Is It A Movement Yet ?

  A recent Gallop poll is showing for the first time since 2004 that conservatives out number moderates .

  The poll shows that of those polled forty percent identify themselves as being politically conservative, thirty-six percent call themselves moderate and twenty percent liberal. Last year conservatives and moderates were tied at thirty-seven percent.

  It would seem that conservatism is making its biggest gains from Independent voters. Thirty five percent of Independent voters proclaim themselves to be conservative, this is up from last years number of twenty-nine.

  Among Republican voters seventy-two percent identify themselves as conservatives , up from last years seventy-one percent.

  On issues such as government regulation of business forty-five percent up from thirty-eight percent have conservative views.

   Now the question is does this trend constitute a movement towards conservatism?

  Well I guess that would depend on which definition of conservatism it is that you prescribe to and which definition those polled  identify with.

  But let us assume that those polled all agree on what it means to be conservative. This is highly unlikely as many of my post and your responses demonstrate. But for the sake of argument we’ll go with it anyway.

  What does this mean for the future of the Republican party ? I ask this because the GOP holds itself up to be the party of and for conservatives.

  So what can we as registered Republicans expect from the party and what can those polled and those they represent hope to see coming from the GOP in 2010 and future elections?

  Will the GOP see this trend and respond in kind by endorsing and supporting with the full strength of the party candidates that also identify themselves as conservatives, or will the GOP continue to put forth candidates who hold to the moderate mantra. Will they give us candidates who will reflect the views of the American people or will they give us candidates such as Mike Castle who votes contrary to the wishes of the people of his party and also that of many Independents.

 If this Gallop poll demonstrates a real move to the right , that is a good thing. If it is just a knee jerk response to the policies of Pres. Obama, well that isn’t a bad thing. The question still remains though, what form of conservatism are those polled identifying with. Lately conservatism has been watered down and parsed to the point that you could ask a hundred different people what is conservatism and most likely get seventy to eighty different answers.

  In the weeks and months to come until the election of 2010 , it will be up to the voters to mandate that the GOP put forth a united conservative front and give up this misguided belief that they can out ” moderate ” the Democrats. The GOP must seek out and support candidates that can hold to a straight line conservative message, that is the only way they will win back control of the future of this nation.


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  1. frankknotts Says:

    One point I forgot to make also. Of the thirty six percent that identify themselves as moderate , at least half of those could actually be liberal. We all know that most liberals either don’t see themselves as such or are loath to identify as such. This would mean that the liberal number is slightly higher, but more important is that the so called moderate voter doesn’t carry quite as much weight as we have been lead to believe.

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