Mike Castle Announces Run For U.S. Senate

  Let me start by warning all of you Mike Castle loving GOPers, that you might want stop reading right now.

  Mike Castle, long time so called “REPUBLICAN” Representative, from the state of Delaware has announced that he intends to run for the U.S. Senate. I guess he figures he has done about as much damage to the United States of America as he can from the House of Representatives and wants to move on. That or he just wants another page for his resume !!

  I have long been critical of Mr. Castle on his stance on such social issues as federal funding of embryonic stem cell research and abortion. In the past many fellow Republicans have argued that we have to look the other way on these issues because Mr. Castle is a fiscal conservative. Well as of lately Mr. Castle has put that argument to being a lie. He voted in favor of TARP before his last election and recently voted in favor of Cap and Trade , both of these will lead to untold cost to the tax payers through direct taxes and through raising the cost of every product produced in this country. Fiscal conservative my eye!!

  Just go and look at his web site  www.castleforsenate.com   , the first thing that catches the eye is the tag line of a header  “The Independent Voice That We Trust” , and the word independent is underlined in red. He is sending the message that he has no real loyalty to the GOP. He goes on to say he has the “moderate pragmatism” to lead the country in a new direction. Moderate ? Pragmatism ? For heavens sake why doesn’t he just call himself a progressive?

 He is using all of the code words for the left. He is more interested in attracting leftist then he is in attracting those from the political right.

  His list of issues goes like this, “energy independence and environmental protection”, energy independence must mean voting against drilling for domestic oil and using more coal. 

  “Fighting for good governance in Washington”, really I don’t think he can speak to this at all.

  “Improving education”, basically it would seem that his idea to improve education is to expand the public school system even more and to dump more money into it.

  “Promoting fiscal responsibility and protecting consumers” , fiscal responsibility ?By giving billions to failing companies ? Protecting consumers? By voting for cap and trade which will add thousands of dollars to the cost of energy and consumer products for the American consumer, not to metion making our products less competetive on the world market due to their higher cost.

  ” Securing the Homeland “, I will not question the man’s patriotism. I will only say that in my view his policies weaken the nation.

 ”  Strengthening health care” ? , well just look to any of the Democrat bills and you are likely to find Mr. Castles views on this as well.

  Now of course the GOP party leadership will fall in lock step and support him and throw any up and coming candidate under the “primary bus”.  Mike Castle is the poster child candidate for what is wrong with the GOP and why we are not in control here in Delaware and D.C. .

  What will it take for the party leadership to realize that we as a party must give up on this ” go along to get along ” idea , if we ever hope to win back control, we as a party must stop listening to the main stream media and the Democrats when they say that what the GOP needs is more moderate pragmatic candidates. We have tried that course in the last presidential election with John McCain and look what that got us. The most leftist president that this country has ever seen. We must have candidates that can clearly differentiate themselves from their leftist Democrat opponents, Mike Castle is no such candidate.

  I have sent the chairs of the county , state, and national committees of the GOP e-mails in the past and will again , stating that I will no longer support or vote for Mike Castle and will at every opportunity speak out against Mr. Castle in any election that he seeks to win an office, I encourage others who feel as I do to do the same. I would advise others running for office to distance themselves from Mr. Castle,  so that the stink of his leftist leanings do not rub off on you.

   It is time for the rank and file voters of the GOP to demand of the party leadership to stop supporting candidates who do not represent the conservative views that the party purports to stand for.

  I say to all Delaware GOP voters, if anyone dares to stand Mike Castle up for a primary , vote for them! And if he is the GOP candidate in 2010 for U.S. Senator from Delaware, then leave the box empty. Don’t vote for the Democrat, it sends the wrong message, even though it will have the same result of giving the office to the Democrat. Leave the box empty and tell the GOP that if they continue to support this type of candidate then they will not have the support of the conservative base. I would rather allow a Democrat win this round , if it means purging the GOP of this milk toast RINO , and starting from scratch.


18 Responses to “Mike Castle Announces Run For U.S. Senate”

  1. meatball Says:

    Vote C O’D in the primary then.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    I believe if the GOP would use some common sense and throw Rep. Castle overboard and back a Christine O’Donnell or any truly conservative candidate with the full weight of the party we could win . But the GOP in Delaware are so tied to their past and the bass ackward primary system that does nothing but keep control in the hands of a few party leaders instead of in the voters hands that they cripple any new candidate that hasn’t paid their so called dues, or in other words any that hasn’t kissed enough leadership behind. Instead of allowing the voters to demonstrate their preference before the party announces theirs, the party biases GOP voters who do nothing but vote as their told against any candidate who hasn’t been anointed as the next in line. How will we ever find some fresh new charismatic candidate if they are forced to spend years being trained by the party, or spoiled by election after election working their way up through lesser offices ?

  3. wet blanket Says:

    The GOP backed O’Donnell “with the full weight of the party” in her 2008 run against Biden and she screwed them by disappearing for the entire last month of the campaign. ASk your pals at WGMD, they’ll tell you she went MIA at the end. She also ran off to LA for ill-advised “fundraising” among the stars when her coffers were nearly empty and came back empty handed. And then there’s the stack of bills she racked up with Delaware businesses that she never paid.

    Actions do speak louder than words, and the sad reality is that she proved herself to be more of a sideshow than a viable conservative candidate.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    If you believe that the GOP backed her with their full wieght , then ask yourself where were the party big shots campaigning for her? How much money did the national party throw her way. Yes she had an up hill battle against a Joe Biden and I believe that the party saw her as just another throw away candidate like so many others they had thrown under the bus in the past. They have a tendency to think if they are running against a Joe Biden , why bother trying.
    As for disapearing , I think what you are refering to is the fact that like so many candidates here in Delaware she was forced to concentrate her campaign in New Castle County. We didn’t get to see her much in Sussex because she was already doing well in the most conservative county in the state.
    I’m not just talking about the O’Donnell campaign , but a pattern of the GOP in how they pick and choose, how they do not allow any new face to have a real chance, how the primary process for the GOP is stacked against any candidate who the party leadership did not choose, be it Christine O’Donnell or Mike Protack.
    Now Mr. wetblanket , since you didn’t have the courage of your name I’m not sure if you are a GOP member who feels they need to defend the party at all cost , but your style of attack does feel familar.

  5. meatball Says:

    Frank, she can’t win with the social conservative platform. No way, no how. Perhaps she should run locally where she may find pockets of like thinking voters. Statewide or nationally, she doesn’t have a prayer (yuck, yuck 🙂

  6. wet blanket Says:

    Let me remind you that she won the nomination over Tim Smith at the 2008 Delaware GOP Convention with the majority of her support coming from New Castle County, not Sussex. Sussex delegates threw their support behind Tim Smith, a respected and intelligent Sussex County businessman.

    She went MIA in every county, including New Castle the last month of the campaign. The state party backed her 100%, btw. They gave her the party headquarters to run her campaign out of so she could focus on fundraising. She was invited to every high profile campaign event held by every statewide GOP candidate.

    You’ve got the whole story wrong, Frank.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    The real issue here is not Christine O’Donell. It is the GOP leadership and the way we choose our candidates. As for whether a conservative message can win ? Well I believe that it can , if it is given the chance and if the candidate truly believes in it. To often all we as conservatives are given is lip service by candidates such as Mike Castle. Oh we are told by the party he is conservative, and he comes to Sussex County and tries to convince us that he is conservative, but then goes back to Washington and votes for Cap and Trade. Anyone who says that they are a conservative and then says that one cannot be elected is lying to themselves about what they truly believe.
    And as to whether a candidate can win on a social conservative platform , well let’s see Mike Castle win without a social conservative base .

  8. Dry Blanket Says:

    ‘But the GOP in Delaware are so tied to their past and the bass ackward primary system that does nothing but keep control in the hands of a few party leaders instead of in the voters hands that they cripple any new candidate that hasn’t paid their so called dues, or in other words any that hasn’t kissed enough leadership behind.’

    What a stupid thing to say. A primary system specifically puts the power in the voters hands. All this ‘blame the party’ whining is so juvenile. There is no one running for Congress right now, so I say to the right-wing fringies like Frank: PUT UP OR SHUT UP. Put up one of your Palineqsue Taliban religious nutjobs for Congress and let’s see how they do statewide. Of course, when they get 25% of the vote, you’ll doubtlessly have excuses about how he or she didn’t get enough “support” from the party. Well let me clue you in: the party has nothing to give. So the support of the party is worthless. Tammany Hall it ain’t.

    At some point you and your ilk who have bastardized the word ‘conservative’ to meet your social control needs and your fear of people who are different than you are going to have to wake up and realize that you are a 15% minority and will never have power unless you hitch a ride on the backs of principled, pragmatic, center-right leaders who are more interested in moving the country and the state slowly in the rightward direction than they are in seeking absolutes that will never be attained.


    “At some point you and your ilk who have bastardized the word ‘conservative’ to meet your social control needs and your fear of people who are different than you are going to have to wake up and realize that you are a 15% minority and will never have power unless you hitch a ride on the backs of principled, pragmatic, center-right leaders who are more interested in moving the country and the state slowly in the rightward direction than they are in seeking absolutes that will never be attained.”

    Wow DRY BLANKET, That’s the most intelligent thing I’ve read on this blog, since Frank got dumped by Dave Burris and went solo. Thank you!

  10. frankknotts Says:

    Wow ! It’s almost as if Mr. Bennett is having a conversaion with himself !
    But I’ll address this to “dryblanket or wetblanket or patched quilt”.
    The primary system for the GOP in Delaware is bass ackwards because the people only are included after the party has annonced its choice. And for the one hundreth and one thousanth time, this creates a devide among the party that I believe would not exist if the people felt that the game wasn’t rigged against them.
    I also love the way these “neo-progs” (new progressives) run around throwing the word pragmatic at us , it was also used on Mr. Castle’s site.
    Pragmatism or pragmatic was used by the Progressive movement in the early 1900’s , Woodrow Wilson and his “ilk”. I certainly do not want to be associated with pragmatism in that sense.
    When using the word pragmatic in the political sense , it tends to mean , not having any real course or ideology. It means running about doing whatever seems to be needed at the moment , but not having any true view or vision of the direction that society should be moving in . Pragmatism is a rutterless ship, it is like fighting a forrest fire with a dixie cup.
    Pramatist are actually reactionaries, they wait for a problem to accure and then use their pragfmatism to try and address the issue , but by then it is most likely too late because the problem has taken hold. On the other hand a conservative view says that we must have a course of action and a vision of where we want to go and then we move in that direction. This does not mean that there are not times and issues that arise that don’t require a deviation , but once that issue is solved through conservative values and principles , then the ship must be put back on course.
    As for whether I am in a minority or not , well that may be , but those who choose to relinquish their values and principles (if they ever had any) just to win office or to be part of the majority, well they are exactly the people that need to be purged from all offices, them and their “ilk”.

  11. Dry Blanket Says:

    “On the other hand a conservative view says that we must have a course of action and a vision of where we want to go and then we move in that direction.”

    Thank you for proving my point beyond any doubt. Nowhere does conservatism say that. Conservatism is a political worldview. What you have described is obstinate doctrinaire ideology. There are plenty of people on the left who are as uncompromising in their views as are you and the rest of the downstate Taliban.

    You have made the same mistake that countless people on the extreme right have made. “What Frank Believes” does not necessarily equal “conservative,” and the two are far from interchangeable. You can’t own the term conservative just because you’re loud or extreme.

    Also, pragmatic means if there’s a bill that won’t pass that would ban abortion, but you can wiggle through a bill that requires parental notification, you do it.

    It’s also called being a grown-up. It also describes people that actually win elections and have to govern and make decisions instead of those who sit on their couch, behind their computer or behind a radio microphone and never have to actually govern.

  12. frankknotts Says:

    First off Mr.or Ms. Blanket I wish you had the courage of your convictions as I do and would come to this site under your real name and not as a coward under some made up persona from which to hurl your insults.
    You make little head way by calling names and yourself stand little chance of holding office if you cannot make your arguement without losing you temper.
    That being said , I do not know where you have gotten your definition of conservatism, ” nowhere does conservatism say that” , really ? and does conservatism speak for itself?
    I believe that this is still a free nation and that speech is for now still one of our guaranteed rights, so I guess that I am within my rights to speak my opinion and to decide for myself what conservatism means to me.
    I am also within my rights to speak out against those within the GOP whom I feel are detrimental to both conservatism and the GOP.
    How is my demanding my point of view to be heard any different from a more moderate voice demanding to be heard?
    You call me “Taliban” , yet it is your opinion that my views should not be given even the chance to be heard. Who is really the fascist here?
    As for your definition of “pragmatism” , well in my view, political pragmatism is trying to be all things to all people. This is not possible , if you attempt to be all things to all people , you end up bing nothing at all.
    You act as if to have a set course and set values is some how a bad thing. I am not saying that there are not times that we must compromise, but when we have leaders such as Mr. Castle who vote contrary to the core values of conservatism then I will not vote for him.
    Please instead of attacking me , why don’t you defend Mr. Castle’s voting for Cap and Trade , tell me why that was a good thing. Tell me why voting for Tarp was a good thing for the people of this nation. Tell me why not drilling for domestic oil will lesson our dependence on foreign oil. Tell me how all of the times that Mr. Castle has voted for higher CAFE standards and driven up the cost of vehicles to working people, was good for them. Tell me how in all of these votes that Mr. Castle has made and with them increased the size and scope of government , please tell me how that conforms to the small government platform of the GOP. Now notice I never once mentioned a social issue and still I have plenty of reason to want Mike Castle out of office.
    So , when you can come to this site and defend his positions on any of these issues then I guess you really have something to say, until then you will continue to just attack me .
    Please tell me what as conservatives we gain by electing a Mike Castle ?if he is going to vote liberal on so many of the most important issues?

  13. frankknotts Says:

    I’m waiting !!!!

  14. Dry Blanket Says:

    I want to congratulate you on answering questions that were not asked and defending rights that nobody suggested be taken from you. (Where did anyone say you shouldn’t be allowed to speak?)

    It’s REAL simple, Frank. The day will come where you will have a choice: Mike Castle, who votes with you some of the time, and Beau Biden, who votes with you none of the time. Castle, who would give the GOP 41 votes and the ability to filibuster, and Biden, who wouldn’t. Castle, who voted against the stimulus package, and Biden, who would have supported it.

  15. frankknotts Says:

    First let me just say since it’s my site I guess I get to state my views , I don’t have to wait to be asked a question. As for stating my rights I am also free to do that also.
    As for voting for Mr. Castle who votes with me some of the time, well I guess my goal is to find someone who will vote with me more of the time.
    You make it seem as if there are only two choices and I guess according to party leadership that would be true.
    My point is that I have gained very little by voting Mr. Castle back in.

  16. frankknotts Says:

    Oh ! I almost forgot, I notice that you never attempted to defend Mr. Castle voting for Cap and trade. You mention the stimulus package and that he voted against it. Well if we look at the big picture the stimulus package was a one time thing (we can hope) , cap and trade if passed will add thousands of dollars to every family budget in the country yearly forever. Gee I can’t understand why you wouldn’t try to defend that.

  17. Pat Fish Says:

    I’m voting for a Democrat rather than a Democrat posing as a Republican.

    Mike Castle killed any inclination I had to lean his way with Cap and Trade.

    There’s no excuse for that vote whatsoever.

    I truly suspect that Mike Castle’s going to real surprised come the election.

  18. frankknotts Says:

    Same reply as on “Big Picture”

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