Honor And Respect

   In the early morning hours of Thursday , President Obama came to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, to be there as some of our fallen heroes were brought home.

  Many have criticised the President for this act. I will not criticise the Commander-in-Chief for having the courage to be present when soldiers who have given the final measure of courage are brought back to their families. And there were family members present also.

  I think it is important that a President understand the cost of our freedom, and I can’t think of anything that could drive that message home more than watching  those Flag draped caskets being carried off the plane. It would be foolish to even think that any American and especially the President would not be moved by such a site.

 And as the President weighs the decision to send more troops to Afghanistan it seems fitting that he honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.

  So I will not criticise the President for honoring those soldiers who were brought home to Dover Air Force Base on Thursday morning.

  I will however criticise the President for his lack of respect for those soldiers and their families, for having cameras present. And please , if the President says no cameras then there would be no cameras. He could have come in and quietly paid his respects to the soldiers and their families and then left. Of course it would have gotten out that the President had been there but , by allowing there to be these images , it gives the appearance that this was a photo-op.

 So for the President paying tribute to the fallen soldiers I give him praise. But for the bad judgement of allowing even the perception of using the moment for political gain , I have to say I find it disgusting.

 And just one side note. Now that the President has come out to welcome home these fallen heroes and to honor them with his presence , will he now be present when all our fallen troops are brought home? And if not how will this make those families feel?


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  1. David Anderson Says:

    The President is responsible to all of the people. I willl defer to him when cameras are appropriate. I agree with the thrust of your post. People need to take a breath. Everything he does is not wrong. We have enough to complain about with this Regime. No need to make things up.

    Please email me. I need to ask you something.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    David , we have learned that Pres. Bush made these same types of trips to Dover during his administration and yet we don’t have these same images. It would seem that Pres. Obama is attempting to paint himself as being deliberate in making his decision on sending the needed troops to Afghnistan, instead of looking like someone who is delaying the decision so as not to rock the political boat at a crucial time during the debate over health care. This sends the message that to the President , health care is more important than supporting the troops already in theatre, by giving the generals all that they request to win this war.
    By delaying sending the troops he is actually increasing the likelihood of more soldiers coming home in caskets. If the enemy thinks that we are weak and that our President is pensive about sending more troops, then they will likely increase their efforts so as to create more publis outcry back here at home.
    In my opinion , if the President wishes to show his concern for the fallen soldiers and to send the message that their sacrifice will not have been in vain, then he should quickly make his decision to send the needed troops and insure that we win this war that took their lives. This would honor their loss more than a Presidential salute.

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