The Question Is, Should We ?

  As we have watched this debate over health care reform, we have seen it go through several stages. First it was health care reform and then health insurance reform.

  But I am now seeing what I believe to be the most dangerous change and one I predicted right here on this blog. The Republicans are now getting caught up in the argument of how to do this reform and are loosing sight of whether we should do this.

  It’s not a matter of how much it will cost. It’s not a matter of what it will add to the deficit. It ‘s not whether it will or won’t cover illegals . It’s not a question of should it or shouldn’t it pay for abortions. It doesn’t matter what the CBO says about any of the bills proposed.

 The over riding question is and should always be , should the government be responsible for what should be a personal choice. Should we allow our government to take away our greatest freedom , that of choice. Have we as citizens become so lazy and stupid that we cannot be expected to even choose whether we want to insure ourselves?

 The greater question also is , is this even constitutional ? Does the government have the constitutional authority to mandate that we as “FREE” citizens must spend our “EARNED ” dollars on a program that will eventually be run by the government , to pay for citizens who are non productive? And if we choose not to participate then the government will fine us and or throw us in jail. Is this really what our founders had in mind when they created this system of limited government?

 For all of those who oppose this massive government take over of our private freedoms , who have been opposed from the start, be very careful that you do not fall into the trap of discussing the mechanics of how to do this, once you do that, you have already given up the fight. We must continue to argue against this, not on how much it will cost, but argue against it based on the fact that it is wrong in any form. It is not government’s place to make these type of decisions.


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