Still A Win For Conservatism

In the much watched race for the 23rd Congressional race in new York , the Democrat Bill Owens has beat out the Conservative Party candidate , in a race that had more turns than a NASCAR road course.

 First the GOP puts up a liberal candidate, then the Conservative Party puts up , well , a conservative candidate. Then the Republican Dede Scozzafava drops out of the race and throws her support behind the Democrat Owens.

 Okay so along comes election day. And the winner is Owens the Democrat, by 49% to 46% for the Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman, and wait some of those well informed lock step GOPers up in New York gave 5% of the vote to the Republican Scozzafava who had dropped out. Do the math folks, how different would it have been if Scozzafava had endorsed Hoffman, but even so if the voters that voted for a dropped out candidate ,had sense enough to vote for someone still running it may have gone differently.

 But no matter what if. This race still demonstrates that there is a move towards conservatism, especially when you couple it with the two races in Virginia and that liberal bastion New Jersey, and yes I said “BASTION” . In this race for the 23rd , in a special election , a short run up, and confusion a plenty, the conservative in a third-party still garnered 46% of the vote. Not too shabby!


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