Things To Come ?

  Socialist dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has mandated three-minute showers for all citizens of that oil rich nation. Due to electric and water shortages the thug dictator has told the people that three minutes showers are the communist way to a better world.

  Venezuela is one of the largest oil exporters in the world, and yet the power grid of that nation is failing because of a lack of investment. What ? You mean to tell me that private companies and people don’t want to invest their money into a project, in a country where the government could come in at any moment and take it over. Don’t be surprised to see Chavez nationalize all of Venezuela’s energy industries in the near future , including all water sources.

  This is what you get when you allow socialism and fascism a foot hold in a country.  Just look at some of the energy proposals being made by the current administration here in the United States through cap-and-trade. We have already seen our toilets regulated and also what type of light bulbs we will be able to buy, so is it so far-fetched to think that we could also see a time when we are limited to a three-minute shower?

  Could we see a time when we no longer have thermostats in our homes , but instead have pre-set heaters and A/C units, that is if we are allowed to have A/C at all. Rolling brown outs are already being predicted in the very near future. Why ? Lack of investment in new infrastructure. We are not seeing new coal plants being built because why build something that current trends are attempting to regulate out of business ? No nuclear plants because they were demonized years ago. And even if there are some investors out there willing to invest in proven energy generating sources, well they find themselves up against a government machine that work’s counter to progress. They find themselves fighting the permitting process for years before they can so much as turn a shovel full of dirt.

 So is Venezuela’s present , our future ? Could be, if we don’t vote out the raging environmentalist in congress who put there misguided beliefs ahead of the welfare of this nation. The ones who vote against domestic drilling for oil, the ones who vote for cap-and-trade that will further retard our energy production and drive the cost of every product that is manufactured and transported within this nations borders  beyond the reach of ordinary citizens. The ones who still hold to the misguided belief in global warming, even as studies are beginning to show that we are on the leading edge of a thirty or more year cooling trend.

 We must vote out those who would run our lives through over regulation of our most basic needs, not because of their concern for our standard of living , but for the power it gives them over us.


2 Responses to “Things To Come ?”

  1. Republican David Says:

    May be we need to cut back on our lifestyle to help out. Let’s pass cap and tax so we too can feel the pain of the socialist world.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    David , you are exactly right. We greedy Americans must give up our high standard of living , so that the rest of the world won’t hate us. We should all live in huts with no heat and walk fifty miles to get to the doctor only to find out that there is no more doctor because health care reform drove them all away. And of course we couldn’t have called ahead because we gave up our cell phones. We should be hauling water out of wells with buckets at the end of a rope. Of course I will no longer be able to blog because we must give up all electrical devises such as computers, though I’m sure some will see that as a plus.
    It is very basic, capitalism insires growth and creativity, socialism deters them.

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