Class and Crash

 Our nation is at a most dangerous time in its history, maybe the most dangerous time ever.

  Our economy has been allowed to run into recession, our unemployment rate will hit ten percent and no one knows how high it will go before it peaks. Our current administration is attempting to nationalize large parts of what has been traditionally private sectors of the economy, from the auto industry to health care.

 China holds most of our international debt, and they are not known to be one of our strongest allies. Iran is threatening the middle east and the world with nuclear destruction as is North Korea. The war in Afghanistan has reached a turning point and our president was slow in deciding just how to handle the recommendations of the general he put there to make recommendations.

 The value of the dollar continues to fall , so much so that Asian central banks have begun to by up the dollar so as to depreciate their own currencies. Russia also is buying up dollars and converting them to euros , while most of the other Asian central banks are holding onto the greenbacks. These countries are doing this to lower the value of their own currencies because if their own currencies are too high it makes it harder for them to export their goods , especially to the U.S. .

  A falling dollar also will drive the cost of world oil prices up since oil is traded in dollars.

  So what is our current adminstration doing while all of this is happening?

  Well they are attempting to push through a health care bill that will add to both the debt and the deficit, they are printing money night and day to cover the deficit in revenue , leading to inflation at some point. All of this only adds to our international problems. When you have China telling you to get your house in order then you have serious problems.

  Also while harping on the need for health care the president and those in congress who agree with him are using class warfare to sell the need for reform. This is nothing new of course. Progressives and socialist and fascist have been using the idea of the boogie man rich to inflame the so called poor , for decades.

  They tell the so called poor , you know the ones , the poor with flat screen T.V.’s and BMW’s. You know the poor that eat as good as you and I, on food stamps , supplied by you and I. They tell them that all of their troubles would be gone if only they could tax the boogie man rich more. If the government would only take more of the money that the rich stole from the poor , then the government could give it back to the poor(who never had it in the first place) and solve the problem of being poor.

Of course like all fascist ideology, the real goal is not to lesson the number of poor people , it is to lesson the number of rich people. And let me assure you that when they say rich people they are not just talking about millionaires, they are actually talking about anyone who works and pays taxes, because as they redistribute the wealth of the millionaires they will increase the number of  society’s leaches, which will mean that at some point they will turn to those making a hundred thousand a year and then sixty thousand, until they have completely dismantled our capitalist system.

  We have in this nation created a whole entitlement sub culture, people who live out their entire lives by living off of the government hand outs, from child support welfare and food stamps to subsidized or even state supplied housing and their government health care. We are even hearing now that the federal government should award every child born a five hundred dollar savings account.

  President Obama will if he is able to pass health care, enlarge the size of this entitlement sub culture. Creating even more people who feel entitled to having someone else pay their way .

   Now take the fact that we are facing unknown times and future of our economy and the real possibility that the dollar may crash, and if so, so will our entire economy and couple that with the large number of people dependent on the government for their entire lives and you have a boiling pot. The lid of that pot hasn’t blown off yet , but it is rattling.

 Just think, we have a falling dollar, China holds a huge amount of our debt, Asian banks are now holding large numbers of greenbacks, we are printing more and more dollars everyday. Now what happens if China calls in even half of the markers they hold and at the same time the Asian central banks sell off those dollars and flood the market with even more dollars, all of this weakening the dollar even more, to the point of it being worth about as much as a Confederate dollar at the end of the Civil War.

 What happens is that , not only can we not meet our international obligations , but the government will not be able to meet the promises it has made to its newly created and long term entitlement sub culture. The federal government will have to cut these programs to be able to meet the house payment to China.

 Of course this is nothing new for America, we have seen this before in the 1930’s during the great depression. We saw soup lines and millions out of work, we saw desperate people traveling across this nation in search of work. And then F.D.R. came  along and began the foundation for building that entitlement sub culture, through all of his make work projects (some might call them shovel ready). The people felt useful again because they were working and could feed their children, they didn’t realize that they were now part of a fascist system.

 Over the decades since the New Deal, we have had the Fair Deal, the Great Society and a hundred smaller attempts at creating the next New Deal. This has done nothing to solve the troubles of the people , it has only increased the number of people who now feel that the government owes them something, and feel no shame in demanding it.

 So , what happens when the hammer falls and the United States government cannot deliver the promise ?

  How will these entitlement babies react? Will they be satisfied with soup and a lump of bread? Will they be glad for a cot for one night , so that they don’t have to sleep over a street grate ? Will they travel miles to find work ?

 I have to say no! They have been taught by the government to depend on the government whenever times are tough. These entitlement babies will sit in their government funded homes with their flat screen T.V.’s and wait for the government to come and rescue them. And when this doesn’t happen they will turn their anger not against the government that has created the mess, no these entitlement babies will turn their anger against those that they were taught to hate . The So called rich !

 At first they will eat their own. They will burn and loot close to home. Then the murder and mayhem will spread until this nation will be in full revolt, not against the government of course, because the government is their friend.

  Fascist governments always end in violence of one sort or another if left to go too long by the people. The seduction for the people is that the government promises to supply all needs and to create a level playing field, when in reality all they do is to create a class warfare, playing the have nots against the haves.

  This is the very dangerous game that is being played right now here in the U.S. and it will have  far reaching effects on not only the U.S. but on the world. We must as American citizens decide whether we will allow this to happen. Will we  stand with our hands out demanding more and more from the government, or will we put an end to the out of control government growth and demand and elect leaders who have a vision of this nation that does not include increasing the size of this entitlement sub culture until it is no longer a sub culture ,but has become the culture of the United States of America.


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