Time For Gov. Markell To Turn Over His Hole Card

  Now that the courts have refused to re-hear the case for sports betting here in Delaware those close to the case for the state of Delaware have said it is unlikely that the state will proceed to the United States Supreme Court.

 The Governor is said to be disappointed in the decision of the appeals court not to re-hear the case.

  Some in the Governor’s administration have now said how important it is to get table games up and running. This still requires the approval of the general assembly which does not return to session until January.

  I for one believe that table games were always the end game for the Markell administration. I believe that sports betting was just a tease , and that the Governor knew from the start that single game betting was never going to be approved by the courts. Either that or there was gross incompetence on the part of the Governor and his legal advisors.

 Now the Governor is tieing his gambling wagon to table games. This is nothing but lazy legislating. Oh !let’s not make the hard choices of making cuts to unnecessary programs, no ,let’s find what we believe to be easy revenue from gambling , and when it doesn’t generate as much as projected, we will just come back with another get rich scheme.

  There are only so many gambling dollars out there. And even if you can tempt more people to gamble, should we ? Should the state be basing its revenue projection on whether it can tempt people to bet money that might be ment for their children’s dinner or for their mortgage payment ?

 But le’s say we can entice people to play the table games and to parlay bet on the NFL and even to continue to pull the slots and play the lottery. WOW! I just have to ask , are there that many gamblers in Delaware ? Are there that many on the peninsula to support that many different types of gambling ?Or as you create new types of gambling, do you draw revenue away from others?

 So if you create sports betting , do you see a reduction in slots? If you then create table games , will you see a reduction in the other forms , such as lottery and sports betting?

  Now we must figure out a way to attract people to come to the state to gamble . We can forget the states that surround us because they either already have or are working on expanding their gambling revenue also. So how do we get people from across the nation to come to Delaware just to lose their money, because for this to be a winning endeavour for the state it must be for the most part a losing endeavour for the clients.

  Let’s see , we have the beach , but that’s only three months out of the year. We have tax free shopping , but if they spend their money shopping they won’t spend it gambling, and if they spend it gambling they won’t spend it shopping. This points out another flaw of gambling revenue. If people lose their money gambling ,then they won’t be spending it at stores or restaurants , which means some people may actually lose their jobs. We have two NASCAR races a year, but will that have any effect on any of the locations other than Dover?

  We have nothing to attract people here year round. This agenda of basing our revenue on gambling is neither well thought out or likely to produce the projected revenues that those in Dover promised. But it was the easiest way to keep from cutting the needle program , wasn’t it Rep. Schwartzkopf ?


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