Okay , I am opening up this site to start a grass-roots movement. I have come up with the acronym of RACE as a name for this movement.  Can anyone guess what it stands for? No ? Think back now to some of my recent post.

  Okay here it comes. Republicans Against Castle’s Election. That’s right , it is time for Republicans to unite and to purge the GOP of these Republicans in name only, these Democrat boot lickers, these stealth liberals.

  Until we clean our own house , how can we condemn the opposition? How can we criticize the Democrats that voted for Cap and Trade , and then tell GOP voters to vote for Mike Castle?

  How can we stand up and tell the rest of the nation that the bail outs and stimulus plan will bankrupt us , and then tell GOP voters to vote for Mike Castle ?

  How can we argue against man-made climate change, and then expect GOP voters to vote for Mike Castle ?

  How can we argue the sanctity of life and then campaign for a man who called embryos , “just medical waste”.

  Mike Castle is neither fiscal or social conservative, Mike Castle is no kind of conservative.

  Now the lock step GOPers will tell you he votes with us as much as , or more then he votes against us, but how come it seems like on the biggest issues he is always on the wrong side from conservatives ?

 Oh he might vote for a tax cut here and there, but let that tax cut come up against his slobbering love for global warming and see which one wins.

  If the GOP does not cleanse itself of these moderates , it will doom itself to history and will have no future. Currently there is a conservative movement among American voters. This is due in large part to the policies of Pres. Obama. People are recoiling from the radical liberal agenda being forced down their throats by the current administration.

 So the question becomes , will the GOP get out in front of this movement and support more conservative candidates ,or will the GOP continue to back the likes of Mike Castle and always be behind the curve.

  Mike Castle is a watered down candidate, he is a watered down conservative at best, and a watered down liberal at least. As we attempt to grow this move towards conservatism and to attract more people to the GOP, candidates like Mike Castle , with his voting history, will only raise the likelihood of third party conservative candidates such as we are seeing in New York right now. This can only help the Democrats.

  If the GOP has any hope of winning back control it must, we must, demand candidates that represent the growing conservative views of the American voters. We must take advantage of the fact that many in this nation have realized that Pres. Obama and his lap dog congress are running this country into the ground. And to do this we must not send the likes of Mike Castle back to congress.

 If you read this and you feel the urge to join the  RACE leave a comment , tell us why you are against Mike Castle for any office. I may contact you by e-mail to try and organize the opposition of Mr. Castle receiving the GOP nomination to run for the U.S. Senate.


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  1. Evan Q Says:

    This opposition is currently mounting. Shoot me an email if you are interested in joining the No-Biden/No-Castle movement.

  2. Gary Bowman Says:


    After Bob Woods took office on a New Castle County Council, He and his biggest supporter, Pete Peterson of the AFL-CIO, introduced an ordnance for government campaign financing for County Offices (92-226). It was very poorly written and had several legal problems one of which was that it violated Title 15 of the State Legal Code. The AFL-CIO introduced into the State legislature a bill to fix this one problem. It flew through the House and Senate and was signed into law by Gov. Mike Castle. Mike Castle signed a law that would allow New Castle County to give tax money to politicians to buy bill boards and bumper stickers.

    Mike Castle voted for Cape and Trade. A Valero executive said they would be forced to close the Delaware City Refinery if Cap and Trade becomes law in a statement before Congress on C-span. I talked to an auditor who works for Valero. She told me they expect gas prices to reach eight dollars a gallon and other fuel prices to triple under this law. I do not work for Valero; but, I am afraid this bill would cost me my job. I think it only fair that his support for this bill cost Mike Castle his job.

    Some say that Mike Castle has worked hard for the Delaware State Republican Party. Look again. Mike Castle has used his strong position and influence to back the weakest candidate in almost every Republican primary campaign. After Sen. Roth’s defeat, Mike Castle has moved this Party to the center moderate course and we have been losing ground ever since.

    Now even his own numbers are starting to come down. His supporters bragged about his winning by 70% over the only black candidate who was unknown in Wilmington. However his numbers have been dropping sharply since then. His strongest supporters will be of little help against the Biden machine; mostly, because they are the Biden machine.

    Weeks before the last mid-term election of the Bush administration the President said he would veto a certain controversial bill if it reached his desk. The Democrats then got Mike Castle to sponsor and help pass this bill. It reached the President’s desk and he vetoed it. Before the ink was dry, the Michael J. Fox ads were running in every tight Senate race. We lost several close races and control of the U.S. Senate. Now he wants to become part of that Senate. A person that gullible is to dangerous for the U.S. Senate.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Evan, I think I already am part of the No-Biden/No Castle movement. In fact I think that we all are. We can all work towards the same goal by speaking out , by talking to our friends and neighbors, by writing letters and e-mails to our party chairs, by showing up to the county GOP meetings and talking to others who have taken the time to show up. For far too long the party has been run by a few hard working people who have unfortunately begun to think that they speak for us all. Well it is time to send the message to them and to the Democrats that consevatives will not be ignored.
    Gary I do work in the energy industry and while I’m not sure it would cost me my job, cap and trade will cost every American more for their energy, but also for all manufactured goods and all items that get to the store by way of the trucking industry, oh wait that’s everything isn’t it?
    If it were just cap and trade , if it were just the stimulus vote, if it were just the CAFE standards, if it were just the funding of stem cell research, if were just one of these things in my mind it would be to much, but it is all of them and so Mike Castle is a bridge too far !

  4. EvanQueitsch Says:

    so more empty…hollow threats against Castle from people who talk big and end up toeing the party line when they “sober up”. *rolls eyes* I say put yer money and yer rep where yer mouth is. I am.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Evan, the best way to defeat Mr. Castle is by convincing people that they should not vote for him , the best way to do that is to talk to people be it on a blog site or at a dinner table or at GOP meetings, I’m not sure what your No-Biden/No Castle “movement” intends to do more than that, but feel free to out line it here and maybe others would be interested. I also advocate not sending money to the GOP if they support Mike Castle , but to send it directly to whomever primaries him.

  6. EvanQueitsch Says:

    Yea we need to talk it up but we also need to be active in volunteering to get our the vote against Castle and in favor of his primary opponent. There is only so much we can do by directly funding the challenger but we can come together and raise money to help stop the Biden/Castle machine.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Evan , you get out the vote by having people such as yourself out there talking to people and telling them what you feel is the right direction and which candidate you feel best represents your views. I don’t happen to believe that before you talk to fellow voters you first have to have been lectured by some campaign manager. And what do you do with the money you raise ? Give it to the GOP, so that they can spread it around to candidates you would never support? I am not saying that you are wrong , but there are many ways to fight the fight, and we should use them all and we all must do what we can and what we feel is our best effort.

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