leadership to demonstrate that the GOP rank and file will not support Mr. Castle and that for the good of the party he should stand down.

 It is highly unlikely that Mr. Castle will see this truth, until he is dealt his first defeat in many years, in the GOP primary.

  My advice to Ms. O’Donnell is to trust the voters, trust the people who supported her through the write in campaign and her growing support in her last run for the Senate. I would say to her to not listen to the party leadership when they tell her , it’s just not the right time, that she should step aside for someone with more experience.

 I say that if Christine O ‘Donnell is true to herself and honest with the voters and holds to her conservative principles , that she can be the person that breaks the strangle hold that the liberals have held for too long on this state.

 The question that GOP voters will be asked during the primary is, will we settle for more of the same from Mr. Castle , or will we demand better, and vote for Christine O’Donnell ?


5 Responses to “Experience ?”

  1. Mark Hunter Says:

    Inspiring blog. I’ll definitely be checking this page for more 😀

  2. Chris Slavens Says:

    I agree with much of what you say, but I think O’Donnell would have a better chance in the House race. As important as it is to support “inexperienced” (or, untainted) candidates for both the Senate and the House, the Senate is considered to be much more prestigious, and more difficult for a challenger to win. Christine O’Donnell might have a better chance of defeating Carney in the House race than of defeating Castle in the Republican primary. A moot point, since she’s not running for the House, but a thought to keep in mind nonetheless.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Thanks Mark. To Chris, I think Christine has a passion to fight agianst some of the things that she sees coming down the road in the future that will be handled in the Senate. Particularly international treaties that could sign away our national sovereignty .
    My thoughts are that I would rather her run and win ,and then work at something that she feels is important to herself and the nation, than to have her take another position just for the sake of being able to win it. She wouldn’t be being honest with herself or the voters if she did .
    As for Mr. Carney. I believe anyone with the courage to take off the gloves should be able to defeat Mr. Carney in Delaware due to his ties to the Minner administration. He may face a harder time then he thinks in a Democrat primary for just this reason.

  4. Chris Slavens Says:

    I’m less certain that she presents a political threat to Biden, as does Castle, undeniably. My position is that I’d prefer to see her run against Biden, in Castle’s place, not to attain victory by winning the election, but by finally forcing a big player out of the state’s Republican insiders club. I particularly like her use of the word “machine” in her repeated references to Delaware’s political scene; in doing so, she dehumanizes her opponents, gathering a grass roots network of real, working people who want living, breathing leaders–not smiling, plastic politicians.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Chris , I think we agree.

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