Is This Sexist ?

Newsweek cover

  Sarah Palin says so, and since it is her image that is being used , I guess she has a right to decide.

   I don’t believe that the photo itself is sexist since it was originally used in a runner’s magazine. Mrs. Palin has been a life time runner as far back as being on the track and field team in high school, so I don’t think that she is offended by the photo.

 What is sexist is the way in which Newsweek is using the photo. Under a heading of “how do you solve a problem like Sarah” and they choose this photo ? Clearly the magazine is trying to diminish her as an intelligent person by focusing on the fact that she is an attractive woman. Are we to believe that a national magazine such as Newsweek couldn’t find a photo from the campaign or of her in her capacity as Governor of Alaska ?

 Where are all of the feminist groups screaming about the objectifying of a smart , successful women ? Oh that’s right most of them don’t like her politics on traditional marriage and right to life.

  While Newsweek has never been a beacon of objectivity, they may have sunken to a new low with this clearly partisan maneuver.


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  1. Chris Slavens Says:

    Regardless of the unfairness of the mainstream media in their coverage of Sarah Palin, she shouldn’t stoop to the level of Obama. Just as he consistently plays the race card, she could play the gender card in a presidential campaign. Many conservatives might even feel that this would be justified; from a realist perspective, accusations of sexism would be justified by victory in an election. Perhaps she really does feel the cover is sexist, or perhaps she’s only claiming this to gain a political advantage, but in either case it’s not the best way to endear herself to a public that grows tired of cries of discrimination.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Chris, I agree to a point , but the double standard is blinding. The press puts out photos of Pres. Obama walking on a beach to show how fit he is. They put out photos of Sarah Palin to paint her as nothing but fluff. The president doesn’t have to prove anything about his race, on the other hand Sarah Palin must constantly defend the attaks of being just a pretty face. No one in the press would dare attack the president directly based on race, yet the leftist media is constantly attacking Sarah Palin , saying that her popularity is due mostly to her being an attractive women. And taking on Newsweek early on allows her to document their bias , so that when she runs and they bring out the long knives , she can point back to this issue. I think she has a long view strategy.


    I like looking at it–She’s got great legs!


    My Coastal Network is always fair and balanced 🙂 🙂 :), so I thought I would contribute to Frank’s blog by sharing the Democratic response to Sarah Palin. I receive all the DNC correspondence, as I do from the RNC, as well. The Democratic Party is frightened and wants to raise money to counter her increasing popularity. The Democrats will most likely write those $5 checks as requested below and the Republicans will have fun with this one for sure. The political pot is boiling in Washington, DC, while Americans watch with confusion and concern. Rip into them Frank!


    Dear Friend,

    Right now, Sarah Palin is on a highly publicized, nationwide book tour, attacking President Obama and his plan for health reform at every turn.

    It’s dangerous. Remember, this is the person who coined the term “Death Panels” — and opened the flood gates for months of false attacks by special interests and partisan extremists.

    Whatever lie comes next will be widely covered by the media, then constantly echoed by right-wing attack groups and others who are trying to defeat reform.

    As we approach the final sprint on health reform, we can’t afford more deception and delay. We need to be ready for anything — and have the resources to respond with ads, events, and calls to Congress when the attacks come.

    So we’re setting a big goal: $500,000 in the next week to help push back against Sarah Palin and her allies. Please chip in $5 or more to help reach our goal.

    Earlier this month, Palin publicly said that she hopes health reform will be “dead on arrival.” And since then, she’s been working fiercely toward that goal.

    On Tuesday, Palin went on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show where she outrageously — and falsely — suggested that Americans could “face jail time as punishment” if they don’t buy insurance.

    Palin has many more interviews scheduled on Hannity and other conservative shows in the next few weeks, with more platforms to go after the President. As soon as she does, the rest of our opponents will likely parrot those attacks.

    We need to be prepared. And we’re counting on you help. Can you chip in $5 or more–please?



    Mitch Stewart
    Organizing for America

    Paid for and authorized by the Democratic National Committee,
    This communication is not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.

    Contributions or gifts to the Democratic National Committee are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    For full disclosure, I removed the addresses for contributions to the Democrats from Mr. Bennetts post. If you really want to contibute to that sort of thing look it up. I try to be fair , but sometimes I’ve been known to be un-balanced.



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