Going Rogue

  Well , Sarah Palin’s book finally hit the stands yesterday, and yes I got my copy. The last that the store had and that was at around ten in the morning.

  Let’s face it, Sarah won’t state for sure that she is running for president in 2012, she wouldn’t even tell the Oprah. But we all know that she is. The book is her way of getting her core values out there to the American people and yes to get paid  while doing it. I seem to remember some other up start politician writing books and no one complained.

  So we can assume that Sarah Palin will be running in 2012. Good thing ? I happen to believe it to be a great thing. She is exactly the type of out spoken conservative that we need in the GOP .

  Don’t forget how bad the left hates her. Just look at the amount of print space they use attacking her. Look at the cable shows and how much time they spend trying to paint her as a political lite weight.

  Would these partisan media outlets really spend so much time and effort trying to ruin a person that they believed to be no real threat ? No ! They spend this amount of time and effort doing this because Sarah Palin frightens the hell out of them. Her message of a strong , free America frightens them. Her message of American exceptionalism shakes them to their core. Her belief that America is heading in the wrong direction on energy, the economy,on right to life issues and family values scares them. But what really has them hiding under their beds at night is the fact that her message resonates with so many Americans , and even more so it resonates across party lines.

  So yes Sarah Palin faces a brutal battle from the Democrats and the left and their media hit squads. But she has proven that she walks towards a fight, she doesn’t walk away.

  But her biggest fight may come from those within her own party. There are those in the GOP that will tell her that she should run as second ticket again , behind a Huckabee . Of course we will have to hear from all of those who will tell us that Mitt Romney is the “ONLY ONE” who can win over Obama. These moderates within the GOP will attempt to hold their power over the party, because they fear a Sarah Palin as much as do the Democrats.

  What we need is for Sarah Palin to run her own style of campaign. Let us remember that when she ran with Sen. Mc Cain she was forced to run his style of campaign . She was reined in and held back. I believe that if Sarah Palin runs at the top of the ticket there is no way that she can lose. Imagine a presidential debate where Pres. Obama must stand across a stage from Sarah Palin and defend his radical agenda of fascist economic policies , while she speaks about the greatness of this nation and its freedoms.

 So yes I bought Sarah Palin’s book, I see it as just the first campaign contribution to her 2012 presidential campaign.


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