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The “Beau” Theory

November 29, 2009

  I have made no attempt to hide the fact that I am dissatisfied with the past performance of  Rep. Mike Castle in congress. I do not feel that he represents my views on what I consider to be key issues, such as the environment, smaller government, and family values.

  Okay, so I have made my points based on his voting record and things that he has actually said. I have voiced my opinion that it is time for him to retire and for the GOP to support a candidate with the courage to move back towards the party’s more conservative roots.

  I also have made it clear that I support Christine O’Donnell in her run for the same senate seat that Mr. Castle believes should be his, merely because he wants it.

 Many within the GOP have criticized Ms. O’Donnell and those who support her for not being team players. Many Republicans will tell you that Mr. Castle is the only one that can win against the heir-apparent to the seat that was formally held by his father, Beau Biden.

 The “Beau” theory is that  because of his Biden name and the popularity of his father within the state, that Beau Biden is somehow bullet proof. The theory continues with the mis-guided idea that only an aging congressman such as Mr. Castle can defeat Mr. Biden.

  I think that this theory is wrong on several levels. First, I believe that there is a demonstrable move to the right throughout the nation , including here in the First State. Second, no one is bullet proof. Third, Mr. Castle has a voting records that can be exploited by his opponent, where as Mr. Biden does not.

 I personally believe that Mr. Castle is to far left. This means in my view that what you will have if the race is between Castle and Biden , is a race between a Democrat who can come out and be himself and a Republican who must attempt to be what he is not. Also in this race you would have no clear choice between a conservative and a more liberal candidate, I believe this gives the advantage to Mr. Biden.

 Now on a purely cosmetic level , you will have an aging congressman who has had health issues in the past, who comes across as someones grandfather running against a young, healthy, attractive candidate who just returned from a tour of duty in Iraq.

 Now while I’m on the subject of age , let me shoot another hole in this “Beau” theory. To those who say only Mr. Castle can win against Mr. Biden. Okay , let’s say that this is true(I don’t believe it,but I’ll play along). And let us also  say that Mr. Castle does win. So tell me , who runs against Biden in six years ? I think we can assume that it won’t be Mike Castle. We can also assume that Mr. Biden is young enough to sit back and wait and run again in six years, if Mr. Castle were to win. Who will the GOP pick as there can’t lose candidate then ?

 This is why I believe that we must act now to support a candidate that can win this election and also win in six years from now.

  If the GOP comes to its senses and backs Christine O’Donnell it would completely change the complexion of the race.

  You would now have two young candidates , neither with any baggage such as their past voting record. No health issues. But most importantly , the voters would have a clear choice, Mr. Biden’s more liberal views, that can be tied directly to his father’s and those of Pres. Obama, whose popularity is declining. Or Ms. O’Donnell’s conservative principles ?

 I believe that this is the race that the GOP should be running and one that it can win, not only for this election cycle , but to position ourselves for the future. I believe that Christine O’Donnell is actually the candidate that levels the playing field against Beau Biden.


More Lies

November 28, 2009

 Even with the “Climate Gate ” e-mails that have exposed the out-and-out lies  of the left’s agenda when it comes to global climate change, Pres. Obama still intends to attend the Copenhagen climate summit. Where it is reported by Whitehouse sources that the President will personally commit the United States to reducing its carbon emissions by seventeen percent in the next decade and by eighty percent by mid-century.

  The President does this even though every estimate of any attempt to reduce carbon output shows that it will substantially raise the cost of energy. The CBO has released a number of $173.00 increase  a year for a family of four, though common sense tells us the number would be higher. That $173.00 is only on energy. If you raise the cost of energy , you raise the cost of manufacturing and transportation, so everything that a family buys will cost more . From food to cloths to recreation. This sort of commitment is actually another Obama attack on the free market system. And we are not surprised to hear the President say that there will be a health care savings by reducing CO2 that is a trade-off for the higher cost of everything else.

 Now let us think about what the president is proposing. He says we can reduce our CO2 emissions 17% in ten years, or by 2020. We will then reduce our emissions another 63% in thirty years or 2050, that’s 21% every ten years. So if the President waves his magic carbon free wand and can actually meet these goals and the nation continues on the path of reduction , then we would be completely carbon neutral by 2070.

  Does that sound realistic to anyone, that a nation our size can become carbon neutral in sixty years? Of course the Presidents estimate requires that there be zero progress and zero expansion, zero growth and zero population increase. Again does this sound realistic ?

  This President is concerned only with his own image and cares not for the welfare of the people of this nation or the world. He is interested only in making himself seem compassionate. But all of his policies and agendas do nothing but burden the American people with higher cost of every aspect of their lives, be it health care, or energy , or every product that they purchase.

 Oh did I mention that the President was stopping in Copenhagen to make this commitment at the climate summit on his way to Oslo to accept the Nobel Peace Prize ? Well won’t that just make him the bright boy when he shows up to accept the NPP from his leftist buddies.

Examples Of Conservatism Part II

November 27, 2009

 The saga continues . Back on Dec.10,2008 H.R. 7321 was passed. This bill was titled “Auto Industry Financing and Reconstructing Act”. It was more commonly known as the auto bailouts.                        Castle

  This Act was intended to give the President and his designee the authority to hand out fourteen billion dollars to the big three auto makers to bail them out of their self-created financial problems.

  And yes , in case you haven’t guessed by now, the honorable Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) voted for it. Now if that wasn’t a fine example of Mr. Castle’s conservative principles, well I just don’t know.

  And while I’m at it let me point one other thing out about Mr. Castle’s voting record. Often when I bring up this topic someone will point out how often Mr. Castle votes with Republicans. Well if you take the time to go through the voting record line by line(and I have been ) you will notice that often on these big-ticket items Mr. Castle will vote the party line on amendments right up until it really counts and then he jumps ship and votes with the Democrats to pass the bill. This is exactly what he did on this bailout bill. He voted with the GOP , until it came time to vote to pass the bill.

 So it would seem that Mr. Castle is playing a numbers game to keep up his percentage, but in reality he isn’t voting with the GOP when it counts.

Giving Thanks

November 26, 2009

I give thanks to God for all the blessings in my life . And I pray that God may bless all the people of the world with Liberty, happiness and prosperity. I thank all of the brave people who are away from their families today defending our  freedom. I hope that this message of Thanksgiving find everyone well and safe. God Bless America .

Just A Voter

November 24, 2009

  I am just a voter. I have only one vote to cast for those I choose to support.

  I am not privy to  any of the Machiavellian workings of the GOP . I don’t receive the internal memos . Mr. Steele has never called me up to ask my opinion, though I have sent it to him from time to time.

  I haven’t put in long hours of phone calls and letter stuffing as so many have. And let me say that I respect all that have worked for candidates that they support.

  I haven’t donated thousands of dollars to the party or to candidates.

  I am just a voter .

   I don’t get paid lots of money to voice my opinion like O’Riely and Limbaugh. I am willing to give it freely, though many wish I wouldn’t.

  I haven’t gone to college to study political science or sociology. I have lived for nearly fifty years though, and have tried to seek out knowledge from as many sources as possible.

  I don’t move among the political movers and shakers on the cocktail circuit.

  I am just a voter.

  I have never been asked, nor have I sought to run for an elected office. And since the art of politics is compromise, and since compromise is not my best suit, it’s just as well .

  I am sure that to be an elected official , is a great and heavy responsiblity. I am not sure that it is one that I could myself fulfill.

 But I am just a voter, and as a voter  it is my responsibility to be informed. As a voter I should be aware of current events. I should know the basic meaning of the Constitution.

 As a voter it is my duty to know what each candidate really stands for. I should know how incumbents have voted on key issues in the past.

  As a voter I should be willing to hold my elected officials accountable for their positions and votes as they exercise their duties.

  As a voter I should never turn a blind eye towards an elected official simply because they happen to be of the same party affiliation as myself.

  Voting is the greatest priviledge that we enjoy in this nation, we should never take it for granted. Voting is our voice, it is our statement, many times it is our one chance to make a difference within our government. 

  I am just a voter. I have only one vote to cast for those I choose to support. I will cast it intelligently.

Examples Of Conservatism Part I

November 23, 2009

  Back on March 19,2009,  the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impose a 90% tax on the income of certain executives of financial institutions who had received federal funding during the bailouts.

  Considering that the house is controled by the Democrats this is not all that remarkable. What is remarkable is that eighty-five Republican congressmen also voted to impose this tax.

  Now it is not unheard of for Republicans to vote for tax increases, but normally this happens under pressure from a Republican president and as part of some budget deal that cuts spending in other areas. Neither was the case with this tax increase. There was no cuts to spending or of any other taxes to accompany this tax hike.

  There was no economic necessity for this tax increase, it was nothing more than punishment for bonuses paid out to AIG executives .

  Many believe that this bill was illegal, in that it violates the Constitution’s  prohibition against bill of attainder, or laws that singal out specific people for punishment.

  We would expect that the populist Democrats would vote for a bill such as this, but it is shocking that Republicans would. It is twice as shocking that none of these Republicans cared enough about free market economics let alone the Constitution to consider the long-term ramifications of such a tax bill.

  By the way , for those of you that maybe don’t follow along as closely as some others, our very own Rep. Mike Castle of Delaware was one of the eighty-five Republicans that voted for this un-constitutional bill.

 Just another example of Mr. Castle’s conservative credentials !!

  Be looking for more examples coming in the future .

The Cost Of Valero Closing

November 23, 2009

  We are all aware of  the cost that the  Valero refinery in Delaware City closing will have on the state’s economy. We are also aware of the effect it will have on those directly effected by the loss of their jobs from that closing.

  There is also a ripple effect from this closing. How many small coffee and sandwich shops in the area will close now that all of those employees will no longer be coming through the area , or taking breaks and lunch.

  Think of all of the suppliers who will no longer be delivering to the refinery. There are probably hundreds of small businesses that will be affected by this closing that won’t receive any state or federal funding to support them through this loss.

  Also let me tell you as someone who works in the home heating industry that this closing will greatly affect your retailers  ability to get and deliver your home heating fuels, it will also affect the retail gasoline businesses in the area.

  I heard a state official saying on the radio (sorry I missed his name), that this closing would not have much impact on the availability of, or the price of home heating fuels.

  Let me tell you he is either lying or has no idea about how this industry works. He said that due to the mild weather we are experiencing and the reduction in international demand, that we should see very little effect in the availability or the price of fuels.

  Each retail supplier who has their own transport vehicle and who loads directly from a refinery, is allocated a set amount of fuel each month of the year. Once they have reach their ration for that month they must go to another refinery to receive more fuel for that month.

 So if Valero has closed then all of the retailers who receive fuel from Valero will have lost those allocated gallons for every month. The retailer cannot go to another refinery to make up those lost gallons , because they are already receiving a ration from those refineries. These gallons cannot be replaced locally.The refinerires are already at maximum output, this is why any little interuption creates a shortage. So retailers will be forced to travel further with their transports or receive shipments through railroad shipments.

 So due to the added expense of transporting further and the reduced availability prices will naturally increase. Also , as in past winters, if the mid-west experiences a colder than usual winter, it will make finding the fuel even harder.

 This closing will have far-reaching effects both on state and personal finances. And I find it hard to believe that Valero made this decision overnight. It would seem to me that they would have been in contact with the state trying to find a way to stay open. You would hope that the state would have done everything in its power to keep such an important industry open.

 But don’t worry folks the governor has a plan to replace all of these lost jobs with green industry jobs. I hope that is some comfort to you as you are paying higher heating cost this winter and higher gasoline cost next summer.


Dirty Harry’s Dirty Tricks !

November 22, 2009

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  Well, it took out-and-out bribery of fellow Senators, one hundred million dollars of pork for Louisiana alone , but Senate Majority leader Harry Reid was able to cobble together the bare minimum of sixty votes to move the health care debate to the floor of the U.S. Senate.

  Sen. Reid has rushed to put together a singal bill , with parts from the many different bills , from the various senate committees. It would seem to a conservative such as myself that he chose the parts of the bill that would most likely anger conservatives on the Republican side, but also the more moderate of the Democrats in the Senate.

 He has chosen to leave in the public option which no Republican will vote for and many of the so-called moderate Democrats are also against. He has left in the provision for this health care plan to pay for abortions, again alienating many of the middle grounders he will need to pass the final bill.

 Then we come to the cost of this so-called reform bill. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) , has put out its report on the Senate version of health care reform , and has said that it meets none of the targets that Democrats and the President have stated as their goals for reform.

 The CBO says that this bill in its current form will actually raise the cost of health care, it will raise the cost of insurance premiums, it will force millions out of the private insurance coverage they currently have and are happy with. The CBO also states that this reform bill will add billions if not trillions to the national deficit.

I also noticed that when Sen. Reid and his posse came out to announce that they had been able to strong-arm and blackmail and bribe enough Senators into voting yes, that he, Sen. Reid, was no longer using the phrase affordable health care for all Americans. He referred to it as quality health care for all Americans. I guess even Sen. Reid couldn’t keep a straight face and tell that lie.

Experience ?

November 20, 2009

 Experience, what is it really ? Well it can be defined as something that you have lived through. It can be defined as , observation of or participation in events resulting in or tending towards knowledge.

  We tend to put  a lot of  emphasis on a persons experience when talking of their ability to do a job, and rightly so.

  If we are looking for people to fill a technical job experience is very important. If we are seeking to fill a skill position, again experience is often preferable.

  But in all of these cases at some time these experienced people had to gain that experience. We are not born with experience.

  I drove my first truck when I was ten on the farm. My father came home for lunch in it , and had parked it beside the house. While he was eating he told me to take it down to the barns and turn it around. It took me about fifteen minutes of twisting and turning , but I did it and without hitting anything.

  I had no experience driving trucks before that and here I was being allowed to drive a ten wheeler. My father evidently saw something in me that told him it was time to give me a shot. He trusted me to take my time and to be careful. He felt that I wouldn’t be careless and reckless. That being said , if I had knocked down the side of a barn I wouldn’t have been driving anything for quite a while.

  Now when we discuss choosing candidates for elected offices we often discuss their experience and qualifications.

  Let me say that when running for office I believe the most important qualifications are to be motivated to improve the quality of life for those you represent, to have a desire to do the job, and that you are honest with yourself and those you represent , even when it may cost you your position.

  As for experience, I happen to think that in some cases , especially politics, experience can be a negative.

  I think that we have come to a point , that we must abandon the practice of re-electing people to office simply because they have years of experience in the job.

  What do we get from this practice ? Well we get leaders that have experience working the political system to ensure that they get re-elected and little else. We get leaders that have spent decades working so closely with lobbyist that they feel more beholden to the lobbyist than they do to the voters. We get arrogant leaders who feel that they can vote for any piece of legislation that they want , even when it is contrary to the wants and desires of the voters. These leaders begin to take for granted that their re-election is a given,  they no longer feel that they are answerable to the citizens.

  Is this what we need at a time when this country is being tested to the point of breaking, by an out of control congress and a President that wishes to change the very fabric of this nation? Do we need more of the same old experience, do we need to send back time and time again the people who have gotten us to this point in the first place ?

 I say no ! I say what we need , are people with fresh ideas and who have none of the ties to the political machines. People who don’t owe decades of favors to lobbyist and special interest groups. People who are motivated to work to improve the lives of those they represent.

 This is why I believe it is time to send Mr. Castle home for a long rest so that he can write his memoirs . Mr. Castle has those years of experience that I have described above. He is also one of those people who has gotten us into the mess we are in today.

  I believe Christine O’Donnell is our best bet to elect someone who is motivated to improve the lives of the citizens of Delaware and the nation.

  I believe that by electing Christine O’Donnell to be the next U.S. Senator from Delaware we can break the cycle of sending back to Washington someone who’s main interest is to be re-elected. Someone who will speak the truth to the people, even when it is hard to hear.

  There are many within the GOP who will say , “Christine O’Donnell ? Oh yes , she is a great candidate, but she needs EXPERIENCE . She should run for dog catcher,or for the town council of some small western Sussex town .”

   What they are really saying is that she hasn’t paid her party dues yet. She hasn’t worked the system enough. She hasn’t licked enough party leadership boots.

  Christine O’Donnell is about to face a very tough primary. That is unless enough pressure can be brought to bear upon Mr. Castle and or the GOP leadership to demonstrate that the GOP rank and file will not support Mr. Castle and that for the good of the party he should stand down.

 It is highly unlikely that Mr. Castle will see this truth, until he is dealt his first defeat in many years, in the GOP primary.

  My advice to Ms. O’Donnell is to trust the voters, trust the people who supported her through the write in campaign and her growing support in her last run for the Senate. I would say to her to not listen to the party leadership when they tell her , it’s just not the right time, that she should step aside for someone with more experience.

 I say that if Christine O ‘Donnell is true to herself and honest with the voters and holds to her conservative principles , that she can be the person that breaks the strangle hold that the liberals have held for too long on this state.

 The question that GOP voters will be asked during the primary is, will we settle for more of the same from Mr. Castle , or will we demand better, and vote for Christine O’Donnell ?

Is This Sexist ?

November 19, 2009

Newsweek cover

  Sarah Palin says so, and since it is her image that is being used , I guess she has a right to decide.

   I don’t believe that the photo itself is sexist since it was originally used in a runner’s magazine. Mrs. Palin has been a life time runner as far back as being on the track and field team in high school, so I don’t think that she is offended by the photo.

 What is sexist is the way in which Newsweek is using the photo. Under a heading of “how do you solve a problem like Sarah” and they choose this photo ? Clearly the magazine is trying to diminish her as an intelligent person by focusing on the fact that she is an attractive woman. Are we to believe that a national magazine such as Newsweek couldn’t find a photo from the campaign or of her in her capacity as Governor of Alaska ?

 Where are all of the feminist groups screaming about the objectifying of a smart , successful women ? Oh that’s right most of them don’t like her politics on traditional marriage and right to life.

  While Newsweek has never been a beacon of objectivity, they may have sunken to a new low with this clearly partisan maneuver.