As Goes California, So Goes The nation ?

The state of California has decided that highway robbery is a better solution to their economic troubles , than is cutting their out of control spending.

 The state of California has  increased payroll withholding by ten percent . Spokeswoman ,Brenda Voet , for the State Franchise Tax Board , said “this is not an tax increase. It’s just an increase in withholding”.

 Well just try and explain that one to the tax payers. The increase went into effect on Nov. 1st and will also run through Dec.31st. The state says that tax payers will get the money back when they file tax returns. The sate has said that this is merely a no interest loan from tax payers to the state and that it will result in the average taxpayer only paying around $3.41 more per pay period. Well did anyone ask the tax payers if they wanted to float the crooks in the state capital a no interest loan ?

 Okay that doesn’t sound like much,or does it ? At a time when the state and the nation are in extreme economic times , is it the right time to remove millions of dollars of possible spending power from the state’s private sector, just to prop up the failing state-run programs ?

 Also when was the last time you knew of a government that is run by leftist such as California repealing any kind of tax increase? Once this has been put into place and the people get used to having less, and the state gets used to having more , well don’t look for this to go away anytime soon.

 Now my concern is that other states will learn from California’s example and enact similar tax laws. This is nothing but state sanctioned robbery. The state is using its power to collect taxes to rob California citizens of their earned wages. Worse yet, they are robbing the economy of the state of that which could actually help the situation, buying power.

 What California and any other state in trouble and the nation for that matter should be doing if they want to solve the problem of low revenues is to lower taxes so that people have more money to spend within the economy and cut spending at the government level to reduce the burden even  more on the tax payers.

 California is showing the natural tendency of the leftist ideology of taxing the working class more to pay for the non productive class. This is unsustainable , at some point you do not have enough working class to support the non productive class and you either have complete collapse or the state must create a slave class, forcing all to work at whatever job the government decides that you are best suited for.

  What we are seeing in California is not temporary no matter what they say , and we could see the exact same thing on a national level. Unless the voters demand real cuts in government spending and waste and not just reductions in the rates of increase , this nation is headed for a crash that will make the Great Depression look like a day at the beach. And the way the voters demand these changes is by voting for people who will enact true tax cuts , that will leave the money and the spending of it where it belongs, with the people who worked to earn it !


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