Joan Deaver Apologises ?

  This morning on local talk radio station WGMD , during the Dan Gaffney show , Sussex County Council council woman Joan Deaver popped into the station un-announced.

  Mrs. Deaver came to the station in hopes of getting on air to make a public apology for her recent debacle during the last County Council meeting . During that meeting the council was determining the up coming year’s calendar . As the events were read off Mrs. Deaver spoke up and asked whether or not the councils should change the name of the Easter break to the more politically correct spring break.

  Mrs. Deaver said that she had Jewish constituents within her district that had expressed concern over the Christian name of the break and that she felt it was a divisive practice.

  The council took a vote and it was determined that the break would remain the Easter break. In the following days there was quite a stir raised by Mrs. Deaver’s suggestion. Dan Gaffney raised the subject on his show and many callers called in to voice their opinion , mostly against changing the name of the break.

 So today Mrs. Deaver said that she wanted to apologise for suggesting the change , that it had been a mistake. Dan then asked Mrs. Deaver who had complained about the name of Easter. Mrs. Deaver admitted that there had been no specific complaint and that it had been her own idea. Later, on the Jared Morris show, Mrs. Deaver called in to further explain her position. While talking to Jared, Mrs. Deaver changed her story once again and said that one person of Jewish persuasion had asked why the council took off Christian holidays but not Jewish holidays.

  Mrs. Deaver said that her apology was prompted by a letter she received from a supporter of her land use positions , but who stated that he would never vote for her again if she pursued this issue of Easter. She stated that the supporter was former military and because of her great respect for the military she had decided to apologize.

  Okay, so let me see if I can follow this. First there were Jewish people complaining, then there were no Jewish people complaining, and then there was one Jewish person complaining.

  Then she decides to apologize because of one letter, oh and by the way after bringing it up at the council meeting for a vote, she voted against her own suggestion. What ?

  It is quite clear that Mrs. Deaver does not understand the way that a representative government is supposed to work. She was clearly projecting her own wants and desires when she suggested changing Easter to spring break. She was demonstrating her leftist views of political correctness .

  Then once she realized how un-popular it was , she decide to apologize. The apology was nothing more than a political calculation.

 During this whole episode Mrs. Deaver managed to make scapegoats out of the Jewish faith, her constituents, and the military.

  I believe that this demonstrates exactly who Joan Deaver is. She is a liberal who believes that she knows best for all. She also , it would seem , is a person who can’t keep her stories straight.

  And just as a side note, Mrs. Deaver once attempted to instigate a boycott of WGMD and their sponsors. This morning when Dan asked her whether she felt that now that she needed the station to get her apology out to the community, that it was okay to use the station, Mrs Deaver said that yes it was. So, she is also a opportunist and a hypocrite.



6 Responses to “Joan Deaver Apologises ?”

  1. joan deaver Says:

    Much of what you wrote is inaccurate. Check your information carefully before posting.
    Councilwoman Deaver

  2. meatball Says:

    “It is quite clear that Mrs. Deaver does not understand the way that a representative government is supposed to work. She was clearly projecting her own wants and desires when she suggested changing Easter to spring break. She was demonstrating her leftist views of political correctness .”

    You of all people, Frank. Maybe she should have taken a poll.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    meatball , I have not been elected to any office , so I represent no one’s views but my own.
    To “Council Woman” Deaver, please point me to the inaccuracies. I have heard the tape of the council meeting , I heard your interview with Dan on WGMD and also your phone in to Jared’s show. But please feel free to point out my mistakes.

  4. meatball Says:

    Frank , I was merely pointing out that often you talk favorably of “Leaders” who use their personal moral compass to make political decisions. In the quote of your’s above, you seem to contradict this. People knew Councilman Deaver was a leftist when they elected her. She’s a democrat and all democrats are leftist, no?

    I’m also not sure that in her district, the Spring Break crowd is the minority. Rather the God Save Easter crowd is a loud minority. Prove it otherwise.

  5. Chris Slavens Says:

    I listened to the original coverage of the proposition, and heard the conversations with both Dan Gaffney and Jared Morris. Her story changed on each occasion. I have also blogged about this, and have no patience with people who attempt to remove religious references from government institutions in the name of political correctness. Councilwoman Deaver makes a point of emphasizing that she works for her constituents, all of her constituents, and this is correct. However, in a republican democracy such as ours, a representative’s specific duty is to represent the majority of his or her constituents. By proposing changes that would only benefit a small minority, and is not in the interest of the vast majority, Councilwoman Deaver is, in fact, doing exactly the opposite of what she is supposed to.

  6. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, you are correct . I do believe that “leaders” should use their core values and principles to help them to respond to the wants and desires of their constituients, after those wants and desires have been expressed. Leaders should not make up issues out of whole cloth, they should not project their wants and desires onto the citizens, that is what dictators and socialist and fascist do. And to scapegoat the Jewish citizens within her district is reprehensible. And just for the record I myself find it supercilious to place any relious title upon a government calendar. What is the point ? If we are to be fair , then we must place all religious holidays on the “OFFICIAL” calendar of the county. Why ? Wouldn’t it be easier than saying the Easter break or even the spring break, to just say out of session or in session ?

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