Is The Sky Really Falling ?

 It was announced Saturday Oct. 24th that Pres. Obama had signed an executive order  (his favorite thing ever to do by the way) declaring the H1N1 or swine flu outbreak to be a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!!!!!”.

  By declaring a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!!!! ” the President has now given the Health and Human Services Secretary , Kathleen Sebelius the authority to bypass federal rules when opening alternative care sites, such as tents just for the treatment of H1N1. Declaring a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!! ” also allows hospitals to modify patient rules , for example , requiring them to give less information during a hectic period. Oh! I don’t know like maybe residency questions or ability to pay ? 

 We should also be concerned with what other special powers this declaration may bestow upon the Secretary. Think of this as the President declaring  “Martial Law”.

  Okay, so is the H1N1 outbreak truly a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!” or not ?

  Or is it just one of those opportunities that can’t be passed up by a federal government bent on increasing the size and scope of government. Are we seeing the Obama administration ramping up public hysteria over the possibility of a serious outbreak or are they only trying to be pro-active. I will give the benefit of the doubt and say that there is most likely an equal share of both.

  The President surely doesn’t want to be in charge during some sort of history making death toll, so I’m sure that he and his administration are truly trying to stave off, or lesson the effect of this virus. That being said , I am also sure that the President and his administration are aware of how this outbreak , if handled properly, could also be used to demonstrate the need for national health care. In politics , timing is everything.

  So , do current events rise to the level of being a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY!!!!!”?

  Well let’s start with the fact that we here in the United States  have just passed one thousand deaths, of people who had been diagnosed as having the H1N1 virus. Compare that number with the CDC ‘s estimate of approximately thirty-six thousand deaths  a year linked to the seasonal flu. Also taking into consideration that many of the past flu deaths may have been  undiagnosed H1N1 cases and also taking into consideration that due to a heightened awareness and more testing , it is not un-usual to be seeing an increase in H1N1 reported cases.

 But the real tell I believe is the number of people who have died after being diagnosed with the H1N1 virus , or who it was found after their death that they had the virus, who also had underlying health issues already.

  We have all read the headlines “Person Dies of the H1N1 Flu” , and then buried in the story we find that they had some more serious condition to begin with.

  Examples :  From Minnesota , the A.P. and the Star Tribune of St. Paul, Minn.

   Of the ten deaths in Minnesota that can be linked in any way to H1N1 , eight of them had underlying conditions raging from asthma and obesity to immune and neuromuscular disorders. The latest was an eleven year old boy by the name of Oliver Finley who suffered from cerebral palsy and other physical and mental disabilities , who died Saturday after being diagnosed with H1N1. Maybe the most tragic is the story of a five-week old boy who died on Oct 15th, yes he was diagnosed with H1N1, but he had been born with critical heart and lung ailments that had left half of his heart underdeveloped.

  From the Emporia Gazette , Oct. 24th.  Lyon County, Kansas has its first reported death related to the H1N1 flu. This brings the total number of deaths in Kansas to nine. The Lyon County death was that of a sixty-two year old man who had underlying health conditions that put him at serious risk of complications from the virus.

  The Kalamazoo Gazette , reports that a woman in her fifties died this week of multiple underlying conditions , including H1N1.

  Even right here in Delaware we have had our first death that can be related to H1N1. But the patient also had other health issues.

  So what is my point you may ask ? Well I bring this up not just to beat up on the administration , though that is one of my favorite pastimes.

  The question should be asked, does creating hysteria benefit the country or just the administrations push for nationalized health care?

 The fact that the H1N1 virus alone kills very few people , when compared to the way that the lap dog mainstream media is reporting the story , leads one to believe that there is a clear attempt to create a sense of fear . I will admit that this sense of fear can lead to more people receiving the vaccine and possibly reducing the spread of the virus , especially among those most at risk of complications and death.

  I also believe it is dangerous to cry wolf. When we have the media and the government shouting that the sky is falling this season and it doesn’t, it means that in a season or some future emergency , people will be less likely to take the reports seriously. In other words when the administration plays politics with issues of national health and safety , they lose their credibility.

 My advise to everyone is to use your own common sense and do the things that you mothers taught you when sick, and if you are a high risk person with underlying conditions then seak the advise of a doctor you trust.


8 Responses to “Is The Sky Really Falling ?”

  1. Pat Fish Says:

    Remember the Bird Flu? That was a Bush thing but over and over we heard….Bird Flu…the U.N. says it will kill millions.

    Did anybody ever die of the Bird Flu?

    I remember the great Hong Kong flu…that was supposed to be the next Black Plague.

    Also, during Gerald Ford’s admin I believe, there was some kind of Swine Flu. The so=called vaccine harmed more people than it helped and eventually they had to pull it off the market.

    As for this Swine flu, it’s almost impossible to get the vaccine around these parts, at least recently.

    The public declares an emergency then the vaccine for it cannot be gotten.

    Absolutely no one I know has any trust at all in this swine flu vaccine or this administration’s handling of it. Anecdotal I know…but write this down.

    This swine flu nonsense will be politicized and nothing even remotely resembling a greater good will come from it.

  2. meatball Says:

    Both you knuckle heads have no idea what you are talking about. Be sensible, but be careful and diligent. This isn’t political, but some may be using it for political gain, but I really don’t think so this time. This really is a big deal. Mark. My. Words.

  3. meatball Says:

    “Absolutely no one I know has any trust at all in this swine flu vaccine or this administration’s handling of it.” Pat Fish.

    Any confidence in a new surgical program?

  4. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, what in my post was false ? And by the way I was the one who said that there is an equal share of the President doing what he thinks is needed and taking advantage of a so called crisis. Please tell me how many people died of just the swine flu, who didn’t have some serious underlying condition to begin with ?

  5. meatball Says:

    Nothing in This post is false, but there is a difference between being proactive and reactive. Think Katrina.

  6. Pat Fish Says:

    Evidently there’s a reason why he is called Meatball.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    meatball, I gave credit where credit was due, but that doesn’t mean that the administration wouldn’t use the situation for political gain. Think bombing an aspirin factory!

  8. meatball Says:

    I guess one could consider arresting a worldwide pandemic could be used for political gain, or one could consider it the right thing to do.

    “Please tell me how many people died of just the swine flu, who didn’t have some serious underlying condition to begin with ?” Frank, this statement show a fundamental lack of understanding of the purpose of vaccinations and flu evolution.

    Been to any emergency rooms lately, Pat?

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