Health Care Experts

  During the debate over health care reform , we are hearing from a lot of experts. We are hearing from experts in the medical field, we are hearing from economic experts and insurance experts.

  Basically there are two types of experts, those who are testifying in favor of national health care and those opposed to national health care. Those in favor can be described as government experts and those against as private.

  So who to believe ? As always I am in favor of applying common sense and logic to solving that problem.

  Let us look to what motivates these experts in coming to their conclusions.

  I’ll start with the private side. People in the private sector for the most part are motivated by profit and success. They succeed and earn a profit by producing or marketing a product that the consumers desire and one that suits the needs of the buyer. If the product or service does not meet the needs of the buyers or if it is too expensive then the buyer is free to shop around . The  ability of the buyer to shop around is what should be and is the check and balance of a free market.

 It is the desire to earn a profit that creates competition , and it is competition that keeps down the cost of any product or industry. It is when competition is limited by regulation or un-fair practices that the cost of a product or a service will sky-rocket. If there is only one widget company then they can charge whatever price they choose for their widget.

  So what some may see as greed , others see as profit and the driving force behind innovation and free market competition. It is this so-called greed that drives private insurers to keep the cost of their product as low as is possible in the current climate created by over regulation, that does not allow the buyers to buy health insurance from outside their state . If we are to have real health care reform then it must be in the form of freeing up the private market to allow more competition among the private insurers.

 So that brings me to the government experts. What is their motivation , how do they protect their interest? Remember that because a government agency can not earn a profit , it only  succeeds when it grows, it only grows when it can convince the people that there is a need for the program it supplies. So for a government agency to succeed , it must create more need for the program it supplies, which really means that it must fail at its stated goal. In the case of health care reform , those in favor of a public option say they will lower the cost of health insurance by creating a government-run insurance agency, but because this agency will have the backing of the United States government and its ability to print money it will have an un-fair advantage over the private insurers, which will make competition impossible and run the private companies out of business.

  So the private sector experts wish to create a product that can compete based on it being a good product and a fairly priced product. The decision of which company to buy from, should be up to the buyer , based on their needs and their ability to pay.

  The government experts wish only to eliminate all competition so as to be the only option , and the only option will be a one size fits all insurance plan that will cost whatever the government says. And by mandating that every citizen must buy insurance , it allows the government to use the IRS to enforce the mandate.

 So it comes down to , do you want to choose your own health care , based on your individual needs or do you want health care forced upon you at the barrel of a gun, under the threat of prison ?


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