Charm Can Only Get You So Far President Obama

  President Obama’s charm and powers of persuasion are legendary among Democrats and the media. But it would seem that he lacks any real ability to sway those who disagree with him.

  We are seeing the polling continue to slide downward as the president’s health care plan looses more and more support among the citizens of America.

  And now the President has failed to convince the IOC to bring the Olympics to his adopted home town of Chicago, and this after dropping everything back here at home to fly to Copenhagen to make a personal , though presidential plea. He felt that bringing the Olympics to Chicago was important enough to leave health care reform unattended and to leave the decision of whether or not to send more troops to Afghanistan as requested by General Mc Chrystal to await his return. And still his fellow European socialist said no . But not just no, America came in last in a race of four. The summer Olympics of 2016 will now be held in Rio de Janeiro, really can you blame the IOC, the sun and sand of Rio as opposed to the crime filled streets of Chicago ?

  Granted , it couldn’t have helped that the story of the fifteen year old honor student being beaten to death on the street as he walked home from school  broke just at the moment the President announced his intent to fly to Copenhagen.  And just as an aside, how come every time the Obamas go to Europe it seems that they take two separate jets, I’m only asking because of the huge carbon foot print that it leaves, but cap and trade will cure that , won’t it?

  I am disappointed that the summer games won’t be held in Chicago. I was looking forward to Chicago putting it’s unique flavor on some of the classic events.

 I was imagining instead of the same old hundred yard dash , that we might see the hundred yard mugger dash, where the competitor would be required to snatch a purse from the arm of an eighty year old grandmother and beat another athlete dressed as a police officer to the finish line. Of course the mugger gets extra points if they actually knock the grandmother down and break a bone.

  The relay race also could have been made over to reflect Chicago’s reputation, the runners would pass the baton as always , but would then be required to beat another competitor to death and still out run those left.

 The javelin toss could be replaced with switch blade throwing, and all swimming events could be held at over crowded public pools.

  And if any athlete felt that he didn’t get a fair shake from the judges, well we all know that in Chicago almost any Judge can be fixed.

  Yes it is a shame that the world will not have the chance to experience the rich history of corruption and crime that Chicago has to offer.

  The real story here though may be that the President who thinks he can just show up for five hours and sway the IOC, who is charged with deciding where the oldest sporting event in the world will be held, failed. It may be that his charm has worn thin and his one trick pony act has become boring.


2 Responses to “Charm Can Only Get You So Far President Obama”

  1. meatball Says:

    Just so you know Frank, Rio is a far more violent city than Chicago with 37 per 100k murders/year. The reason we lost the bid is much more complex than you allude to, but you already know that.

    Also, president Bush acting as head of state, made the first attempts to bring the games to Chicago. But you already knew that as well.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Yes meatball, Rio too is a violent place, but that’s not our problem is it . The IOC has to deal with that, but it also shows that Pres. Obama couldn’t bring it home against even little old violent Rio de Janeiro.
    As for Pres. Bush and Chicago and the Olympics, well as I’m sure you know , Pres. Bush never met with the IOC only the USOC and Chicago officials to let them know if the city could win the bid that they would have the Federal support that is needed in hosting the Olympics and that was back in January of 2008 in Chicago. Pres. Bush certainly didn’t drop all domestic and foreign issues to load up the jet , oh I’m sorry two jets and fly off to kiss the butts of some Euro trash to try and get the Olympics brought to Texas.
    meatball the power of the office of the President is only powerful if it is used sparingly, Pres. Obama is out front on every issue as the closer of all deals, except he can’t actually close one except by presidential decree, he is wearing thin on even his supporters, that is all except those supporters who worship him as the saver or who would support anyone who replaced Pres. Bush.

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