Job Summit ?

  Well here we go again, another summit. The president has announced he will be holding a job summit next month, to decide how to best address the rising unemployment.

  Well isn’t it wonderful that the president has basically decide to rule by committee.

  I do not think that it is wrong for the president to ask for advice from people in the real world. I do think that these so-called summits are nothing but a show .

 The President is trying to convince the American citizens that he is thoughtful and that he is weighing every option.

 What he is really doing is putting on a show , so that when he comes out with his next fascist policy he can say it was after long and careful deliberation. You know , like his long and careful deliberation on troop levels.

 This summit can go bad in so many ways for the American working class, but of course like all of Pres. Obama’s policies it will surely benefit the non-working class and enlarge the size of government.

 I see the president coming up with more of the same. A stimulus package to pay people to hire . Subsidies for companies to not lay off workers.

 In short, more government control. My real fear is that this job summit will be the leading edge of a fascist movement to begin telling everyone that they must work , but worse, the government telling people where they will work and for how much.

 I believe that the real goal of this administration when it comes to employment is to gain control of pay rates in all fields of employment, just as we saw in the banking industry. Once a company takes a subsidy from the government  it becomes a part of government and is no longer a private entity.


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