Is It Justice ?

   First let me say that I can see the poetic justice of bringing anyone connected with the 9/11 terror attack back to New York City for trial.

   To have these animals who murdered American citizens brought back to the scene of the crime to stand trial is something right out of the best movie scripts that Hollywood could produce.

  The problem is that this is not a Hollywood movie. It is real life and in real life you don’t get to write the script, it just happens. You don’t get to control the characters and what they say and do.

  I feel that to have these people tried in an American court of law and to be given the rights of a citizen , instead of a military court and to have them treated as the enemy combatants that they are is actually a gross miscarriage of justice, and extremely dangerous.

  Anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that this trial will lead to a media circus and a security nightmare .

  More important is that I am against giving these radical muslims an international stage from which to preach their hatred of America, one that the American citizens will be paying for no less.

  I see this so-called trial being turned into a trial of the United States and its policies. The defence for these criminals will attempt to paint them and their like as victims of  western aggression. I can imagine them claiming that this act of terror was an act of self-defence.

  A larger concern for the country is that by providing these people a platform from which to attack America, that they will influence more people to become home-grown terrorist such as we saw at Fort Hood. How many un-recognized enemies of this country are sitting out there hating this country? This could be the match that lights their fuse. People who are already prone to hating this country could believe that following these terrorist examples is a good way to strike back against this country.

  We also run the risk of international terrorist taking advantage of the media circus surrounding this event to launch a spectacular attack while the whole world is watching.

  While we are weighing the risk of moving this case to New York instead of a military installation , and while it would seem that the danger is from outside, let us not lose sight of the very real possibility that some American citizen and or native New Yorker may decide to try and seek revenge for 9/11 in their own way.

  Think of the hundreds of police officers and firefighters who lost brothers in arm on that day , how many could be or are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder ? It is very easy to believe that people such as this could take it upon themselves to meter out justice.

   I have to say that these terrorist were in a war against us. They planned their attack like any general would have, they selected people who would carry out the plan, and they executed the plan with precision and deadly effect.

  In the minds of these terrorist they are soldiers in a war against everything that America stands for, mostly they are fighting against the very system that will now try them, and while that may seem like justice, I feel that the risk to our citizens and to our system of justice is too great and that they should be tried in a military court , under military rules and subject to military punishment.

  What happens if , because the civilian court system is not designed to handle what is a military case , these  admitted terrorist are able to get off on some technicality as often happens in our system. Remember that much of the information gathered from these terrorist was done so during military interrogations, and now those techniques will be subject to a civilian court and most likely judged to be un-constitutional. With this trial we run the real risk of completely undermining our justice system by asking it to do what it was never intended to do.


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  1. frankknotts Says:

    To the so called delaware Patriot, grind your ax on your own site or at least ask first. You are welcome to join the conversation if you have something to add.

  2. javion Says:

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