Thank You Never Seems Like Enough

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       Veterans Day along with Memorial Day and the Fourth of July are days when we take the time to remember and honor those brave and selfless among us, who have in many cases volunteered to stand between us and those around the world who would like nothing better than to destroy the very freedom that this nation was built upon.

     It is our brave veterans throughout our history, that have guaranteed  that the Liberty born here in 1776 , shall never die.

   It is those that have had the courage to stand a watch on starless nights , in lands far from their home , that have allowed the rest of us to sleep easy within the bosom of our family.

  It was the veterans of Valley Forge , who froze and starved to death. It was the veterans of the Civil War that held this nation together when it was trying to tear itself apart. It was the veterans of WWI who fought to free Europe and it was the veterans of WWII who fought to keep it free. It was the veterans of Korea who first fought back the tide of communism. It is the veterans of Vietnam , those who came home and those who didn’t , who fought bravely until they were allowed to fight no more. The veterans of the Gulf War , who threw back an invading dictator. And all of the veterans of all of the conflicts throughout our history.

  It is also all of the men and women who are currently in harms way around the world.

  To all of the veterans and their families and to all of those still serving, we that they have protected and who they continue to protect, say thank you.

 But thank you never seems like enough to express our deep gratitude for the sacrifices that you , the veterans have made on our behalf.

  This year Veterans day takes on a very poignant and even more somber   mood due to recent events at Fort Hood , Texas.

   With the cowardly murders of thirteen people in a place that we would think would be one of  the safest places in the country, it serves to remind us that we are none safe from those who hate us . And those that hate us , hate us for the very freedoms that our veterans have fought and died for , not only for this nation known as The United States of America, but for every freedom loving person around the world.

  No , thank you never seems like enough, but it is all I can offer, so to all of the Veterans, thank you .


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