Thank You President Obama

  Two of the three most watched races on this election day have been called for the Republicans.

  In Virginia , Bob Mc Donnell has beat out Democrat Creigh Deeds for Governor, and in what will be seen as the biggest upset , Republican Chris Christie defeats Democrat incumbent John Corizine for Governor of New Jersey.

  As I am writing this it is still too early too call the New York 23rd Congressional , though the polls have closed.

 It will be said by the left’s spin doctors that these races had nothing to do with President Obama. Really? Even though he made something like five trips to New Jersey for Corizine. I guess it can at least be said that he carries little influence in a huge Democrat state.

 I happen to believe that not only do these race demonstrate that the country is rejecting the Obama agenda of fascism , but it also confirms the polling that has shown a move to the right among voters , especially independent voters.

  This is exactly what the GOP needs to build upon and to read the writing on the wall and to support candidates that have demonstrated a conservative principle.

 If the New York 23rd does go for the Conservative Party candidate , then it truly shows that Republican voters want conservative candidates . The New York race is a water shed because it was a special election with no primary , where the GOP party leadership chose a candidate named Dede Scozzafava, even though she had been rated less conservative than the Democrat candidate by the Conservative Party, which is exactly why that party put up its own candidate that  immediately gained more traction than did Ms. Scozzafava , forcing her to withdraw from the race . She then endorsed the Democrat, wow that sounds familiar to us here in Sussex County , Delaware now doesn’t it.

  But what this race in New York really shows us is that the GOP nationally as well as locally is out of touch with the rank and file. And like in the special election in New York with no primary, we GOPers here in Delaware suffer a similar fate every election , due to the fact that the Party selects a candidate before the primary and as of lately they haven’t done so well. But that is for another time.

  Let me be clear, my only role in the GOP is that of a registered voter and out spoken supporter of the party when I believe it deserves that support. So in that role I say that we the voters must convince the GOP that we will no longer support either candidates that are counter to the founding principles of this nation or a party that supports candidates of this ilk.

 I am no fan of third parties, they almost always spell “WIN” for the Democrats, again this is why the 23rd is important, I would rather the GOP leadership see the light or I would call for whole sale changes at the top and right down to the bottom of the party leadership .

 We can no longer continue to do the same things and put up the same type of candidates that have failed to win. Look back and you will see that the GOP started the slow slide of defeat , when it began to move left . That is what we must stop if we truly wish to win.


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