Democracy! Need I Say More ?


  Well the people have gone to Washington D.C. once more to voice their opinion of the current administrations attempt to tax us into socialism, with the help of a congress that has forgotten it’s mission .

  I’m sure the left’s lap dog media will trot out their same old tired routine to try and explain away this movement.

  Of course they will most likely reduce the number of people who attended down from thousands to hundreds. They will label those who went as right wing nut cases, they will focas on any birthers who may have been in the crowd. Oh! and let us not forget their favorite of all, that these protest and the majority of the protesters are racially motivated.

  For all of us who because of our jobs and or families could not attend this rally or the previous rally , I would like to thank those who have gone, you are the voices of discontent, you represent the people of this nation who feel the way that you do and you do the title of “American Citizen ” proud.


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