The Value Of A Life

  Today Pres. Obama signed the Defence Bill, and within it also signed The Matthew Shepard and James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Bill.

  This newest hate crimes bill adds crimes motivated by hatred of a person based on gender, sexual orientation or disabilities to hate crime legislation that already covers crimes motivated because of race, colour, religion or national origin.

  Hate crime laws allow prosecutors to tack on additional punishment if the crime was motivated by hatred of a certain group.

  My first point about this is that we as American citizens are already protected by the laws against crimes, be they assault, murder or any number of other crimes that can be committed against an individual.

 We also have the Fourteenth Amendment of The Constitution to make sure that we all get treated equally under the law.

 My major problem with sort of political pandering to special interest groups is that it sends a message that the property, person or life of a certain group of people , due to their race, religion, gender or sexual orientation , is some how more valuable then that of someone else that falls outside these narrow hate crime laws.

 What these laws say is that if a white man beats or kills a black man then he can be punished twice as severely then would be a black man who kills another black man. If a straight man commits a crime against a homosexual he will be punished more than if he were only to commit the same crime against another straight person. If a Christian is murdered by a Muslim then the Muslim, oh sorry I lost my mind there for a minute.

 The point is that by passing these laws we are extending special protection to certain groups that is not given to other groups. This goes directly against the Fourteenth Amendment.

  We have laws against harassment, how is anyone served if we punish the person who harasses a homosexual more than someone who harasses a straight person. We have laws against murder, again who is served if we say that the killing of a white person by a black or hispanic person is somehow a larger crime. 

 If we prosecute all crimes based on the law and the evidence, it should not matter whether the victim was a member of one of these special victims groups . Justice is supposed to be blind.

  When we elevate these special victims groups by tacking on extra punishment , for crimes committed against them, we de-value the lives of the groups that have not be raised to this special victims status.

  The life of a homosexual man is no more valuable than that of a heterosexual woman, a Muslim has no more rights under the law then does a Jewish person, race should never enter into the deliberation of a crime or its punishment.

  The push for these so-called hate crime laws , I believe is motivated by people trying to legitimize themselves . They feel that if there are extra consequences for crimes committed against their special victims group , then  somehow that makes them a part of the whole of society. The trouble is that every time a group identifies itself by race or religion or now sexual orientation and gender, they actually drive a wedge between themselves and the society they wish to be a part of.

 Instead of creating more special victims groups , what we should be working for is the abolition of hate crime laws and assuring every citizen equal protection under the law, no matter of what narrow sub group of society they happen to belong to.


2 Responses to “The Value Of A Life”

  1. Pat Fish Says:

    Prosecutors rarely go after hate crimes. Prosecutors have enough to do to prove guilt of a criminal act much less prove why the criminal did the act. Reality is reality although libs tend to live in their own alice in wonderland world with rabbit holes and warrens that they duck into for their own version of the truth.

    Hate crime legislation is a political gift the Democrats give their many victim groups. Somehow if we make it possible for a criminal to spend more time in jail for attacking a homosexual, or a black man, or whatever group the Dems want to single out next with their silly laws, the Dems show their love.

    Someday we will have legislators that stop doing this stuff but I’ll probably not to live to see it.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Pat , whether or not prosecutors use the laws, which I’m sure many do , it still sends the same message, and I agree that it is political pay backs to certain groups for their support.

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