Unemployment ? Welfare ?

On Wednesday the Senate voted 98 to 0 to extend “UNEMPLOYMENT” benefits another twenty weeks, this could lead to some people receiving up to ninety-nine weeks of unemployment. That is over two years !!!

 This isn’t unemployment, it’s welfare. How are these people motivated to go out and find any job they can? Why should they be willing to go down to the local Wal-Mart and stock shelves ? Why should they take two low paying jobs to make ends meet ?

 Extending the unemployment benefits also extends unemployment. I personally know people who have made the statement, “why should I work , I can make that much on unemployment”. Oh , I don’t know, maybe so they can have a little self-pride.

The reason we are seeing such a slow turn around on the employment numbers is that the government keeps extending what is ment ot be a bridge, not a super highway.

 The same as we saw with welfare reform in the nineties, if you take away these entitlement benefits , people will work, but if the government keeps giving hand out then there are people who will be glad to set around on their butts and take them.

 Instead of extending unemployment benefits , we should be cutting them and forcing these people to go out and find work. That is how you stimulate the economy.


2 Responses to “Unemployment ? Welfare ?”

  1. Sunny Johns Says:

    You should realize that the workers isn’t responsible for the economic conditions; the government did it all by itself. We’re just fallout.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Sunny Johns, I agree that in large part the government created the mess. But by extending the un-employment benefits the government is extending the problem. There are jobs out there, or maybe inovation in creating a new business, but why should they? It is not government’s role to be a safety net for every bad thing that happens to an individual.

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