Lady In RED



   Isn’t it ironic that speaker Pelosi would wear a red dress on the day that she was able to force  socialized health care through the U.S. House of Representatives.

  I mean since if this legislation gets  passed, it will bleed the American working class into economic death, and take the nation down with it.

  The vote was narrow, 220-215 with some Democrats voting against. And since I have been busting on Mike Castle quite a bit lately, it looks as if he voted against it also, oh was that redundant ?

 For all of you hard-working people out there who believe that this so-called reform will lower the cost of insurance for you, sorry not . This so-called reform is intended to do nothing but to force you and other hard-working Americans to pay for the insurance of non working Americans, this will drive up the cost to tax payers and give just another free ride to the free loaders and worse yet, it will create even more free loaders.

 We can only hope that as the Senate passes a bill , and then as the two houses of congress attempt to bring the two versions together, that it takes long enough to impact the 2010 election and that we as American voters exercise our right and our duty to vote out those who would change the very fabric of America.

 And just as a side note, if you look very carefully at the photo I used , you can see the President with his hand up Speaker Pelosi’s back , making her smile and nod her head .


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