Asking For Help

  I am linking to the Delaware code Title 15 , which covers elections within the state. I am asking for help. I have gone through all relevent parts concerning primaries and nominating candidates. I  can find nothing that says that parties must hold a convention and nominate  candidates prior to holding a primary. I have found numerous times where the word “may” is used and of course there are filing deadlines, but I can find nothing that mandates that the party must endorse a candidate , and said candidate can then and only then be challenged in a primary.

  So for anyone out there who believes that the GOP is conducting their nomination process the only way allowed by law, please lead me to chapter and section in the code.


2 Responses to “Asking For Help”

  1. M.Opaliski Says:

    Much unlike Prego (the Sauce), it’s not in there …

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Matt, thank you, on a question such as this I don’t think there would be anyone who I trusted their opinion more. I hope to get that message out to more people . Again thank you .

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