Capitalist Solution for Cap And Trade

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         The next big bill for the Obama administration is likely to be Cap and Trade. Cap and Trade supporters will tell you that it is a must do in order to gain control of our out of control production of the newly labeled pollutant Co2, or carbon dioxide.

     Co2 is a bi-product of almost every thing that is manufactured in this country and around the world. And just for those who maybe didn’t get all that they could from the public school system, Co2 is also a bi-product of human life, we breath out Co2 with every breath.

    The slobbering environmentalist on the left will tell you that we must reduce Co2 outputs back to levels of twenty years ago, so much for progress. Why not just reduce them back to the stone age while we’re at it ?

   We are told that we must do this to stem the rising tide, (pun intended), of global climate change . But not just global climate change, but “MAN MADE GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE !!! “.

  Now I’m not saying that the earth’s climate isn’t changing. In fact I will admit that the earth’s climate has changed significantly many times over its life time. It has been much colder and much warmer than it is today. But I do not believe that man has any significant effect on the global climate .

  So how does the left propose to change our Co2 outputs ? By punishing every industry and every singal citizen of this nation through Cap and Trade.

  Those on the left will tell you that by setting arbitrary levels for Co2  output, or caps if you will on individual companies and by fining those companies who exceed those levels they can reduce Co2 levels . But wait, because if the companies exceed their individual output levels set by the all-knowing government, then they can buy , or trade if you will , credits from other companies that have extra credits. So actually the companies really don’t have to reduce their output, they merely have to buy credits from the government and other companies.

  Of course like any overhead cost to a company, the cost of buying these credits and or fines will be passed onto the consumers and will become just another cost of doing business. And in the long run have a most minimal effect on reducing Co2 output.

  The cost of the credits and fines will lead to higher energy cost across the board, which will lead to higher cost of all goods manufactured in this country, including our food.

  So if the caps are not really caps at all, and the credits and fines will raise the cost of every aspect of our lives , what is the real purpose of Cap and Trade ?

  I believe that there are two goals . One is to control the energy market and force the American people into using the so-called green technology that has not been proven to be able to sustain our needs and which also is much more expensive.

  The second goal of those who support Cap and Trade is revenue generation for the Federal government.

   The so-called credits will be sold originally by the federal government. The money earned by the sale of the  credits that will be sold from one company to another will be income and taxable.

  So what we have here is a program to reduce Co2 levels, that won’t reduce those levels, but will increase the cost of everything and which the Federal government that put it in place , will collect a lot of revenue from.

  Okay then . If anyone thinks that this is a good idea for the nation , raise your hand.

   Now again let me state that I am not one who believes that Co2 is causing climate change, but I don’t want to get bogged down with who thinks what about climate change. My point is that the left is attempting to cripple our economy even more than they already have.

  So for the sake of argument I will say that we need to reduce Co2 levels, but is the punishing program that the Democrats and their slobbering left leaning Republican counterparts have proposed the best way to do it ?

 I say no ! I say that if the true goal of Cap and Trade was to reduce Co2 levels , that there is a better way, a more capitalistic way if you will.

  Let us take those arbitrary Co2 levels and instead of fining the companies for exceeding them, what if we rewarded the companies for coming in under them with tax credits. We could also give tax incentives to companies that purchase new technology to reduce Co2 output.

  By taking this approach we would create incentives to reduce Co2 levels , that would not add to the cost of energy or products, but that would actually create capital for these companies that could be used to expand and create economic growth.

  This economic growth would lead to increased employment and also that grandest of all things , revenue for the Federal government. But in a way that is not punitive , nor counter to our capitalist system.



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