Mandate This !

  Well our newly formed fascist government is at it again. Now congress is considering whether it should mandate paid sick leave for everyone who comes down with the H1N1 flu virus.

  Okay , have I lost my mind or is our government completely out of control ?

  The reason the supporters of this idea give, is that some people who do not receive paid sick time will go to work and spread the virus. Okay , I may see the reasoning behind this , but the ends do not justify the means.

  First of all if you mandate this onto the backs of already struggling small business you run the real risk of putting them out of business. At the very least you will force companies to choose between benefits that they already offer and the new mandate from the federal government.

 Second , if you force companies to pay for sick time for a specific illness , it means that the employee will have to go to the doctor to be diagnosed. So let’s start with someone who has insurance through their employer, he goes to the doctor to get the H1N1 diagnosed. But wait , he just had the regular old flu, does he get paid sick time? Also he will have to make his co-payment, money out of his pocket. Even if he has H1N1 he is still money out-of-pocket.

 Now let us look at someone who does not have insurance through their employer. If they have to go to the doctor and pay the full bill just to receive the paid sick time, will they ? Doubt it !

  I haven’t heard yet how many days paid sick time is adequate, one , two, three ? So let us look at this from the employer’s view-point. The employer is going to be forced under penalty of the law to pay his employees for as many as three days, he will also be losing three days of productivity also, and for what might have been a singal day otherwise. Come on, you know that some employees are going to take advantage of the maximum number of days if they are being paid for them. And how much fraud will be involved by doctors helping out their patients with false H1N1 diagnoses ?

  So why would the congress even think about such an idea ? Well I think it all ties into the President’s health care ambitions.

  Think about it this way, the government mandates paid sick time, but you don’t have the health insurance to pay the doctor’s bill you need to be able to take advantage of the paid sick time. Then along comes your friendly federal government telling you they will also give you free health care, hell they already got you paid sick time didn’t they? So why not let them give you health insurance so you can take advantage of it like the rich folks.

 I’ll tell you why. Because if you buy into the fascist ideology of allowing government to take care of you from cradle to grave, you will have given up the freedom to choose. I can tell you right now that if this mandate for paid sick time for H1N1 gets passed , someone , either the employer, but most likely your friendly federal government will also mandate that before you can apply for the paid sick time you must have taken the government supplied vaccine.

 Let us look to the future of health care under a Obama type plan , you know the fascist formula. I personally choose not to get the flu vaccine, would I be allowed to make that personal choice if my friendly federal government was supplying my coverage ? Doubt it ! Even if I was allowed to opt out, if I then caught the H1N1 , most likely I would have to pay for any care completely out-of-pocket, even though I was still paying for the coverage that I had no choice in, either in the type of coverage or whether I would have any coverage.

  Now if that doesn’t sound like America to you , well that’s because it’s not, it’s Venezuela.


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