Last Night At the GOP

 Well , I was able to attend the Sussex County GOP monthly meeting last night .
 The guest speakers were , Garrett Wozniak , Policy Director and Lee Williams, investigative reporter for the Caesar Rodney Institute.

 For those who don’t know , C R I is a no-partisan group that investigates waste and fraud within the government here in Delaware. C R I also is responsible for the web sites ,  and  , both sites allow the average citizen to keep track of exactly what we are spending within the government in general and schools specifically.

 The two both gave a short presentation of their roles within the C R I and then took questions.

 Chairman Ron Sams had flipped the usual order of the meeting to allow the two guest to leave early since Garrett is  a Steelers fan and they were playing  last night, won’t hold that against him , I guess !

 So at the end of the meeting Mr. Sams opened it up for general business and questions. A lot of news of up coming GOP events was discussed . Some new comers to the meetings and to Delaware itself asked when the real push would begin concerning the 2010 elections, no real answer was forth coming.

 Then in response to this question Rep. Mike Castle’s representative , Kate Rohrer went into a long plea for volunteers for Mr. Castle’s campaign. This was followed by more general questions.

  Finally I raised my hand and was recognized by the Chairman. I will attempt to para-phrase my statement, and many of you have heard it before.

 Basically , I stated that if we wish to avoid what happened in the New York 23rd , then we as voters must voice our discontent with any candidate that the party puts up, that does not represent our views. That we must contact our party chairs and committee members to let them know that we are not satisfied with certain candidates due to either recent votes or their positions on issues that will affect all of us.

  I kept my statement generic and mentioned no specific candidates or elected officials. As I was speaking and looking around the room I noticed many smiles and agreeing nods to what I was saying. As it would happen mine was the last question and or statement.

 The meeting was adjourned, and as is the tradition many of those in attendance milled about . I was approached by several people who I had a discussion with about what I had said, they knew immediately that I had been talking about Mr. Castle in particular. As I spoke with these fellow members of the GOP others walked past and thanked me or voiced their approval of what I had said. In particular the same lady who had asked about when would the big push begin and who was a recent transplant to the state ,wished to speak with me , and asked if it were Rep. Castle I had been speaking of and that it seemed as if I weren’t a 100% behind him. I informed her that I was not even 1% behind him and then had a short conversation with her about why.

 My point is not to demonstrate how smart I am, but to show that within the GOP there is a growing discontent with Rep. Castle and that we as voters need to voice that concern before we end up in the same situation as they did in New York, with the party putting up a candidate that is not representative of the people and one which the voters will not support, and find out too late that the party has wasted too much time and money , only to lose out to the Democrats again.


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  1. Ed Heath Says:

    Nice meeting you last night Frank. Good to put a face to a name, and thanks for the comment at the end about Castle (even though you didn’t mention his name), we all knew who you were talking about.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Ed, back at you on the nice to meet you. And thank you, it’s nice to knoqw that there are others who feel the same as I do about Mr. Castle.

  3. M.Opaliski Says:

    There are plenty of others that feel like you do, they just don’t have the courage to say it …

  4. frankknotts Says:

    And Matt, there in lies the problem. Well I’ll say it and I’ll keep saying it until more people feel able to say it.


    Frank , this should make you happy?


    —– Original Message —–
    From: David Rodbart
    To: David Rodbart
    Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 2:37 PM
    Subject: SPR Releases Delaware U.S. Senate Race Statewide Poll Results

    Susquehanna Polling and Research is releasing the results from our recent Delaware statewide poll testing the 2010 race for United States Senate between Republican Mike Castle and Democrat Beau Biden. The poll shows Biden leading Castle for the first time in the hypothetical matchup. Please see the attached media release.


    David Rodbart

    Susquehanna Polling & Research, Inc.

    604 North Third Street

    Harrisburg, PA 17101

    (717) 233-8850

    fax: (717) 233-8842

    P. S. I couldn’t transfer the attachment from the e-mail over to the blog, so I sugest calling or e-mailing the operative from this polling group above. JB

  6. frankknotts Says:

    Mr. Bennett, it’s not about me being happy. It is about the GOP waking up to reality. Mike Castle has spent all of his ” hold your nose and vote” capital among the more conservative voters.
    It is not too late for the voters to speak their minds to the GOP leadership and to seek out better candidates, one with less bagage.
    I believe that if more conservative candidates felt that they would get a fair shake from the party and that Mr. Castle were not the annointed one, that we might see more people come forward.
    But when you have the movers and the shakers of the GOP out there trying to sell Mr. Castle as “THE ONLY ONE”, well it has to be discouraging others from even stepping forward to raise their hands.
    I make no bones about the fact that I will not vote for Mr. Castle, others will make their own choices and I encourage them to vote their consciences and hold true to their principles and values. That’s what I plan on doing.


    I believe Mike’s number is definitely up. He faces a primary against Christine which he will probably win (but it will weaken him further), but then he will ultimately lose to Biden. The conservative base will probably not vote at all and the Dems don’t like him anymore, because he voted against the Health Care bill. He should retire while he’s ahead.

  8. frankknotts Says:

    The time is 5:24am Nov. 18,2009 . Frank Knotts and Judson Bennett agree Mike Castle should retire. I just happen to believe that he should do it before a primary that weakens the chance of any GOP candidate. He should have enough political sense to read the writing on the wall and cut his losses.


    Mike is personally wealthy, has 2 fabulous pensions from the State of Delaware and the Federal Government. He’s set for life financially. He has had a stoke. Why not sit back and enjoy life. It’s indeed time to retire and move on to other endeavours. Yes Knotts and Bennett agree. Hoorah !

  10. Chris Slavens Says:

    Christine O’Donnell’s problem in each campaign, particularly her first, has been a lack of support from Republican Party insiders. The Republican machine in Delaware is both corrupt and ideologically compromised; our state needs change badly, but it’s not going to come from Republicans, unless drastic changes occur in the party itself.

  11. frankknotts Says:

    Chris , I have responded to your other comments on some of my other post , let me thank you for joining the conversation here at Politically Frank.
    As for how we can change the direction of the party , I believe it will only happen through a grass roots movement of the rank and file voters. We must pour letters and phone calls into our party chairs at all levels, expressing the type of candidates we desire and also expressing our dissatisfaction with those the party chooses to endorse without our approval. We must be as involved as much as our lives will allow and we must then vote our conciences not our party alone.

  12. Chris Slavens Says:

    I agree with the grass roots strategy; I also believe that a mass of like-minded people needs a leader, one individual of great conviction and personality. Sussex County Republicans have several respected conservative voices, but no individual that is strong enough to take on an individual like Castle. It is also necessary, when a candidate of superior ideology is not found, not to vote for “the lesser of two evils.” It would be preferable to allow Biden to win the election, by withdrawing Castle’s conservative support, simply to place Castle in the unfamiliar position of losing an election and being forced to become a challenger, should he seek public office again. The problems in the party cannot be addressed if its members continue to reelect the same candidates; Castle must not be supported, even if it means handing victory to Biden.

  13. frankknotts Says:

    Chris , I’m standing in the choir right next to you.

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